25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

Kaede Homjou reluctantly accepts to try New World Online, a very popular VRMMO here in Japan. The complete novice sets out on a quest to become Maple, her in-game character. To avoid being hurt, she puts all her stats into vitality. Maple is a formidable defense, but she can’t move fast or hit very well.

It doesn’t all go down in her favor. Maple’s incredible defense gives her superpowers such as Total Defense which makes all attacks invalid and immunity to poison. These abilities, combined with her powerful items, allow Maple to destroy most of her opponents in one blow. Maple finishes third in an event that spans the entire server. This earned her the reputation of being an extremely powerful and unkillable player.

Kaede is a strong player, but she still has much to learn. Her new friends and acquaintances help her complete new levels and events. Perhaps she will learn some new skills along her journeys.

Silver Link animated the series’ animation, which was directed Shin Oonuma (and Mirai Minato) Fumihiko Schimo was responsible for the series’ composition. Kazuya Hirata was responsible for character design.

If you are an anime fan, you will know there is nothing like watching a great fantasy anime series. If you are looking for anime for girls, “BOFURI” is the right choice. Don’t worry if you’re finished with the series. These 25 anime recommendations for BOFURI: So I Don’t Want To Get Hurt, I’ll Maximize My Defense are sure to please all types of anime fans. Enjoy!

Tower of Druaga

25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

Anu’s supernatural protection means that the tower’s demons lose their power every few years. Uruk invaded the tower in an attempt to destroy the demons. They have taken up positions within the tower in the hope of reaching the top. The Uruk army knows that this is the third Summer of Anu, and that it is the right time to defeat Druaga. The tower is not just for soldiers. Meskia is now a city on the tower’s top floor. The Blue Crystal Rod, a legendary treasure that is believed to be located at the top of this tower, is believed to be there. It’s difficult to predict how this amazing summer will turn out with so many competing interests.

Infinite Dendrogram

25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

Infinite Dendrogram was the first full-dive VRMMO to be published in 2043. The game was able to replicate the five senses flawlessly, and many other amazing capabilities. It promised to take players into a world full of endless possibilities. Reiji Mukudori is a soon to be college freshman who finally has the opportunity to buy a copy and start playing it almost two years later. With the help of Shuu, his older brother and Embryo, Reiji embarks on a journey into the Infinite Dendrogram world. What will Reiji encounter in this world of infinite dendrogram, a game world known for its incredible realism and endless possibilities?

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing for This Wonderful World

25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

Kazuma Satou is a high school student who finds himself in front of Aqua, an annoying but beautiful deity. The NEET is given two choices by Aqua: go to heaven, or reincarnate into a fantasy world. Kazuma decides to start again and is assigned the task of fighting the Demon King who terrorizes villages. He is given the option to choose one object that will help him in his mission. However, Aqua is not available before he departs. But Kazuma erred–Aqua has no exceptional abilities!

They have many problems, and it is not easy to live in this world. They must work together to survive, not go on an exciting vacation. Their bad luck is only the beginning!


25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

Lina Inverse is a powerful sorceress who travels the globe taking money from bandits. A gang of robbers is her latest victim. Lina is getting ready to take on her assailants, when Gourry Gabriev arrives. The noble, yet naive man assumes Lina is helpless and tries to rescue her. After removing them, the cavalier inadvertently decides to go with Lina to Atlas City. She accepts his offer, despite her reservations.

Lina accidentally discovered a powerful magic item in her recent loot. To find this powerful artifact, two mystery men are looking for Lina and her self-appointed guardian. They are now on a quest that could endanger the fates of the entire world.

Online Sword Art

25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

Virtual reality has made incredible progress in the past 2022. Sword Art Online (SAO), was launched. Gamers can now control their avatars using their minds with “NerveGear” technology.

Kazuto Kirigaya (aka “Kirito”) was among the first to receive the game’s first shipment. Logging in for the first time takes him to Aincrad. This beautiful medieval realm is filled with terrifying beasts and medieval weaponry. Soon, the players realize they can’t log out because the game’s creator has locked them in his new universe.

Kirito must communicate with his fellow players in order to leave Aincrad. Some players are friends, while others like Asuna Yuuki are enemies. Even worse, if they are killed in Aincrad they will die in real life. He has no hope of breaking free from the virtual hell that he has been living in.


