20 Anime like Redo of Healer

Redo of Healer, a light novel series written and illustrated by Shiokonbu, is Redo of Healer. Online serialization of a manga adaptation featuring art by Soken Haga is available via Kadokawa Shoten. This has been going on since October 2017. From January 2021 to March 2021, an anime adaptation of dark fantasy was shown.

Redo of Healer is one of the most powerful revenge stories. It deals with a lot of controversial scenes and sexual abuse and disturbingly perverse characters. But we know that you will enjoy it for its action scenes, character development and overall great plot.

Keyaru’s abilities as a hero who could heal any injury, no mater how severe, seemed to indicate a bright future. He was instead tortured and abused for many years, seemingly inexorably. Keyaru’s healing abilities allowed him to steal memories and abilities from people he healed, which progressively strengthened him. He had already lost all of his abilities by the time he realized them.

Keyaru was determined to get his life back on track, and take revenge against the people who had wronged. He used a powerful healing spell to rewind time, making everything different. But not only for himself, but also for others. This new purpose allows them to experience what it’s like to be in the same situation.

Redo of Healer, a dark fantasy anime that is great, is also a good choice. But, if you are looking for something more, these 20 anime recommendations, like Redo Of Healer, might be of interest to you. This list includes everything from classic stories of heroism to gritty, dark stories. You can relax and watch some of the most amazing anime shows available.

World’s End Harem

20 Anime like Redo of Healer

World’s End Harem manga series is from Japan. Shueisha’s online magazine Shonen jump+ published the first part of this manga. In March 2019, a virtual reality game was published. Studio Gokumi’s anime adaptation premiered its first episode on October 20, 2121.

The Man-Killer Virus is responsible for 99.9% of all deaths in the world’s male population. Mizuhara Reito, his dream girl, has been kept frozen for five years. Reito is now the planet’s most valuable resource after waking up from his deep freeze. Reito, along with four other male studs, is offered a luxurious lifestyle to help repopulate the planet by having as many women as possible. Reito only wants to find his long-lost Elisa. Can Reito conquer his demons to find love?

Sky of Connection (Yosuga no Sora).

20 Anime like Redo of Healer

Sky of Connection (Yosuga no Sora is a CUFFS visual novel for adults. The game was released for Windows on December 5, 2008 The game was also adapted into an anime and manga series.

Haruka and Sora Kasugano were both killed in an accident. They return to their childhood home and live in the same rural, picturesque hamlet as they did four years earlier.

Reliving the memories of their time together is part of returning to a special place. As their lives become more intertwined by love, friendships, envy and even desire, Haruka and Sora’s tale becomes more complex.

Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s Times

20 Anime like Redo of Healer

Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s Time are fantasy manga series by DaisukeHiyama. Since August 2017, it has been serialized by Futabasha’s Monthly Action. Seven Seas Entertainment has North American licensing rights to the manga. From July 2020 to September 2020, an anime television series aired.

Peter Grill, the world’s most powerful warrior, has finally proved his worth and will soon marry Luvelia Sanctos, his beloved senior. Peter hopes to have a happy relationship with her, despite her father’s concerns.

His great victory quickly spreads among women of different races, including ogres, orcs and elves. Some even compete for his seed to create children with his prowess. To avoid being a troublemaker and betraying Luvelia, Peter avoids the advances of other women. It’s not easy to do with so many seductive women around him.

Queen’s Blade: Exiled Virgin

20 Anime like Redo of Healer

Hobby Japan’s Queen’s Blade series features visual combat books that are inspired by Firelight Game Company’s Lost Worlds. The series has been adapted into four manga, three anime, and a videogame adaptation since its initial release. Various manufacturers have produced figures of the characters, including Kaiyodo’s Revoltech series.

In a kingdom that crowns a queen every few years by winning a tournament, there can’t be many formidable opponents. One female warrior’s early setback shows that she is not experienced despite her large stature.

A powerful stranger can save her life when defeat might seem like doom. This savior’s prize is unfortunately a prison cell because of her family members’ cunning and less-than-pure motives. She is soon freed by the untrained warrior she spared who, tired of her noble lifestyle, sets out for success.

High School DxD

20 Anime like Redo of Healer

Ichiei Ishibumi wrote this light novel and Miyama-Zero illustrated it. In the July 2010 issue Dragon Magazine, a manga adaptation by Hiroji Mihima was serialized. From January 6 through March 23, 2012, an anime adaptation was aired on TV Tokyo’s satellite channel AT-X as well as other networks.

Issei Hyoudou is a high school student who is a typical pervert and spends his time fantasizing about starting his own harem. Issei’s life begins to improve when he is asked out by a beautiful girl. But she’s a fallen angel and kills him. Rias Gremory, an attractive senior student who is a devil and recruits Issei to the school’s Occult research group, revives him as a servant.

