15 anime like Acchi Kocchi that you need to watch today

No matter how many times it seems like you have lost it, true love doesn’t fade. Tsumiki Miniwa, a pure-hearted girl, has a crush upon her best friend, Io Otonashi. This shy girl is reluctant to admit her feelings, but her friends consider them a great combination. Io considers Tsumiki a friend and not a stranger because of her small stature. Io ignores the signs despite constant mocking from his friends.

Tsumiki is surrounded by friends and Io at school. It remains to be seen if she will be able to admit her true feelings.

This anime version of the 4 koma manga first aired in 2012. It is adorable, funny, and cute. Acchi Kocchi is a must see for anyone who loves comedy anime and a bit of school romance. It has a hilarious plot and art style and cute characters.

These are our top anime suggestions for anime like Acchi Kocchi.


Kill Me Baby

15 anime like Acchi Kocchi that you need to watch today

Kill Me Baby is the story of Yasuna, an average student who becomes best friends with Sonya, an assassin. Sonya’s assassin instincts often work against her, and many other high school students in her normal high school life. Yasuna can attest to this with her frequently broken wrist. She wanted a hug but was instead left with a broken neck. It may be disturbing to some viewers because of its humor.

Yasuna’s intense ninja training can not prepare her for these amazing anime adaptations of slice of Life 4-koma (four panel) manga.

I don’t understand what my husband is saying.

15 anime like Acchi Kocchi that you need to watch today

Despite their differences, Kaoru’s and Hajime’s love blossomed. The journey to marriage is filled with many joys as well as hardships. This unexpected couple discovers that love is more than a first kiss or wedding.

Hajime, Kaoru often find themselves in hilarious and bizarre situations due to their eccentric personalities and those around them. Their love for one another keeps them going, even through all the hardships and difficulties in this slice of life romance anime.

Lucky Star

15 anime like Acchi Kocchi that you need to watch today

Lucky Star is home to four high school girls: Konata Izumi, the otaku, and the Hiiragi twins Kagami (Sugar and Spice respectively), and Miyuki Takara, (Smart and Well-mannered).

These fun characters have maintained their connection throughout high school and beyond. They make witty observations about their environment and continue to be a part of it through adulthood. No subject is exempt from their thoughts and random activities, whether it’s Japanese culture or otaku culture. Many times, it’s reminiscent of Miniwa Tsumiki’s funny moments with her friends.

Non Non Biyori

15 anime like Acchi Kocchi that you need to watch today

Non Non Biyori is a manga by Atto that chronicles the lives of this group of friends. It’s a manga written by Atto and illustrated with Atto. The manga depicts their unique brand and how they deal with hardships and rural living.

Although Asahigaoka might seem like a boring, rural community, the village’s five children, all of different ages, make it a vibrant place to live in. Renge Miyauchi, the first-grader, is here, bringing her wit, curiosity and her “Nyanpasu!” catchphrase. These are just a few of the charming characters. There are also Natsumi’s younger siblings, Suguru (9th grade), Komari (8th grade) and Natsumi (7th grade). A fifth-grader from Tokyo who is mature and well-informed has joined the group, adding an additional dimension to their already vibrant personalities. This anime is a slice of life, with adorable moments and enhanced by amazing animation.

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This Art Club has a problem!

15 anime like Acchi Kocchi that you need to watch today

Only Usami is a serious painter in her high school’s art club. The rest of her peers are equally passionate about the hobby. Collette hasn’t been to club functions in a while, and the club president is still snoozing through them. Uchimaki Subaru, an artist who has won numerous awards for his work is obsessed with creating the perfect 2D wife.

This Art Club Has A Problem (a.k.a. Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! Follow Usami as her attempts to organize an art club are constantly foiled by her ragtag crew of slackers, and her unrequited love affair with Subaru.

GJ Club

15 anime like Acchi Kocchi that you need to watch today

GJ Club’s activities are not advertised like school clubs. Kyouya Shinomiya is one of five new members.

The club’s other directors are Kyoro, Mao Amatsuka (club president), Megumi Amatsuka’s younger sister Shion Sumeragi (composed and composed) and Kirara Bernstein (club’s meat-lover and strong feline personality). All four girls have been intrigued by Kyoro.

Because of their quirky and charming personalities, there will never be a dull moment in Kyoro’s daily life at GJ-Club.

Nyaruko: Crawling with Love

15 anime like Acchi Kocchi that you need to watch today

Mahiro Yasaka, an average high school student, is attacked by a terrifying creature. Nyaruko saves his life, claiming to be a shape-shifting god from H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. He was brought to Earth by the Space Defense Agency in order to avert a catastrophe. Mahiro learns that Nightgaunt, an alien race had intended to kidnap Mahiro, and then sell him as a slave.

After saving Mahiro from the alien, the Lovecraftian god becomes infatuated with her and moves into her home to his dismay. Cthuko is a girl who falls in love with Nyaruko and Hasuta is a young man often mistakenly believed to be a beautiful woman. They join them in this fictitious world. The three strange aliens join forces to keep Mahiro safe and Earth’s well being.


15 anime like Acchi Kocchi that you need to watch today

Toradora! This romantic comedy is about a couple who form an unlikely alliance to support each other with their individual interests.

Ryuji Takasu is a victim of abuse despite his calm demeanor, love of housework and gentle manner. Taiga Aisaka is a small student who seems to be a sweet and non-threatening little girl. “Palmtop Tiger”, Taiga, has a wooden sword and a fiery demeanor which has earned her the nickname.

