18 of the Best Anime like Sabikui Bisco

Rust Eater Bisco, whether you love it or not, is an action anime that’s meant to entertain. There have been mixed reviews and it might not be for you. There are some cool monster fights, but it also has a lot of interesting characters and a character that is always raising death flags.

A wind that is plague-like sweeps across post-apocalyptic Japan’s barren, sandy landscape. As it sweeps across both living and nonliving creatures, all that remains is rust. The world’s worst situation is believed to be caused by mushroom spores. Bisco Akaboshi (also known as the Man-Eating Mushroom) is a criminal archer who uses arrows to cause mushrooms to grow wherever he lands. In fact, he is a “Mushroom Guardian”, a person who spreads mushrooms to enrich the Earth, and return it to its former glory.

Bisco, along with Akutagawa the giant crab and Milo Nekoyanagi the young doctor, travels through Japan’s wastelands in search of “Sabikui”, a panaceaan mushroom that is said to eat all types of rust.

Are you a fan of strange and unusual series that challenge you and make you think? Sabikui Bisco will be a favorite anime if you are like me. What do you do if you’ve finished all the episodes? Are you looking for the next post-apocalyptic animated series? We’ve got your back. These 18 anime are similar to Sabikui Bisco and are guaranteed to engage you. Let’s get started!


18 of the Best Anime like Sabikui Bisco

Q Hayashida illustrated and wrote Dorohedoro, a Japanese manga series. From November 2000 to September 2014, it was serialized for the first time in Shogakukan’s Monthly Ikki. From January 2020 to March 2020, a 12-episode anime TV series adaptation was shown in Japan. Dorohedoro, a dark comedy with a touch of humor, is set on a terrible planet. It creates a world with dark magic and unearthly origins that is not for the faint-hearted or easily disturbed.

Hole is a dark and decrepit region in which the powerful prey on the weak. Death is commonplace. It is a test ground for magic users, who control it. The magic users view Hole’s inhabitants as nothing more than insects. The Hole residents are often murdered and mutilated and then subjected to experimentation at Hole’s hospital.

The magic users have unrestricted access to the cesspool and appear invincible to all but a few. Kaiman, a reptile-like creature is one. They are hunted by Kaiman with his trusty pair of bayonets, and his magic immunity. He is haunted by his appearance and has nightmares. Magic users are his only hope to restore his normal life. He is most supported by his female companion Nikaidou who runs Hungry Bug.

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

18 of the Best Anime like Sabikui Bisco

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, a Japanese animation film from 1984, is called Nausicaa. Based on Hayao Miyazaki’s 1982 manga, it was directed by Hayao. The animation was created by Topcraft for Tokuma shoten and Hakuhodo, and was distributed by Toei Company.

It has been over a millennium ago that “Seven Days of Fire”, a terrible nuclear war that almost destroyed all life on Earth, took place. The perilous jungle, which has developed in the wake of the destruction caused by civilization, is constantly at odds between humanity and it. The jungle, which is populated with toxic spores, large insects and other harmful toxins, is rapidly spreading across the Earth, and threatens to swallow the last remaining human species.

The “Valley of the Wind”, a peaceful farming kingdom, is located far from the jungle. Its location near the sea helps it avoid the deadly toxins of the forest. Nausicaa, the Valley’s young charming princess, is shocked when an airship from Tolmekia crashes into her tranquil kingdom. The Valley’s residents find a frightening, pulsating object among the ruins. Unexpectedly, Tolmekian troops invade the Valley, seeking to revive a deadly weapon from the Seven Days of Fire. Nausicaa must now fight the Tolmekians to stop them from causing a catastrophe that will wipe out humanity.

Planetarian: The Reverie of a Little Planet

Planetarian: The Reverie of a Little Planet, a Japanese post-apocalyptic visual book, is available online. It was made available online for Windows on November 29, 2004. Later, the game was ported to the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable as well as mobile devices such as the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo Switch. In April 2006, a light novel featuring short stories was released. David Production released a series of original net animations with five episodes and an anime movie in 2016.