To survive in the harsh worlds of angels and devils, Issei must train to fight. He shares many funny (and sometimes risky) moments with his new friends in High School DxD while keeping his new life secret from his friends.

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Lord Marksman, Vanadis

20 Anime like Redo of Healer

Lord Marksman & Vanadis is a light-novel series written and illustrated by Yoshio & Hinata Katagiri. Nobuhiko Yanai’s manga adaptation was serialized and appeared in the Monthly Comic Flapper, October 2011 through August 2011. An adaptation of the anime series 13-episode anime series aired on AT-X, and other networks between October 2014 and December 2014.

A battle is brewing in a fantasy version of Europe. Zhcted is one of these kingdoms and it has seven Vanadi-ruled areas. Eleonora Viltaria (a Vanadis), invades Brune using dragon-carved weapons. Elen defeats Tigrevurmud Vorn (“Tigre”), a young archer and earl in Brune’s Alsace territory. Elen declares, “Become mine!” Elen spares Tigre’s death. What does this new alliance mean?

Madan no Ou to Vanadis, a light book by Tsukasa Kanauchi, has beautiful women and intricate battle strategies. Tigre and Elen get caught in an international battle full of dark secrets and intrigues and corruption.

The Testament of Sister New Devil BURST

20 Anime like Redo of Healer

Shinmai Maou no Testament, a.k.a. Shinmai Maou no Testament, also known as the Testament of Sister New Devil, is a Japanese light novel by Tetsuto Okuma and illustrated by Nekosuke Okayuma. In May 2013, Kadokawa Shoten’s Shonen Ace magazine published a manga adaptation. On January 7, 2015, the first anime adaptation was released.

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Basara Toujou lives a hard life. Basara Toujou is the older stepbrother to two demonic sisters, Mio Naruse and Maria Naruse. He protects them from entitled demons who seek Mio’s power. His work is made more difficult by the escalating political tensions in the demon world.

A messenger brings Mio a summons from the demon realm. Basara and her friends travel to safety. Basara must now find romantic pleasure to make herself stronger to protect everyone and accomplish the impossible.

Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Mortal Sins)

20 Anime like Redo of Healer

Lucifer, an archangel who was once chief of the Seven Heavenly Virtues and an archangel, is expelled by Heaven for rebelling against God’s will. After smashing through the roof at a high school chapel and falling from the heavens, she is stopped halfway between Heaven & Hell. Lucifer continues to slide towards Hell despite the fact that Maria Totsuka is watching her, a soft-spoken student of the academy.

The ambitious Demon Lord Leviathan, a fangirl Leviathan, discovers Lucifer shortly after she arrives. They decide to overthrow the Seven Sins, Hell’s ruling council headed by Belial. The Seven Sins are able to repel Lucifer, contain her divine powers, and place a Garb of Punishment on her body. This converts Lucifer into a Demon King, thanks to their combined power.

Lucifer, longing for revenge, returns to Earth, escorted to her by Leviathan and forces Maria to be her immortal slave. Lucifer sets out with her new companions, to defeat the Seven Sins and free herself from the curse wrought by her Garb.


20 Anime like Redo of Healer

Claymore manga is an intense and dark series that has been serialized in Monthly Shonen jump since 2001. It is one of Japan’s most loved mangas, with 27 volumes collected over the years. Nippon Television aired 26 episodes of an anime adaptation in 2007. Crunchyroll later made this award-winning series online, with English subtitles available for viewers around the globe who wish to be hooked.

Raki’s village is attacked by a “youma,” a shape-shifting creature. A single woman enters the town with silver eyes and an iron sword. Clare is a “Claymore”, a half-human, part-youma being that was created to eradicate monsters. Raki is saved by Clare, but he is exiled. Raki discovers Clare Claymore and decides to go with her on her travels.

As Clare and her fellow warriors travel from one town to the next, they uncover Clare’s organization. They are closer to Clare’s youma, who Clare has sought revenge on since becoming a Claymore.

The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes

20 Anime like Redo of Healer

Takaya Kagami’s Japanese light novel series, The Legend of the Legendary Heroes, is called The Legend of the Legendary Heroes. Zexcs produced a 24-episode adaptation of the anime and it premiered July 1, 2010. It was licensed by Kadokawa Japan and Funimation Entertainment North America.

The “Alpha Stigma” is said to have magic-detecting eyes. According to legend, cursed eyes are capable of causing harm or death to others.

Ryner Lute was a young mage who attended the Roland Empire’s Magician Academy. This school is specialized in training magicians for military purposes. He vows with Sion Astal, his best friend, to bring order and peace to the nation after a conflict has claimed many of his friends.

Sion, now King of Roland commands Ryner to search for artifacts that will benefit the nation. Ryner sets out on a quest to discover the secrets behind famous heroes’ relics.