25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

Naral Island is a magical land for explorers. Each age brings a new Demon King and a new Hero to subdue them. This cycle has been going on for millennia, with no end in sight. Juulia “Yusha”, Charldetto and her party friends Seiran “Seira”, Meiza “Mei,” Endust, Fai Fai have almost finished their valiant campaign.

Yusha and her friends cast a dangerous spell during the final battle to throw the Demon Lord into the time drifts. Yusha and her companions are thus sent back in time before Yusha’s heroic emergence and their graduation as adventurers. The four women lose their future memories and re-start their quest for the Demon Lord.

The Demon Lord was able to be brought back in time, with all her memories intact. In an attempt to stop Yusha becoming a hero, the Demon Lord disguises itself as a young girl. Yusha and her companions begin their mission to defeat the Demon Lord. They are unaware that the one they seek may be right beside them.

Did I not say to make my abilities average in the next life? !

25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

Misato Kurihara spent her entire life different than others because of her exceptional character. After a sudden death, she was taken to a divine realm and allowed one wish. She wanted to be a normal person with the skills she needed to resurrect in the universe.

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She is reborn as Adele von Ascham (a noblewoman’s child) and inherits incredible magic powers. She leaves her family to enroll in a hunter school in far-off Kingdom under the name “Mile”. Despite her best efforts, she won’t be able achieve her goal, especially when faced with the unexpected.

Hataage! Kemono Michi (Rise Up)

25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

Genzou Shibata is a professional wrestler who has the physique of a mountain, but a love for animals. Genzou Shibata, also known as the “Animal Mask”, draws crowds with his famous tiger face.

Genzou is unexpectedly transported to a magical realm by a princess during his fight with the Macadamian Ogre at the World Championship. He responds to her pleas for help by sending her flying with a German suplex. Genzou, after fleeing from the castle, is abandoned in a mysterious land and decides to become an animal hunter. He captures and then befriends monsters. The wrestler, along with the Shigure, Hanako, and Carmilla Vanstein, takes on risky requests in order to own a pet shop.

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Roads Lead To Doom

25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

Many people enjoy being the hero in an adventure-filled world, no matter if it’s in a game. One girl, however, isn’t so fortunate. She recovers her memories and finds she is reborn in Fortune Lover, one her favorite games.

Unfortunately, she was reincarnated into Catarina Claes, a noble family. She is the game’s main enemy and doomed to repeat her fate. This terrible fate is averted by her immense game expertise.

It will be difficult as she must avoid setting up death flags that could accelerate her inevitable fate. Despite this, she continues to struggle, not as a heroine but as a villainess.

Ascension Of A Bookworm

25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

Urano Motosu is an avid reader and devours all types of books. Before she can become librarian, her life is cut short. She wants to be able read more books in her next lifetime.

She wakes up as Myne from the Middle Ages, a five-year-old sickly girl. It was her passion that first came to her mind. She is frustrated by the lack of books she can choose from, but she tries to find one.

Without a printing press, books are costly to create and cost a lot of money to copy. Myne is one of those aristocrats. Her indomitable passion for reading will be proven by her creation of her own books.

Gundam Build Divers

25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

Gunpla Battle Nexus Online is a brand new network game that allows players to play Gunpla missions online. Yukio Hidaka and Riku Mikami invite Momoka Yashiro into their vast universe. Sarah, a strange female with a remarkable Gunpla sensitivity, is introduced to them.

Riku’s favorite Diver, Kyoya Kjo, is just one of many great Divers. Divers can create a “force”, which is a group of Divers. Mass-divers can interrupt the game by using unofficial tools known as break decals. Riku and his friends will not only create Gunpla, but also their own adventures.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive

25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

Yuuki, a guy from Japan, falls from the sky onto Astraea. Kokkoro, an elf, finds Yuuki and introduces herself to him as his guide. Yuuki is able to learn everything about the world with Kokkoro’s assistance, from monsters and cash.

Yuuki, Kokkoro and a local guild group offer a simple mission to help them pay for their trip. Pecorine is a beautiful but gluttonous girl who is skilled in warfare. They meet Karyl, a magical kitten girl, the next day.

After some time, they form a friendship and then decide to start their own guild. They will travel around the globe, meet new people and maybe unravel the mystery surrounding Yuuki’s memory loss.

Do You Love Your Mom’s Two-Hit Multitarget Attacks and Your Mother?

25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

Many teens would not feel comfortable hosting a party online with their mom.