After one of their embarrassing mistakes, the two extraordinary characters meet up. Ryuuji discovers that Taiga has a soft place for Yuusaku Kitamura (popular vice president), who happens to be his best friend. The situation gets even more strange when Ryuuji admits to his feelings for Minori Kushieda, Taiga’s best friend. The two begin as close friends, but they soon develop into a awkward quasi-romance that is much like any other anime comedy romance.

Azumanga Daioh

15 anime like Acchi Kocchi that you need to watch today

Chiyo Mihama is a 10-year old academic prodigy who loves plush dolls, home-cooked meals and math. She is also one of her most bizarre students in her freshman class. Yukari Tanizaki is Yukari’s homeroom teacher. She is known for being the kind of person who steals a student’s bike to get around being late.

Yukari-sensei doesn’t see the oddities in this class. Chiyo is accompanied by Tomo Takino (an exuberant tomboy who has more intelligence than intelligence); Koyomi Mikuhara (Tomo’s best friend); and Sakaki (a tall, athletic woman with threatening features and a sweet disposition. Ayumu Kasuga is a dreamer and makes Chiyo feel at ease in the group. She also has fascinating theories about Chiyo’s pigtails.

They share the highs, lows, and joys of adolescence. Their many adventures are filled with humor, silliness and poignant reflections on the short-lived nature of adolescence.

Nagato Yukichan’s Disappearance

15 anime like Acchi Kocchi that you need to watch today

Yuki Nagato, a determined bookworm and avid gamer, is the president of North High School’s Literary Club in a familiar yet alien setting. The club has only Kyon and Ryouko Asakura, who are both extremely cautious. Yuki, however, enjoys the privacy she has with them, especially when she is with Kyon, her crush on. The Literary Club now has Mikuru and Tsuruya.

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Yuki is approached in the middle of the night by a girl who claims she is looking for Santa Claus. She persuades Yuki to put strange symbols on the ground. Haruhi Suzumiya introduces herself as an eccentric student at Kouyouen Academy. She is looking for extraterrestrials and time travelers as well as teleporters. Haruhiko, Itsuki Koizumi and Haruhi make a surprise entry to the clubroom. Haruhi accepts the role of executive president.

Yuki and her friends find themselves in an adventure under Haruhi’s direction. This is an alternate universe of school life comedy anime.

Is the Order a Rabbit or a Rabbit?

15 anime like Acchi Kocchi that you need to watch today

Is the Order a Rabbit or a Cat? a.k.a. Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? This is a lighthearted comedy about five teenager servers and their hilarious adventures in the town where they live. It’s full of laughter and heartwarming moments.

Kokoa Hoto, a happy and outgoing girl, makes new friends quickly. She quickly makes friends with Chino Kafuu’s shy, precocious granddaughter, as soon as she moves in to the Kafuu home to attend high school away form home.

Kokoa starts out as a part time worker, serving tables in exchange for room or board. Kokoa also meets other charming characters, such as Rize Tedeza who is a waitress at a cafe opposite to hers, Chiya Ujimatsu who works at her own pace, and Sharo Kirima who, despite her poverty, has the air of a respectable woman.

Di Gi Charat

15 anime like Acchi Kocchi that you need to watch today

Di Gi Charat is a series commercials for Digital Gamers, an Akihabara shop that specializes on video games. As Gamers’ Dejiko, a princess from Di Gi Charat, the princess of Di Gi Charat, her friends Puchiko and Gema, and their opponent Rabi-en–Rose are shown as they go about daily life as Puchiko and Gema.

To disguise Princess Di Gi Charat, she needed only a cat hat. She was poor and had only her guardian Gema, and her best friend PetiteCharat, to rely on.” Gamers, the manager of the business gave them a place for work in return for their labor. Di Gi Charat is, however, a self-confident adolescent who dreams of stardom.

Nichijou – My Ordinary Life

15 anime like Acchi Kocchi that you need to watch today

Three childhood friends are Mio Naganohara and Yuuko Aii. Mai Minakami is also a friend. Their stories gradually weave with those of Hakase Shinonome and Nano, their robot guardian Nano. As they live their day, there are calms as well as lunacy for the six. Nichijou residents live a simple life, walking to school, getting bitten by a talking sparrow, visiting friends, watching the principal suplex an animal, and other bizarre anime tropes.


15 anime like Acchi Kocchi that you need to watch today

Tooru, a long-time friend, finds out that Run has been accepted to the same high school. She rushes to express her congratulations, only to discover Run in a relationship with Yuko. To keep Run’s potential suitors away Yuko, Nagi and their other girlfriend Nagi, things get a bit complicated at school as Tooru must deal with Run’s own drama.

Haruhichan Suzumiya: Melancholy

15 anime like Acchi Kocchi that you need to watch today

The Melancholy of Haruhi is a comedy series that parodies school life. Yuki is the eroge. Haruhi is louder and more annoying than Mikuru, while Koizumi has a deep love for Kyon. Things are the same with Kyon as they have always been. Melancholy at Haruhi-chan Suzumiya, a comedy about everyday life that uses a more humorous style of storytelling and animation, is a must-see.

This is it anime fans! We have 15 anime recommendations to you for slice-of life comedies that are full of cute moments and some romance, similar to Acchi Kocchi. Were you missing your favorite slice-of-life show? We’d love to see your favorite show in the comments.

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