20 Surprising Facts about All Might

Fans of My Hero Academia’s hit manga and anime My Hero Academia love Kohei Horikoshi’s character All Might. It’s not surprising that All Might is a mentor for Izuku Midoriya (a normal child who dreams of becoming the greatest superhero in the world)

All Might was a very popular character from the start of the manga. Many readers found inspiration in him and wisdom in the lessons he gave to Midoriya. Although All Might is a frequent character in the manga, very little information is available about his past or background. These 20 facts will help you get started about All Might.

Not all super moves are named after states.

20 Surprising Facts about All Might

All Might’s Big Moves have been named after states with the exception of the essential move, The United States of Smash. Two notable exceptions to this rule may be overlooked by some fans.

Detroit Smash is the first. It takes its name from a specific city, not a particular region. Carolina Smash is the second. The word “Carolina”, although it appears in two states of the United States, does not appear in the full name of any state.

Superman & Goku Inspire All Might

20 Surprising Facts about All Might

In an interview with Shonen Jump, Horikoshi was asked if All Might was inspired or not by someone from his life. Horikoshi replied:

“No, not anyone in reality. He was based on Goku from Dragon Ball.

This is not surprising, but it is possible. It is also cool to confirm this fact, as Goku enjoys a almost mythical status within his own universe and Toriyama has had a broad impact on shonen creators. In any event, Goku wasn’t the only inspiration for #1 Hero. His theme was inspired by Superman. Horikoshi said:

It was more of an appeal to Superman older – the “ultimate existence”, which is why he has this kind of character design. The story is still set in Japan. I don’t believe it would have been as successful if All Might was from overseas.

He was inspired by American Superheroes

20 Surprising Facts about All Might

As you can see, All Might stands out among the cast of My Hero Academia. All Might draws inspiration from iconic American superheroes such as Superman and Batman.

Kohei Horikoshi took All Might’s inspiration from Western super heroes like Superman. These two have very few similarities except for their large statures and tendency to smile wide at all times. His ties to the United States are not limited to that. All Might studied abroad in the United States and has super moves that are based on American cities and states. He may even be half-American.

Superman would Certainly Beat Him.

20 Surprising Facts about All Might

Many MHA and D.C. comics enthusiasts have speculated on who would win in the fight between All Mighty and Superman. Kohei Horikoshi, creator of My Hero Academia, answered a question on who would win in the fight between All Mighty and Superman. Horikoshi, a comic book lover himself, didn’t mince words when he stated that his character would win because of this and that. In a fight against All Might, he has acknowledged that Superman is the winner. In an interview with Comicbook.com, Horikoshi gave a definitive answer to this question:

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“Superman!” They are Superman’s greatest Quirks. They would be defeated by laser eyes if they were to make a difference. …” This Quirk would be available to All Might.

Kohei Horikoshi says that he is difficult to draw.

20 Surprising Facts about All Might

It seems difficult to draw All Might, especially considering his muscular appearance. Kohei Horikoshi the creator must shade All Might to get it right.

Horikoshi’s earliest designs were called ‘Lame’

20 Surprising Facts about All Might

Because All Might was an older character, he played a smaller role in the series’ first design by Horikoshi. He chose to give him his Quirk rather than encourage him to be a mentor.

Horikoshi’s editors panned All Might’s original design and labeled it ‘lame’. This led to a redesign that was fresher and more prominent.

His Name

20 Surprising Facts about All Might

Toshinori Yamagi is his name. There are four different kanji to choose from: “genius”(* Toshi), law (* nori), eight (*ya) and tree (* Gi).

It’s a fitting name on many levels. He is a superhero genius and his job it is to uphold the law. He is also the eighth user for One For All. It’s been stated already that he is a nature lover.

His eyes are symbolic.

20 Surprising Facts about All Might

Even after losing his muscle form, All Might’s eyes still glow. This is not only because Horikoshi was unwilling to change the design’s finer details, but also because his sparkling eyes have a deeper meaning. According to the databook, they are supposed to symbolize strength and purity.

Eighth user of One-For-All

20 Surprising Facts about All Might

All Might started out as a normal child with no special abilities. His mentor Nana Shimura was the 7th user. She gave him the Quirk. Toshinori Yagi became the game’s eighth user. He was appropriately named after the Japanese word “Eight” (ya).