Masato Oosuki finds himself in this situation. After a seemingly insignificant survey, he’s plunged into a fantasy MMORPG with his mother Mamako. Mamako, a super-swordswoman and multi-target attack expert, is also available! They meet merchant Porta and Elder Wise to search for party members and then begin their quest towards clearing the game.

Isekai Cheat Magician

25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

Taichi Nishimura (a childhood friend) and Rin Azuma (a schoolmate) are on a routine walk to school. A flash of light suddenly surrounds them and takes them to a beautiful place.

Upon their arrival, a beast confronts Taichi und Rin. They are saved by a group of adventurers who warn them that their inexperienced and unarmed status makes them vulnerable to being attacked by monsters. Taichi and Rin go to the Guild to prove their skills and to register as adventurers. Taichi and Rin are able to do more than a standard wizard. This transforms them from high school students into cheat magicians.

Taichi and Rin discover their new worlds and their new powers. While the team is searching for answers and a way to return to their home planet, a mysterious threat lurks in the shadows.

That Time I Was Reincarnated as A Slime (Tensei Shitara Slime Ken)

25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

Satoru Mikami (37), is a typical corporate worker. He is happy with his life in Tokyo and has never had a girlfriend. While having a casual conversation, he is stabbed. A strange voice speaks to him in his last moments and gives instructions that the dying man can’t understand.

Satoru wakes up to discover that he is a slime and has been reincarnated in an unknown location. He is able to imitate the appearance of any animal and swallow it. The “Storm Dragon”, a catastrophe-level monster, is then encountered by Satoru. Veldora has been held for 300 years for devastating a town. Satoru meets him and offers to help him break the seal. Veldora gives him the divine protector name Rimuru Tempest in gratitude.

Rimuru is freed from his mundane past and embarks on a new journey with a clear goal. His gooey shenanigans spread throughout the planet, gradually changing his destiny.

Azur Lane

25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

A divided humanity stood united when the “Sirens”, an alien force with weaponry far beyond the existing technology, arrived. To better modernize combat, Azur Lane was formed by four countries: the Eagle Union, Royal Navy and Sakura Empire. This led to an initial victory against the common threat. But rival values weakened this fragile partnership and led to it being split. The Red Axis was formed by the Red Sakura Empire and Iron Blood, which fractured humanity once again.

Azur Lane’s only hope of peace is the “Grey Ghost Enterprise”. She is scared of the ocean, but she is weak. She fights, believing that it is her only purpose. Javelin, Laffey and Unicorn, all three union ships, are able to meet Ayanami (a Red Axis spy). They attempt to befriend her but, as foes of the Red Axis, their efforts fail. They persevere, hoping to succeed one day.

The key to unifying a divided race is a soldier who can accept her unique personality.


25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

New opportunities arise each year in high school. One of these is the opportunity to join a club. Yui Hirasawa is unsure of which club she should join so she stumbles across the Light Music Club. She misunderstands it as an instrument-based club like castanets. She is unable to play an instrument so she apologizes and decides to quit.

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The Light Music Club is at risk of being disbanded. Club members offer everything, from meals to socializing during club time, to persuade Yui. Yui, despite her lack of musical experience, refuses to join the group. They finally play a piece together for Yui. This ignites her passion, and she is convinced to join the group.

It’s then just a matter of practicing bits and pieces. The Light Music Club is looking forward to having fun together!

Gun Gale Online

25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

The famous “Pink Devil”, clad in desert pink, stalks other players in Gun Gale Online. He is the size of a toddler and is dressed in desert pink. In reality, the feared player killer is not who you think.

Karen Kohiruimaki, a Tokyo university student, is an arrogant and stoic character who rises above all others in the game. Karen is insecure about her height and turns to the virtual world to find solace. She continues to play game after game until she becomes a cute character. Finally, she achieves her goal in Gun Gale Online. LLENN is a well-known player killer and she dedicates herself to the game.

Pitohui is a gifted but strange woman who helps LLENN defeat one of its objectives. Pitohui quickly makes friends with Karen and insists that LLENN participate in Squad Jam, a combat tournament where teams fight until one remains. LLENN will need to use all her intelligence and willpower if she wants to make it to the top.

Lapis Re:LiGHTs

25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

Tiara, a Waleland princess, travels to Mamkestell in order to study at a prestigious academy for magicians. Tiara is reunited with Rosetta, her friend and fellow student at Mamkestell after passing an eligibility exam. Rosetta quickly made Tiara a friend: the athletic Lavie, the reliable Ashley and the bookish Lynette.

