12 Days of Christmas Season 2: Available Today on HBO Click Here To Learn More

HBO Max will soon have 12 Days of Christmas Season 2 available. The new season will begin on Thursday, November 25th. As the season progresses viewers can look forward to new episodes on Thursday night on HBO Max.

Natasha Rothwell, from Insecure and The White Lotus will also be narrating the second season. It will have nine episodes. This season’s three main characters will be Danny Escalante and Amanda Grace Jenkins. Danny, Amanda Grace and Markelle will be exposed to “romantic passions” over the course of the season and will be treated to days filled with some of the most hilarious love jokes ever.

Twelve Dates of Christmas will focus on queer relationships in season 2, more than it did in season 1. Season 1 had Garrett Marcantel named the best gay man on the show. Season 2 will see Amanda Grace have a sexual interest and Markelle have a romantic interest. Fans can expect to see more LGBTQIA+ representation on the show. The names of the contestants following the three players have not been released. However, more information will be available as the season progresses. Each lead was given six romantic interests last year.

12 Days of Christmas Season 2: Updated Release Date

12 Days of Christmas Season 2: Available Today on HBO Click Here To Learn More

Three people from Wonderland are invited to compete in a dating season competition. They will each be looking for their happily ever after. But the holiday season is fun and lighthearted. It doesn’t include any dating advice, just a selection of potential partners. The petitioners requested that the parties pay attention to them. Twelve Dates of Christmas was the official production by Pip Wells, Kimberly Goodman.

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Amanda Grace Jenkins is a lesbian who is looking for a partner to help her get out of her “unusual, embarrassing” shell. She is a skilled hairdresser and an artist. For fun, Amanda loves cycling, Latin dance, mountaineering.

Delray Beach, Fl. Danny Escalante, a native of Florida, is half Spanish and part Italian. He describes himself as the opposite type of sex. The software engineer describes himself as “a real and honest gentleman who is straight shooter and doesn’t like to play games.”

Have you ever played a game deer? Rudolph says that Danny is a proud Cancer brand. This makes him more sensitive and compassionate to the feelings and thoughts of his colleagues. Rudolph also loves Telenovelas, Hallmark Christmas movies, and Telenovelas.

Santa is searching for something new this year. Second-season Markelle Smith wants to “feel [her] with her ex.” Danny Escalante is looking for a “girl to settle with” while Amanda Grace Jenkins searches. “For a beautiful girl with a witty side.”

The top three will be sent out to romantic potentials until they find their vacation. There are many attractive singles.

Will they find love in the holiday season? We are eager to see what happens on November 25th.

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