21 of the Best Anime for Kids

You can relax and unwind by watching anime. It’s fun to watch with your family. Japanese anime shows are now mainstream. They’re equally popular in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. This Japanese pop culture is also popular with adults, and it’s full of great content.

This list includes the top anime that you and your children can watch together. These anime are suitable for all ages, so even if your children are too young or old, they will still enjoy it!

Flying Witch

21 of the Best Anime for Kids

Makoto Kowata is the protagonist of the family anime. She is a witch apprentice who sets out to be independent from her parents to learn witchcraft. After leaving her family, Makoto Kowata moves to Aomori, along with two of her cousins, and begins a life full of adventure as a witch.

Makoto is a teenager just like any other. However, her quirky involvement in witchcraft makes her stand out from the rest. Makoto lives a peaceful life with her family, sharing some of the witchcraft oddities she discovers through her encounters with dogs fortune tellers and magic training from her sister Akane.

Pom Poko

21 of the Best Anime for Kids

Tokyo is growing, and this means the city must make a lot of sacrifices to allow it to expand. One of these sacrifices is a decline in wildlife and nature; urbanization also affects animal communities like Tanuki (magical, shapeshifting mammals). They fight against Tokyo’s increasing presence to protect their forest home.

Elder Oroku sees the imminent destruction of their homes as a threat and decides to unify all the Tanuki under one banner in order to save what little they have. He is certain that the humans will be enough scared of them with a united front and shapeshifting abilities.

Cardcaptor Sakura

21 of the Best Anime for Kids

Sakura Kinomoto, a fourth-grader of ten years old, is curious about everything. She accidentally finds a book that contains cards, and accidentally releases them all around town. Sakura now has to rely on her friends for help in locating each card, before they cause havoc.

Sakura must learn to balance her secret duty and the daily problems of a young girl, including love, family, school, and school. Sakura, along with Kero-chan and Tomoyo Daidouji, takes to the skies on magical adventures as “the Cardcaptor”.

Spirited Away

21 of the Best Anime for Kids

Spirited Away, a Japanese animated fantasy film by Studio Ghibli, has been ranked among the top animes for decades. The movie is kid-friendly and centers on Chihiro, a 10-year-old girl who attempts to rescue her family from being trapped in an alternate dimension filled with spirits, magical creatures and magic spells. Hayao Miyazaki wrote and directed the story. He is also known for other highly-praised films like Princess Mononoke (1997), My Neighbor Totoro (1988), Ponyo On the Cliff By the Sea (2008).

Pretty Cure

21 of the Best Anime for Kids

The protagonists of Pretty Cure are Nagisa Mizumi and Honoka Yukishiro. They are as different as two people can get. Nagisa is a terrible cook and loves homework. Honoka, on the other hand, enjoys science with her school friends, whom she affectionately refers to as “The Queen of Knowledge.” But one night during a star shower, their lives suddenly connect unexpectedly.

Nagisa, Honoka, and Mipple meet Mepple and Mepple from the Garden of Light. The Dark Zone has taken over the Garden of Light and now wants to take control of Earth. They have their sights on the Garden of Rainbows. Nagisa is transformed into a magical Cure Black girl and Honoka into a Cure White girl with the help of powers from The Garden of Light. They must now locate the Prism Stones which are the only power that can defeat the dark zone, and fix the damage done to the Garden of Light. These magical girls will be able protect the world from the darkness.

Sailor Moon

21 of the Best Anime for Kids

Although the uncut version of this anime series is quite funny at times, it’s popularity is due to Cartoon Network’s Toonami schedule. Usagi Tsukino scores poorly on her tests, and is described as an average student with a klutz-like personality. She soon realizes that her mundane life is not all it seems. When she rescues Luna from danger, Usagi discovers that the meeting was planned. Sailor Moon, a planet guardian, has the power to protect the Earth.

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Sailor Moon must use her new abilities to save the city and its inhabitants from the evil energy-stealing creatures sent by Queen Beryl, the Dark Kingdom. To save the Earth from destruction, she must not only get used to her new powers but also fight villains. Sailor Moon is a unique blend of comedy, magic, and relatable family situations.

Crayon Shin-chan

21 of the Best Anime for Kids

Crayon ShinChan, a Japanese anime for kids, follows the hilarious misadventures and misadventures a young elementary school boy named Shinnosuke. Crayon Shinchan’s witty humor and bratty personality have kept audiences entertained for more than two decades, thanks to his irrepressible behavior.

Shinnosuke Nohara, a kindergartener, has been able to do all sorts of mischievous activities despite his young age. Five-year-old Shinnosuke “Shin-chan” Nohara is a perverted troublemaker who forgets about his friends in hide and seek, performs gags including the most famous elephant, and flirts with college-aged girls.

Kiki’s Delivery Service

21 of the Best Anime for Kids

Kiki’s journey as a witch-in-training is sweet and heartwarming. The story isn’t overwhelming, but it manages to keep viewers engaged. This is due to the unique lack of villain material in most media. Kiki spends her year alone, away from her home. She rides her broomstick and Jiji (her cat), by hand in a tradition for young witches.

Kiki is determined to remain in Koriko, but she struggles. Kiki meets Osono and begins her own courier service using a broomstick. As she brings new experiences and tries to find a home among the residents, she learns to accept responsibility.


21 of the Best Anime for Kids

The Japanese anime Pokemon tells the story of a boy named Ash Ketchum, and his quest to become the greatest Pokemon Master. Over its 20-year history, the show inspired countless video games. It is one of Japan’s most loved children’s series. The show has so many fans all over the globe, including adults.