It has been 30 years since the collapse of the Space Colonization Program. Humanity is in danger of disappearing. A never-ending, lethal rain is threatening the Earth. Junkers are men who find commodities and antiques in the ruins of civilization. Junkers are men who enter dangerous ruins on their own, such as the “Sarcophagus city.” In the middle of the deserted city, he discovers a prewar planetarium. Hoshino Yumemi greets him as he enters the building. She believes that he is her first customer in over 30 years. She tries to show him all the stars at once, but his planetarium projector crashes. He accepts to fix the projector, despite not being able to understand her conversation.


18 of the Best Anime like Sabikui Bisco

In 1995, the manga was serialized in Tokuma Shoten’s Shounen Captain. There were three volumes. Madhouse made the Trigun manga into an anime series, which aired from April 1998 to September 1998 on TV Tokyo.

Vash the Stampede is the victim of a $60,000,000,000 bounty. Vash is a vicious villain who will kill anyone who resists him. He also flattens entire cities to make amusement. This earned him the nickname “The Humanoid Tyron.” Legends say that anyone who makes eye contact with him will be killed. Vash is actually a huge softie, who claims to never have killed anyone and avoids fighting at any cost.

Vash travels to Gunsmoke, a sandy planet, with his bizarre doughnut obsession and buffoonish attitude. He is being followed by Milly Thompson and Meryl Stryfe, two insurance agents who wish to minimize his impact on the general public. Their follies soon turn into life-or death situations when a team of well-known assassins are recruited to bring down the trio. Vash’s dark past will be exposed, and his integrity as well as his values will be tested.

Badaui Jeonseol Jangbogo – The Legend of Blue

18 of the Best Anime like Sabikui Bisco

The government will send a special earthly force consisting of mercenaries to assist in the defense of the Dragon, a high tech submarine, in the not too distant future. Jang, a young and competent captain, will lead the crew. They will battle formidable mafias that seek to take control of the oceans for unknown purposes. An appearance adventure can take a fascinating twist when it becomes apparent that there is more to the story than meets the eye. Jang and his team discovered the legendary golden vessel, and history was made. This Miterio boat holds many of the secrets that Pripulantes, the Dragon must be revealed. While engaging in exciting conflicts that require strategy and bravery, This intriguing anime series was made in Korea, not Japan. This country has been a vital part of the technological development of Japanese animation for the past ten years. It provided personnel and assistance to some of the most important projects in the genre.

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Rokka: Braves the Six Flowers

18 of the Best Anime like Sabikui Bisco

Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers by Ishio Yamagata is a Japanese light-novel series with Miyagi as the illustrator. A manga adaptation by Kei Toru began serialization in Shueisha’s Super Dash & Go! magazine in 2012. From July 4th to September 19th 2015, a Japanese anime television series aired.

An ancient legend states that the Goddess of Fate will select six heroes, the Braves of Six Flowers, and grant them the power of standing up to the fiends who seek to turn the world into a living hell, when the Demon God is resurrected. Adlet Mayer, self-described “Strongest Man on the Earth”, has arrived in Piena with the hope of becoming a Brave. Even though things don’t go according to plan, Adlet is selected as one of six heroes after being visited by Nashetania Löi Piena Augra, the crown Princess and fellow Brave.

Rokka no YuushaRokka – Braves of the Six Flowers follows the pair as they set out on their destiny to defeat the Demon God. They hope to find their fellow heroes in a temple located outside the kingdom of the fiends, the Land of the Howling Demons. Adlet is quickly suspected of being a fraud by seven other heroes when they finally meet up. Adlet is now on his own, and must use his unique skills and wit to find the real impostor.

Kill la Kill

18 of the Best Anime like Sabikui Bisco

Ryuuko Matoi, her father’s killer, has been searching the land for the culprits since his death. After following her only lead, the missing Scissor Blade, she arrives at Honnouji Academy. This high school is unlike any others. Satsuki Kiryuuin is the intimidating and cold-hearted president of the student council. She also leads the Academy alongside her strong underlings the Elite Four. Satsuki bestows “Goku Uniforms”, a special clothing that provides superhuman abilities to those at the top of the school’s competitive hierarchy.