Goblin Slayer

20 Anime like Redo of Healer

Goblin Slayer! This light novel series was written and illustrated by Kumo Kangyu. The Monthly Big Gangan serializes a manga adaptation by Kosukekurose. From October 2018 to December 2018, an anime television series was aired.

Goblins are often overlooked because they are so lowly. These monsters are often ignored by adventurers in favor of more lucrative jobs with higher rewards. However, they roam rural settlements and kidnap females from other species to reproduce.

A group of young people are sent to investigate if a goblin tribe has kidnapped local women. Unprepared and untrained, they are ambushed while trying to explore a cave. She accepts her fate and waits for the Goblin Slayer to save her.

The Goblin Slayer then allows her to join him on goblin missions for Adventurers Guild. The armored warrior won’t rest until all goblins in frontier territories are eliminated.

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Elfen Lied

20 Anime like Redo of Healer

Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump published the manga Elfen Lied from June 2002 to August 2005. Arms adapted it into an anime series of 13 episodes that aired from July 2004 to October 2004 on AT-X. The manga ended before the anime. The plots were different between the two, particularly the ending.

“Diclonius,” Lucy was born with short hair and invisible telekinetic fingers. This led to harsh government experiments. Lucy escapes her captors and unleashes a torrential of bloodshed. She is also subject to torture and confinement.

She suffered severe head injuries during her breakout. This gave her a split personality, a child-like mentality and limited verbal ability. Kouta and Yuka, both college students, meet her in this state of chaos. They unwittingly accept a wounded fugitive unaware of her dangerous intentions. They will be forever changed by this act of kindness, which will entangle them in a web filled with intrigue and government secrecy.

Magical Girl Madoka Magica

20 Anime like Redo of Healer

The Magical Girl Madoka Magica (also known as Madoka Magica) is an anime series from Japan that was created by Magica Quartet. It premiered in 2011.

Madoka Kaname, Sayaka Miki and Sayaka Mii are middle-school girls living ordinary lives. But everything changes when Kyuubey, an animal-like magical familiar, and Homura Akemi, a transfer student, meet them.

Kyuubey offers to grant their wishes in return for them becoming magical girls with the power to fulfill their dreams. Homura Akemi is a magical girl who advises them to decline the offer. She says that not all things are as they seem.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica tells the story of hope and sadness and how friendship is formed. It also focuses on the difficulties of being a magical girl, as well as the cost of making a dream come to life.

Arifureta: From Commonplace To The World’s Strongest

20 Anime like Redo of Healer

Arifureta: World’s Strongest to Commonplace is a Japanese light-novel series written and illustrated by Ryo Shirakome. The series was originally published as a webnovel, but it has been printed since 2015. J-Novel Club licensed the novels in English, and Seven Seas Entertainment published them in print. From July 2019 to October 2019, the anime adaptation of the isekai was aired by White Fox and Asread. It’s one those stories of betrayal or revenge that doesn’t include rape scenes.

Hajime Nagumo (17) and his classmates are sent into a fantasy world to save humanity. His peers have exceptional combat skills, but Hajime only gains weak transmutation skills and no offensive strength.

Hajime is tricked by a student at the Great Orcus Labyrinth. This plunges him into an abyss. Hajime survives the fall but is faced with monsters and tragedies which drive him into a nightmare. He fights for his survival and returns home to be with his family, but he is stopped by Yue, a vampire imprisoned in prison. Yue, along with a few others, join Hajime in his quest to return home. They transform from being commonplace to becoming the world’s most powerful.

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Land of the Lustrous

20 Anime like Redo of Healer

Land of the Lustrous, an anime series written and directed by Takahiko Kojoku and Toshiya Okono in 2017, is based on Haruko Ichikawa’s manga of the exact same name.

Gems, crystal-like creatures that are known as Gems, live in a future where six meteors have destroyed the world. They are used as decorations by the Lunarians who attack them to break their bodies.

Phosphophyllite (Phos), a fragile Gem, is willing to help their fellow soldiers in battle. They are encouraged to create an encyclopedia due to their fragile condition. Phos reluctantly accepts the mission. He meets Cinnabar, an intelligent gem who is forced to guard the isolated island at night because of the corrosive poison they produce. Phos sees Cinnabar in distress and decides to cast both the rejected Gems into a role they can enjoy. This story focuses on Phos’ efforts in helping and protecting their Gem friends.

Akame ga Kill

20 Anime like Redo of Healer

Since April 2010, Takahiro’s Shounen Manga of the Same Name, illustrated by Tetsuya Tashiro has been serialized in Square Enix Gangan Joker. Square Enix created the anime. It was licensed by Sentai Filmworks North America. The anime is based on the manga’s first eight volumes. It uses certain events from later issues before it ends with a new story arc that is different from the comic.