Ash Ketchum, 10, was determined to not only dream of being a Pokemon Master but to actually do it. Unfortunately, however, all three of his starting pokemon were taken by other trainers and Pikachu was left as an option, an electric-type that rebels against its master.


21 of the Best Anime for Kids

Anpanman, a popular anime series that has been viewed over 1.2 billion times in Japan, is still being aired today. This family-friendly series is well-known by children, even though it may not be known to foreigners.

The star of life falls down the chimney of a bakery hidden in the middle of an enchanted wood. The inside of the dough transforms into Anpanman, a superhero made from bread and red bean jam filling. He and his friends defeated Baikinman together to save malnourished children.

By the Grace of God

21 of the Best Anime for Kids

Ryouma Takebayashi, a young boy, lives deep in the forest. He has several types of slime to keep him company and, despite being young, he is strong and compatible with magic. After suffering a lot in his past life, three gods gave him a second chance at life. He now wants to savor all the joys of it!

Ryouma has spent three years alone and is now able to see the world through a new lens. After helping a soldier on the way home with a wounded friend, Ryouma was persuaded to go along with them to visit the ducal family of a nearby town. He embarks on an adventure that will take him into the unknown.

Captain Tsubasa

21 of the Best Anime for Kids

The anime was popular for its ability to inspire soccer players all over the world. It is easy to follow and easy to understand so you can enjoy it even if your understanding of the plot is not perfect.

An elementary school student’s thoughts and dreams are dominated by soccer. Tsubasa Oozora began playing soccer for fun with his friends. However, he developed an obsession with the game during his childhood. Tsubasa moved to Nankatsu with his mother in order to fulfill his dream. Nankatsu is now facing a lot of competition, despite being the best in his hometown.

My Neighbor Totoro

21 of the Best Anime for Kids

The 1988 classic My Neighbor Totoro is Studio Ghibli’s most beloved anime film. Since its 1988 release, the movie has entertained both children and adults around the world.

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Tatsuo Kusakabe, a Japanese father, moved his two daughters from Tokyo to the countryside in the 1950s to be near their mother who was ill. Mei and Satsuki begin to get used to rural life. One day, Mei sees a small rabbit-like creature in her backyard. She chases it into the forest and meets “Totoro”, who is a mysterious forest spirit that quickly becomes friends with the girls.

Silver Spoon

21 of the Best Anime for Kids

Silver Spoon is a slice-of-life anime that aired in 2013. It’s enjoyed by many, despite its intriguing storyline and great soundtrack. Yuugo Hachiken is the main character. He struggles in an agricultural school because he lacks knowledge about topics like animals and farming. But that’s okay, as there are many funny moments that anyone can enjoy, regardless of age.

Little Witch Academia

21 of the Best Anime for Kids

The anime series centers on Akko, a young witch who attends Luna Nova Academy. This school is packed full of action and excitement. Although there are fights between fantasy creatures that don’t involve any gore or violence that would scare children under 8 years old, viewers who have at least eight years old or older can still enjoy the story.

Lightning and sweetness

21 of the Best Anime for Kids

Sweetness and Lightning is a great show for anime fans who love cooking. The show’s majority focuses on Kohei, a widower who tries to cook for his daughter Tsumugi. Fans can even follow the recipes in their own kitchens! Sweetness and Lightning is not very action-oriented, but it captures all kinds of challenges between family members and the learning experiences they share throughout their lives.


21 of the Best Anime for Kids

A young boy finds a blue robotic cat in his desk drawer. He introduces himself to the boy as Doraemon. The boy is told by him that his descendants will live in poverty due to all his mistakes. They sent him to be a mentor and guide to Nobita Nobi. Doraemon discovers that Nobita has little self-control and motivation. This is something that cannot be changed.

He always carries a four-dimensional pocket, which contains a variety of future gadgets and machines. These often cause Nobita more problems. Is Doraemon able to change Nobita’s mind?


21 of the Best Anime for Kids

Ponyo (also known as Ponyo at the Cliff by the Sea) is an animated Studio Ghibli movie that was released in 2008. It has been highly praised for its imaginative story and fantasy elements.

Ponyo is seen running away from her home, and she flies off on the back a jellyfish. She drifts to the shore after getting stuck in a glass container. Sousuke rescues her. She heals Sousuke by licking his cut finger. Later, it is revealed that Ponyo is the daughter a sorcerer and she transforms into a human.

Chi’s Sweet Home

21 of the Best Anime for Kids

Chi’s Sweet Home, an anime about cats that is both heartwarming and exciting, can turn viewers into cat-lovers. Kanata Konami created it. She is also known for FukuFuku: Kitten Tales, another animal lover’s project. This series follows cute kitten Chi’s adventures with her neighbors, friends and owners. However, she is always having fun, which makes this show great for anyone looking for a good laugh or something sweet.

Howl’s Moving Castle

21 of the Best Anime for Kids

The anime classic is dreamlike and features a wizard who walks in a magical castle, as well as a hatmaker aged 18 who is transformed by an evil witch. Another colorful character is the one who has a turnip as a head, and another who fights fire demons. Although the character development is complex and difficult for children to grasp, they will still enjoy it.

Tamako Market

21 of the Best Anime for Kids

Tamako Market, a slice-of-life anime about a teenager girl who juggles work and life while making mochi at her parents’ bakery is a gentle comedy. Although it doesn’t feature mechas and magical girls, the show makes its viewers feel like they can bond with those characters who most closely resemble them.

You have it anime fans. Here are the best anime for kids. There are some that we might have missed, so don’t worry if your favorite anime from childhood isn’t included on this list. We would love to hear about your favorite childhood anime in the comments section. Enjoy these wonderful anime and have fun!

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