Ryuuko runs to her destroyed home after she was severely beaten by one of the uniformed students. Senketsu is a sentient and rare “Kamui,” also known as the God Clothes. After coming in contact with Ryuuko’s blood, Senketsu awakens and latches onto Ryuuko. She bestows immense strength on her. Ryuuko, now armed with Senketsu, the Scissor Blade and Ryuuko, takes a stand against Elite Four in an attempt to reach Satsuki.

Sunabouzu (Desert Punk)

18 of the Best Anime like Sabikui Bisco

Sunabouzu (Desert Punk), is a post-apocalyptic Japanese manga series that Masatoshi Ushue illustrated. It was published in Enterbrain’s Comic Beam between August 1997 and October 2020. The 22-volume collection includes the manga. The manga was made into an anime series of 24 episodes by Gonzo, directed by Takayuki Inagki. The series has been licensed by Funimation for distribution in the United States.

The Great Kanto Desert is all that remains of post-apocalyptic Japan. It’s a deserted wasteland with ruins and sand. For survival, the once vibrant population must now cling to harsh dunes. This is the case for most people. People who spend too much time in Kanto sun will see the desert as a great opportunity to make a name for yourself.

Sunabouzu, also known as Desert Punk is a masked handyman who has a reputation for finishing all his chores on time, regardless of how hard or costly they may be. He is a dangerous force that has ravaged the other desert tribes. Junko Asagiri (the “Vixens of the Desert”) realizes Sunabouzu has flaws. He is easily seduced and seduced by large-breasted desert women.

Sunabouzu is a story about their adventures in the Kanto Desert. It features a strange group of characters who enjoy a senseless violence and perversion in an environment that has been ravaged by their predecessors. They haven’t even learned anything from their predecessors.

The Last Tour for Girls

18 of the Best Anime like Sabikui Bisco

From February 2014 to January 2018, Shinchosha’s Kurage Bunch site published a manga series by Tsukumizu. Yen Press has licensed an English version in North America. White Fox produced a 12-part anime adaptation that aired in Japan between October and December 2017.

The cold silence of winter amongst the abandoned remains of once-thriving cities is disturbed only by the motorcycle’s rumble. Chito and Yuuri are the city’s last survivors. The two girls spend their time scavenging parts and food from old military installations. They also enjoy wandering the wastelands, fantasizing about the past. Both Yuuri and Chito struggle with loneliness. But when they are together, it makes the task of sharing the burden of being the last human on earth a bit easier. With shooting practice, new books and snowball battles on icy battlefields, their dark days become brighter thanks to Yuuri’s exuberance and Chito’s calmness.

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou tells the inspiring story of two girls who are searching for hope in a dark and dying world. It is set against barren landscapes with abandoned buildings.

Fire Force

18 of the Best Anime like Sabikui Bisco

Fire Force is a manga series by Atsushi Okkubo. It was serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine, September 2015 to February 2022. The chapters were collected in 32 tankobon volumes by December 2021. A series of anime adaptations aired on MBS’s Super Animeism channel from July 2019 to December 2019.

Spontaneous human combustion: This chaotic phenomenon has plagued civilization for many years. It transforms regular people into the ferocious Infernals. The first generation of Human Combustion was caused by infernals. However, the second and subsequent generations were known as pyrokinetics. These are people who can manipulate and control flames while remaining human. To combat the infernal threat and to find its source, the Special Fire Force was created by the Tokyo Armed Forces and the Fire Defense Agency.

Shinra Kusakabe is a third-generation pyrokinetic, dubbed “Devil’s Footprints” because of his ability to fire his feet at will. He joins the colorful Special Fire Force Company 8 Shinra wants to be a hero and save lives by helping to extinguish the Infernals and put their souls to sleep.

However, this is not the hero’s journey Shinra had in mind. The Fire Force is a jumble of squabbling brigades and mysterious Infernal sightings that are spreading through Tokyo. A shadowy organization claims to be able to provide answers to the strange fire which killed Shinra’s family twelve years ago. Shinra attempts to unravel the mysteries that have kept Shinra in the dark, despite numerous challenges within and outside the Fire Force.