The Revolutionary Army’s secret assassination unit Raid was created to overthrow Prime Minister Honest. It has exploited Honest’s inexperience. The nation will sink into poverty, strife and ruin without a strong, compassionate leader. Night Raid members are well aware that murder is not a good idea and will suffer retaliation by viciously killing those who oppose the revolution.

Tatsumi, a young man from a rural area, joined the band of assassins following Night Raid’s convictions and dedication. Tatsumi is faced with formidable enemy assassins, as well as challenges to his morals and ideals.

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Rising of the Shield Hero

20 Anime like Redo of Healer

no Yuusha no Nariagari, or The Rising of the Shield Hero, is a Japanese dark fantasy light novel series. The original publication was as a webnovel on Shosetsuka Ni Naro. From January 2019 to June 2019, a 25-episode anime adaptation was aired. Another revenge anime, but without the sexual content.

The Four Cardinal Heroes are normal Japanese men who were summoned to save Melromarc. The Waves of Catastrophe have plagued Melromarc throughout the ages. They decimate the land and kill its inhabitants. To defeat the Waves, the four heroes are each given a shield, sword, bow, spear and bow. Because of his low offensive power and demeanor, Naofumi Iwatani is ridiculed by his fellow heroes as well as the inhabitants of the kingdom.

Malty Melromarc is Naofumi’s only willing partner. He soon betrays her and is unfairly accused of exploiting him. Naofumi is subject to resentment from Melromarcans and discrimination. Naofumi sets out on a journey to rebuild his reputation and himself. Naofumi decides he cannot travel alone so he purchases Raphtalia, a slave to accompany him.

Naofumi, Raphtalia must withstand the waves in order to save the Melromarcans.


20 Anime like Redo of Healer

Kenpuu Denki Berserk adapts 12 of the first 13 volumes of the manga. The story is faithful to the original source material. However, the anime has many more graphic depictions of violence and characters.

Guts is a young travel mercenary, also known as the Black Swordsman. He carries a large sword. Guts takes the highest-paying jobs, but he doesn’t stay with any one group for too much. He meets the Band of the Hawk. Guts is ambushed by the Band of the Hawk after he does a job and kills many of his members. Griffith, the founder and leader of the Band of the Falcon, fights Guts and defeats the giant-sword-wielding Guts.

Guts is able to regain consciousness after two days of being treated by the Band of the Hawks. Guts confronts Griffith once more, and this time Guts tells Griffith that he will join the Falcons even if he loses. Griffith accepts Guts’s offer, even though he loses.

Gus will have three years to be a Band of Hawks commander. He is second to Griffith in his ability to take on large groups of enemies on the battlefield. The Band of the Hawk is the most successful at everything they do because of Gus’ strength, Griffith’s leadership, and Griffith’s leadership. But there is something sinister in the shadows that could threaten Guts.

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Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

20 Anime like Redo of Healer

A 34-year-old, shut-in, was tortured, scorned and oppressed throughout his life. But, he had the courage to do something heroic, only for it to end in tragedy. In an amazing twist of events, he wakes up in another universe and becomes Rudeus Greyrat. He is a newborn who was born to two loving parents.

Rudeus adjusts to his new surroundings by keeping his past experiences and knowledge. He begins to show the magic talent that exceeds all expectations and has the mentality of an adult. His skills are honed with the help of Roxy Migurdia, a magician. Rudeus meets Sylphiette, who quickly becomes his best friend and learns how to use a sword.

Rudeus is now living his second chance at life. He tries to make the most out of his freedom and overcome his past. Maybe he will find love one day.

The Aesthetica of the Rogue Hero

20 Anime like Redo of Healer

Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero is a Japanese light-book series created by Tetsuto Usu. From July 2012 to September 2012, Arms aired a 12 part anime adaptation. Funimation licensed the anime for North America. The Blu-ray edition was released on December 17, 2013.

Since the discovery 30 years ago of “Samon Syndrome”, hundreds of people have traveled to fantasy worlds. Only a few return with extraordinary powers.

To face new challenges on Earth, Akatsuki Ousawa, the “Rogue Hero”, leaves Alayzard, the magical country where he was born. He returns to Earth with Miu, the Demon King’s daughter. She must disguise herself as her little sister. They travel to fantasy planets and enroll at Babel, an exclusive school for people with magical abilities.

The pseudo-siblings, however, aren’t sure if Babel is really for them. Are Akatsuki or Miu able to defeat the hostile student council?

This concludes our list of 20 anime recommendations such as Redo of Healer. We hope that you enjoyed the list and discovered some new anime favorites. We would love to hear from you in the comments about controversial anime series that we have missed or why they should be included. Don’t forget our other lists to see more anime recommendations. Thank you for reading!

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