One For All allows the user to access the combined power of all previous One For All owners. This allows it to grow stronger with every generation. All Might was the most well-known user of the Quirk, and he transformed it into The Symbol Of Peace.

His Email Alerts & Ringtones Use His Catchphrase

20 Surprising Facts about All Might

All Might declares, “I am here,” when his phone rings or his email goes off or he gets a message. This re-dubbed version has a lot more detail. His ringtone said “A phone call is available!” while his email alert stated “An email is available!”

He loves movies

20 Surprising Facts about All Might

According to records, All Might enjoys watching movies. It is not clear at this time what movies he likes to watch. It’s possible that he loves action movies and superheroes, but he might also enjoy drama and comedies. He could be an anime enthusiast.

He Adores Nature.

20 Surprising Facts about All Might

All Might’s favorite cedar trees is the Yakushima. Yakushima is home to a large yakusugi, or Japanese cedar tree forest. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the most famous trees in the region is estimated to be around 2300 years old. It should not surprise that he would be interested in something with such historical and aesthetic significance.

Tokyo is the Base of His Hero Agency.

20 Surprising Facts about All Might

All Might needed to travel to the U.A. For his job as a professor. Musutafu, a fictional city near Shizuoka Prefecture, is the setting of My Hero Academia. Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo is the home of All Might’s Hero Agency.

Both of these locations can be reached by car. However, they are far from each other. Depending on which mode of transport is used, it could take between 2 and 5 hours to travel from one to another.

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His Birthday is the Same as that of a Minor Character.

20 Surprising Facts about All Might

All Might was born on the 10th of June. It’s always fascinating to find out a character’s birthday. But this one is special because he shares it from Cow Lady, an American professional hero who appears in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.

Given his love of all things American, it is not surprising that she shares her birthday with him.

Hero Support

20 Surprising Facts about All Might

The All Might appears for the first time in My Hero Academia. It is clear that he does not have any hero support in his super suit. The only thing that covers his body is a cape, to be fair. However, it wasn’t always this way.

Over the years, he has had many costume changes. Some of these included hero-supporting gear (gauntlets) and such. As All Might later explains to Izuku that All Might’s support gear was sometimes cumbersome and only served as a slowing device.

His Scar is Misrepresented in the Anime

20 Surprising Facts about All Might

After All Might’s fight with All For One, he was left with a scar on the left side of his chest. This oversight led to the scar appearing on the left stomach of the character rather than where it should. A scar on the abdomen would not explain his missing lung. This would be a strange detail.

He is voiced by two outstanding actors

20 Surprising Facts about All Might

Kenta Miyake’s version of All Might’s vocals is already familiar to those who have seen My Hero Academia in its subbed form. Miyake also played Scar in Fullmetal Alchemist and Mohammed Avdol (JBZA), as well as Giovanni in the Pokemon series.

Christopher Sabat is the voice of All Might. Sabat has played many of the most iconic anime and manga characters, such as Vegeta and Roronoa Zooro, Kazuma Kwaba and Alex Louis Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist.

Featured Stats

20 Surprising Facts about All Might

The official stat book is a tool for comparing heroes on the basis of various characteristics, such as intelligence, speed, endurance, strength, and intelligence. These numbers are ranked on a 5-point scale with 5 representing exceptional performance and 1 representing very poor performance.

Intelligence: Heroes like Sir Nighteye might score a 5 and heroes like Gran Turino a 6, but All Might scores a shockingly high 6 out of 5. This is a testament to how powerful and indomitable our hero truly is.

He Isn’t Canon Aged.

20 Surprising Facts about All Might

All Might is, contrary to most of the cast, ambiguously young and old. We know for instance that All Might is slightly older than Endeavor (who has been appearing in the series since 1945) and that he has two children. But, despite much speculation on the subject we aren’t certain about his age.

Galaxy IC-313 (a.k.a. Galaxy IC-313, a.k.a. The All Might Galaxy

20 Surprising Facts about All Might

Boku No Hero Academia has had a profound impact on the lives of people and places all over the world, but its ripple effects extend far beyond our solar system.

A fan fell in love with All Might and bought a galaxy. He named it after the show’s hero. After receiving the certificate, the fan presented Horikoshi with it during one of his appearances.

We didn’t really know much about All Might, other than that he was a superhero. After reading these facts, I now feel more connected to All Might and I am excited to watch more episodes of My Hero Academia. Are there any other anime characters you feel deserve their own list of merit? Comment below.

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