Based on the scores of their tests, students are assigned to one or more of three groups: Noir, Rouge, and Lapis. Tiara’s group is ranked Lapis and failure can lead to expulsion. Tiana sees their situation and asks everyone to improve their game.

Tiara wants to be a singer like her older sister. However, her amazing trip will not be without obstacles.

Log Horizon

25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

Thirty thousand confused Japanese gamers get sucked into the popular MMORPG Elder Tale in a matter of seconds. They are unable to log off. Shiroe is a socially awkward university student and immediately sets out to test his new reality.

Shiroe must adjust to the new normal, leading others and negotiating for peace with NPC “natives”. Naotsugu has returned to Akihabara for the first time since years and Akatsuki, an assassin small, but deadly, is joining him. Log Horizon is a story of fantasy, adventure and politics told through the eyes of a master strategist who tries to understand a confusing situation.

Did You Think There Was Never a Girl Online?

25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

Hideki “Rusian”, Nishimura is devastated after proposing to a girl he met online. Worse, the girl reveals that she is an elderly man. Rusian, in the midst his anger, makes an unanticipated decision: he will never again trust another woman in an online game.

A Russian guild has a female avatar called “Ako”. Ako loves Russian and wants to marry him. Russian agrees to her proposal, saying that it doesn’t really matter what her gender is as long as she is appealing in the game. Russian discovers, however, that Ako and his guild members aren’t just girls.

The Rising of the Shield Hero (Tate No Yuusha no Nariagari).

25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

The Four Cardinal Heroes is a group made up of ordinary Japanese men who were sent to save Melromarc. The Waves of Catastrophe have been ravaging Melromarc for centuries, killing its inhabitants and causing great destruction. The heroes were given a shield, sword, bow, spear and bow to defeat the Waves. Otaku Naofumi is destined to be the “Shield Hero.” Naofumi is ridiculed by his fellow heroes as well as the inhabitants of the kingdom for his poor offensive abilities and demeanor.

Naofumi is able to train with friends and has the resources to go with them. He then goes off with Malty Malromarc, his only willing friend. He is wrongly accused of exploiting his partner, but she soon betrays him. People in Melromarc resent and discriminate towards Naofumi because he didn’t do it. Naofumi sets out on a journey of redemption to save himself and his reputation. Naofumi realizes that it is impossible to travel alone so he purchases a dying demihuman slave named Raphtalia.

Naofumi, Raphtalia and others must resist the waves to save Melromarc’s inhabitants from their doomed fate.

Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha Ga Ore Tuee Kuse Ni Shinchou Sugiru (Cautious Hero – The Hero Is Overpowered, but Overly Cautious).

25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

The saying goes, “You cannot be too careful.” Even if you don’t need it, it is important to prepare for every eventuality. In games such as RPGs, it is important to beat your opponents’ levels in order to win.

These words are the essence of Seiya Ryuuguuin. After being summoned to save Gaeabrande by the goddess Ristarte, the hero prepares himself for his noble quest. He spends much of his time training, despite his overwhelming numbers. He buys many potions and supplies to keep himself safe and fights weak enemies with his strongest talents.

Despite his unfavorable demeanour, Gaeabrande may be his saving grace in an era where evil forces rule all expectations.

No game, no life

25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

No Game No Life is the story of Sora (NEET) and Shiro (NEET), who see the world as a terrible place until they get an e-mail inviting to play chess.

The mysterious god welcomes Sora to Disboard. This realm is where all conflicts can be settled by high-stakes gaming, and not combat. The arrangement works because each side must place a wager equal to the other’s. Sora, Shiro and others are attempting to unite the 16 Disboard races to defeat Tet and become the gods in this new gaming-is-everything universe.

My Smartphone Takes Me To Another World

25 of the Best Anime like Bofuri

Touya Mochizuki is accidentally killed by God with a lightning strike. God gives him one request, and he gets the opportunity to fulfill his childhood dream. Touya accepts the offer and asks to bring his smartphone along on his bizarre journey.

Touya finds a new world full of magic and beautiful girls who want his attention. These girls are what provide Touya endless sexual problems, but also friendship, as he uncovers the secrets to this new society.

We hope that you enjoyed our list of 25 anime like Bufori. There may be many more anime like Bufori that we didn’t include or don’t consider similar enough to be included, but this list should help you get started in your search for game-fantasy anime titles. Let us know if you have a suggestion or if we missed one. If not, please leave a comment below with your suggestions for new ones.

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