15 Surprising Facts About Izuku Midoriya

Deku is an alternative name for Izuku Midoriya’s hero, and it is a way to describe him as a hero with long green hair. He is a popular and well-thought-out character who has seen a lot of character growth since the anime series started.

Deku is a living, breathing piece fiction with many facets. He is Katsuki Bakugo’s rival, Ochako Uaraka’s crush and Tomura’s worst enemy. We will explore facts that you might not know about Deku, the strongest Hero of My Hero Academia and perhaps the most gentle Hero of all.

Deku was a supposed adult.

15 Surprising Facts About Izuku Midoriya

Deku’s original character designs show that the school structure at My Hero Academia was a result of his early concepts. Horikoshi thought that a story set at that location would be more engaging than the original manga’s content, which is why the school concept seems so well-constructed. Deku had previously had swoopy, cringy emo hair. This is what manga is known for. Sasuke, that’s so kind.

First Appearance: One Shot Comic

15 Surprising Facts About Izuku Midoriya

Jack Midoriya is a friendly salesman who specializes in hero memorabilia. His pipe dream to become a hero like his idols makes it all the more thrilling. My Hero Academia was first published in Akamaru Jump’s 2008 winter issue. It was a one-shot comic, but it would grow to be as well-known as it is today. Jack, now renamed Deku is a bright and talented young man who dreams of being a hero. His dreams have come true after years and years of practice. He reflects back on his training and how it helped him to be the person he is today.

In the beginning, He was Supposed To Remain Quirkless.

15 Surprising Facts About Izuku Midoriya

When MHA was first written, Deku was intended to be unflappable (or prewritten if you prefer). This may seem counterintuitive since nearly 80% of the population is born with quirks. However, we can see that this concept was only briefly explored when Deku started the series without any quirks before he received One-For-All. One-For-All is one of the best quirks on the show. All-Might decided that Midoriya Izuku was worthy of being a hero for his noble character, potential, and generosity.

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His first costume was cheap.

15 Surprising Facts About Izuku Midoriya

Purchasing Izuku’s first hero outfit set him back $370.53. It may seem expensive for a professionally tailored uniform that is meant to be worn in battle but it’s very affordable. The Izuku Midoriya costume, which was later designed and made more expensive by the same people who made Todoroki’s costumes would be more costly.

Deku went to great lengths to hide his quirk.

15 Surprising Facts About Izuku Midoriya

Deku had to keep his quirk secret from his closest friends and All-Might because the Pro-Hero gave it to him in the first place. Deku used a generic entry to describe Super-Power when he registered for school. He didn’t list his true power as One-For All. It doesn’t make sense to leave it out, no matter how clever it may have seemed at the time.

His real name is full of puns, which tells his story.

15 Surprising Facts About Izuku Midoriya

Many anime use names to refer to characters through puns. However, this trope does not always translate into localizations. The name MidoriyaIzuku, although it is lost in translation, sums up his character arc. The name Midoriya Izuku, which includes the characters “Green” (Valley) and “Valley” (Izu), is indicative of his color. His name is clear that he has faced adversity in his life and is now on a path to triumph over it.

His Nickname Could have Had a More Nice Origin.

15 Surprising Facts About Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya, despite his past as a nondescript person, took pride in his identity of Deku after he achieved it. Deku was initially intended to be a slur because he didn’t have a quirk. Bakugo first called him Deku due to the way that his wooden training puppet looked like him. Bakugo suggested that Deku was only good at getting beat up. Ochako Uraraka comforted him, describing that Deku’s name reminded her Dekiru. It means “to have the ability to do.” He eventually found power in the name and was able to clarify the matter for himself.

Katsudon is a big fan.

15 Surprising Facts About Izuku Midoriya

Although we have spent lots of time with Deku over the years, we know very little about him. We have many glimpses into Deku’s struggles, relationships with his peers, and adult friends. But we didn’t know that Katsudon was his favorite food. It is a Japanese rice bowl with cutlets and eggs and a variety of other ingredients. This delicious Japanese dish is hugely popular.

Deku has never won first place in anything.

15 Surprising Facts About Izuku Midoriya

Deku isn’t always the most brilliant student, as repeatedly demonstrated to viewers by the series. His scores for understanding his quirk were terrible and his audience still doesn’t know five of the major aspects of his quirk. Deku has been consistently in the top four of his classes, but there could be a reason why he hasn’t won anything. Deku’s quirky nature is not revealed in paperwork. It’s possible that he tried his best to blend in.

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His True Quirk is not reflected in the documentation.

15 Surprising Facts About Izuku Midoriya

Izuku must keep his secrets about One For All. U.A. High is on it. His official school records refer to High’s quirk as a Super-Power.

He has the third most Quirks.

15 Surprising Facts About Izuku Midoriya

My Hero Academia has a majority of people who have one talent. Izuku is an exception. One For All, which grants access to all quirks of any previous owner, is actually a more complex quirk than it appears. Izuku now has seven quirks, of which four he is currently unable.

He shares the third spot in the series with Nine (from his second film).

Mirio and Izuku Share the Same Birthday

15 Surprising Facts About Izuku Midoriya

Although it’s not the most fascinating thing about a character, having a birthday is. Mirio Togata is another manga character who shares Izuku’s birthday. Both were born July 15th and are Cancers.

He will one day see his father.

15 Surprising Facts About Izuku Midoriya

Although Izuku was born to a single mother, his father is away at the moment. Hisashi Midoriya is unknown for anything other than the fact that he has Fire Breath, a special ability.

The show’s fans will, however, not be kept in the dark forever. Horikoshi confirmed the appearance of Izuku’s father. Horikoshi has confirmed that Izuku’s father will appear at some point in the future.

His Birthday is the Same as Ichigokurosaki’s.

15 Surprising Facts About Izuku Midoriya

Another well-known fictional character is Ichigo Kurosaki. He is the protagonist in Bleach. Like Deku, Ichigo started high school as a regular student, with no special abilities.

Over time, he became a master Hollow-slayer. Deku eventually rose to the legendary status of pro-hero. We believe Deku’s birthday was a coincidence. However, it is more likely that Horikoshi planned it.

Izuku’s personality is based on Horikoshi.

15 Surprising Facts About Izuku Midoriya

Like many writers, Kohei Horikoshi drew his inspiration from his own life experiences. During an interview, Horikoshi and Bleach creator Titekubo had this exchange:

Kubo: I know Deku is a major worrywart. Talking with you has shown me why. Two peas in one.

Horikoshi: “I made Deku plain and simple on purpose. But now, I don’t know why I made him so boring. His weakness is his inability to think on his feet and worry for the sake of worrying. He is just like me in that he doubts himself constantly and struggles to make progress.

Here it is, anime fans! These are 15 facts about Deku, from Boku no Hero Academia. Did we forget a fact about this beloved character? We’d love to hear from you in the comments and share your favourite facts and characters from My Hero Academia. We are eager to hear your thoughts!

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