Dr. Stone

18 of the Best Anime like Sabikui Bisco

Dr. Stone is a Japanese manga series that was written and illustrated by Riichiro. It was serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump, March 2017-March 2022. The chapters were collected into 25 tankobon volumes. TMS Entertainment produced an anime TV series that was adapted from the manga. It aired between July and December 2019. Viz Media licensed North America the manga.

Five years of hiding his feelings, Taiju Ooki is now ready to confess his feelings to Yuzuriha. Just as Taiju is about to start his confession, a blinding light beams across the Earth, frightening all living things and turning everyone into stone.

Taiju wakes up several millennia later to find that the modern world is gone. This is because nature has grown over the time that humans have been asleep. Taiju meets Senkuu, his science-loving friend. He has only been active for a few weeks. Taiju learns that Senkuu has a huge plan to revive civilization using science. Taiju’s muscle and Senkuu’s wits make a formidable alliance and soon they discover a way for the petrified to be resurrected.

Senkuu’s masterplan is however put at risk when his ideals get questioned by awakened individuals. The cause of humanity’s petrification is still unknown.


18 of the Best Anime like Sabikui Bisco

Slayers is a light-novel series by Hajime Kanzaka, illustrated by Rui Arazumi. Since 1989, the novels have been published in Dragon Magazine. They have sold more than 20 million copies. The Slayers were the inspiration for several spin-off series of novels. They have been adapted into many manga titles, anime TV series, role-playing games, and other media. It is one of the most beloved series of the 1990s.

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Lina Inverse is a powerful, greedy sorcerer who wanders the globe taking advantage of criminals she meets. One gang of robbers, who are waiting in the wilderness to get vengeance, was one of her most recent victims. Lina is about to easily pounce on her would-be attackers, when Gourry Gabriev the swordsman appears. The naive, yet compassionate man assumes Lina is a damsel-in-distress and fights the brigands to save her. After defeating them, the blind cavalier decides that Lina should be accompanied to Atlas City. She accepts the offer, despite her disappointment with the idea.

Lina, however, has discovered a powerful magic item in her latest loot. Two mysterious individuals are looking for Lina, a young magician, and her self-proclaimed guardian in order to steal the potent relic. They begin their quest. This could be the beginning of a dangerous mission that could change the fates of the entire planet.

Kabaneri from the Iron Fortress

18 of the Best Anime like Sabikui Bisco

Kabaneri the Iron Fortress, an anime series produced by Wit Studio, was broadcast in 12 episodes on Fuji TV’s Noitamina programming channel from April 2016 to June 2016.

The industrial revolution is underway and hideous creatures are emerging from a mysterious virus. They eat human flesh to satisfy their insatiable hunger. These “Kabane” creatures can only be killed by breaking their steel-coated hearts. If one of these monsters gets to the victim, it is a sign that the person will be doomed to an even worse fate than death. The fallen rise again to join the ranks the undead.

Only fortified civilizations with the greatest strength have been able to withstand this turmoil. This is evident on the island Hinomoto where humanity has constructed a wall to protect themselves from the innumerable Kabane. These massive castles can only be accessed by heavily armored trains that are maintained and built by young men like Ikoma. Ikoma is eagerly awaiting the day when his invention will allow him to fight. He has created a powerful weapon that can penetrate the hearts of Kabane. But he didn’t know that his chance would come sooner than he expected.

Chaika: The Coffin Princess

18 of the Best Anime like Sabikui Bisco

Chaika: The Coffin Princess, a light novel series by Ichiro Sakaki with illustrations by Namaniku ATK is Chaika. From April 9th, 2014 to June 25th, 2014, an anime adaptation was aired.

Arthur Gaz, the Taboo Emperor and ruler of the Gaz Empire for 500 years, experimented on his people and ruled the Gaz Empire with a iron fist. In a battle for the capital, he was defeated by the Eight Heroes, a group of strong soldiers. The 300-year-old battle between the Gaz Empire and six nations was ended by death.

Tooru Acura, a former war saboteur struggles to integrate into peaceful society. He can’t find work that allows his combat skills to be used. He meets Chaika Trabant, a white-haired Wizard. Tooru and Akari, his adopted sister, help her find her father’s scattered bones so that he can be properly buried. The Council of Six Nations orders Alberic Gillette to capture Chaika, the daughter of the late Emperor Gaz.

The Acura siblings are faced with a dilemma: Chaika’s identity has been revealed and must decide whether to help her find the remains of the despotic Emperor or maintain peace on the continent.

Landreaall OVA

18 of the Best Anime like Sabikui Bisco

Siscon; Fears power; The son of Commander Luccafort, the famous commander; The son of a general; Wether crown; Fourth in succession: DX Luccafort continues receiving titles, honors and expectations. He wanted Marion’s hand in marriage. Landreaall follows DX and Lon, his sister and brother Rokkou, as they leave their rural home to face the legendary surnames that await them.


18 of the Best Anime like Sabikui Bisco

Nanbaka is a manga series written by Sho Futamata and illustrated. Satelight produced an anime series adaptation of Nanbaka between October 5, 2016 and March 22, 2017.

Nanba is the most powerful prison in the world, built to house those who are too difficult to keep in regular prisons. This is because the four inmates who occupy Cell 13 have successfully escaped every other institution. Juugo is a lock specialist, who spent the majority of his life in prison. Uno, an exceptional gambler, Nico, an otaku, and Rock, a savage with a love for food are also among them. Hajime Sugoroku (the building administrator) is often troubled by the convicts’ daily hijinks. He desperately attempts to stop them from fleeing Nanba.

Nanbaka watches the hilarious, glamorous exploits of inmates and guards. Nanba’s prison life isn’t too bad. It offers three meals per day and sports festivals. This is the closest they have to a home.

Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront)

18 of the Best Anime like Sabikui Bisco

In May 2008, Yasuhiro nightow published a single chapter in Shueisha’s shonen manga magazine Jump Square. From July 2015 to January 2018, a direct sequel, Blood Blockade Battlefront 2 Back, was serialized in Jump SQ.Crown. Bones produced a 12-episode anime television show that was broadcast from April through October 2015. From October 2017 to December 2017, a second season was broadcast.

For a long time, Hellsalem’s Lot has been home to supersonic monkeys and vampires as well as talking fishmen and other supernatural monsters that coexist with humans. Three years ago, a portal opened between Earth and Beyond. It locked New Yorkers as well as animals from the Other Dimension in an impenetrable bubble that allowed them to co-exist. Libra is a secret organization of superhumans and eccentrics that is responsible for maintaining order in New York City and stopping anarchy spreading to other parts of the globe.

Leonardo Watch is a normal person who enjoys photography as a hobby. He is shocked to learn that his sister has been blinded by the “All-seeing Eyes of the Gods”. Libra is his first encounter, and Leo joins them unexpectedly. Kekkai Sensen follows Leo’s adventures in the wildest places on Earth with his equally bizarre companions. The ordinary boy’s life takes an unexpected turn.

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

18 of the Best Anime like Sabikui Bisco

Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation by Rifujin na Magonote is a light novel series. In the June 2014 issue, Monthly Comic Flapper published a manga adaptation by Yuka Yamakawa. Seven Seas Entertainment has licensed the tankobon manga volumes to be localized in North America by Seven Seas Entertainment. From January 2021 to December 2021, an anime television series was produced.

A 34-year-old, shut-in tried to do something heroic despite being tortured, scorned and oppressed throughout his life. But, it was tragically unsuccessful. In an unexpected twist of events, he wakes up in Rudeus Greyrat in another universe, returning to his life as a newborn, born to two loving parents.

Rudeus adjusts to his new surroundings by keeping his past experiences and knowledge. He begins to show the magic talent that exceeds all expectations and has the mentality of an adult. His skills are honed with the help of Roxy Migurdia, a magician. Rudeus meets Sylphiette, who quickly becomes his best friend and learns swordplay from Paul, his father.

Rudeus is now living his second chance at life. He tries to make the most out of his freedom and overcome his past. Maybe he will find love one day.

That’s all for our 18 anime recommendations like Sabikui Bisco. We hope that you enjoyed the list and found some new anime favorites. Please leave us a comment to let us know if there are any things we have missed or why they should be included on this list. Don’t forget about the great content we have on our website. Thank you for reading!

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