25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

In terms of popularity, Izuku Midoriya (the show’s protagonist) and Shoto Todoroki (a fan favorite), are both more popular than Katsukibakugo. Kacchan’s intimidating strength and aggressive nature are well-known, but there’s more than meets the eye.

Bakugo is an interesting character, but MHA fans who take Bakugo’s story at face value might not be aware of how fascinating he really is. Bakugo is often seen as a one-dimensional or predictable character.

Contrary to popular belief Hero’s arrogance, indifference and need to help others is not what you would expect. He was initially antagonistic. But as he matures and experiences character development that includes triumphs and setbacks, the Hero learns more about himself and others, and becomes less hostile. These are 25 facts you didn’t know that Class 1-A’s vengeful Hero was.

The Same Hero Agency As Endeavor

25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

The first episode of My Hero Academia’s fifth series is dedicated to the intense competition between students from Classes 1A-1B in the Joint Training Competition. In later episodes, the heroes return to work-study programs.

Bakugo’s ex-alliance, Best Jeanist, has disappeared. As a result, Bakugo joined Shoto and Deku Ichiku Midoriya at Endeavor’s Hero Agency to replace him. Bakugo’s dedication and ability to learn excite Endeavor in the beginning. It takes them some time to get to know each other. Their relationship improves the longer Bakugo stays at Endeavor’s Hero Agency.

He was supposed to be kind.

25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

Katsuki was originally a kind, polite and compassionate person. She never intended to offend anyone. Because the first draft had been considered dull, the production team decided to modify the character’s personality.

Ground Zero was originally to be his name. However, it was later deemed inappropriate because of its association with violence. It appears that they failed to reach a compromise with Katsuki in the end.

He thinks of a ridiculously heroic hero’s name.

25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

My Hero Academia does an excellent job emphasizing the importance of a hero’s image to the public’s perception of him or her. Even if the hero is a star of a team or has strong Quirks, the story shows how even their clothes and names should be examined.

Bakugo makes the most of the fact that Bakugo’s name is often all people know about him. Bakugo revealed Bakugo’s name as the Great Explosion Murder god Dynamight. It is a fitting name for his fiery, explosive demeanor. It is one of the most unusual, but memorable hero names.

He is a show off.

25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

He believes heroes shouldn’t be ashamed of their quirks and so Katsuki is not afraid to show them off in public. He will often activate it, regardless of whether he is stressed, proud, or trying to scare someone he’s screaming at.

He can be braggart but he is honest about his true self. This allows him to quickly and accurately analyze the characteristics of others.

He used to have the One for All Quirks.

25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

My Hero Academia has many other heroes, but Izuku Mioriya is often criticized for being the heir apparent of All Might’s precious One For All Quirk. Midoriya has been the target of other villains who have tried to steal his talent. Others Pro Heroes have also highlighted the importance of this Quirk and warned that it should not be taken lightly.

Bakugo briefly shares Midoriya’s One For All Quirk during Heroes Rising’s finale. They launch a coordinated attack against Nine. However, the importance Bakugo’s ability maintain this Quirk cannot overstated.

His deep understanding of one for all.

25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

Bakugo becomes more friendly towards Deku over the course of the manga and eventually assists him with his training (alongside All Might). Through the events, this boy discovers that the book’s information about the One For All holders is not complete.

Bakugo asks people about the Quirks and they are asking why only three Quirks have been revealed while the Quirks for the fourth have been published. Deku is, as it turns out to be, completely unaware of this.

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One of the last 1-A students to receive their Provisional License.

25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

My Hero Academia values the ranks and processes that determine society’s heroes above all else. Certain heroes are not able to use their abilities in battle because they lack the required credentials.

Bakugo seems to be at the top, despite the fact that he was the last to get his Provisional Hero License. It is quite fitting that Shoto Todoroki and Bakugo both passed their exams and were officially recognized as heroes in My Hero Academia’s 100th Episode.

He is still in his Emo Phase.

25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

Long-time manga readers will not be surprised to learn that Katsuki has four different black skull T shirts. Some of these shirts date back to his preschool days.

He should be recognized for his love of mocking and verbally abusing others. He doesn’t wear color unless he is wearing a layer of dark black.

Children Love Him!

25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

Heroes should be role models for young people. However, just because someone is courageous and selfless doesn’t guarantee that they will be popular with today’s kids. Bakugo is known for being harsh with children when it comes to bullying or lack of patience.

Bakugo, Todoroki must face a group children as their first challenge. Bakugo sees in these children a younger version of him, the one who has difficulty understanding others. Bakugo hopes to pass on the knowledge he has gained to these children, but at a younger stage to avoid falling into the same traps. It is a remarkable display of comprehension.

He is an exceptional strategist.

25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

He is almost impossible to hear yelling while on the battlefield. He is young but takes fighting seriously. As a result, when he engages in combat, he is remarkably composed. His calm demeanor and ability to fight is what makes him different from his peers.

He is a sharp thinker and can plan a battle strategy while he is fighting. He also never underestimates his enemies.

He Has Interesting Hobbies

25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

Bakugo’s profile in the My Hero Academia manga’s initial volume shows that he has two hobbies: mountain climbing, and spicy food. Katsuki’s Quirk is what explains his fiery taste in food.

Mountain climbing might seem like an odd pastime for an effervescent student. However, it is a part of Bakugo’s personality. Bakugo is a lover of adventure and enjoys ascending mountains.

He is interested in cooking

25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

Deku is delighted when Shoto Todoroki invites him and Bakugo over to their home for a nice meal. Bakugo, however, is still in his usual mood of grouchiness after the invitation.

He told Izuku to forget about Fuyumi’s food and praised her for it. Shoto later hears him tell Shoto that his sister would be embarrassed by his cooking skills, which suggests some interest on his part in cooking.

The Oldest Student in 1-A.

25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

Although the classmates of Class 1-A are roughly equal in age, Bakugo is slightly older than the rest because he was born on April 20, 2019. Mashirao Ojiro was the second-oldest student of the class. He was born May 28th. Katsuki was therefore admitted to U.A. Katsuki was 16 years old when he entered high school, while his classmates were still in their teens.

Mezo Shoji, despite being the tallest member in Class 1-A is actually the youngest. Due to his February birthday, Mezo Shoji is also the “baby” of the class.

He will always have great skin (just like his mother).

25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

Mitsukibakugo’s ability to secrete Glycerin is one of her Quirks. Glycerin is a moisturizer and her skin looks years younger.

His mother’s Glycerin Detonation of Kacchan’s Bomb Quirk’s Glycerin and his father’s Acid Sweat are his sources; he will have flawless skin for the rest of their lives. The aspiring Hero is more like his father than he is his mother, which indicates that his body will age well.

His Moral Compass is Strong.

25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

He is often referred to as a wildcard, but despite being a villain, he actually has a great moral code. He dislikes dishonesty. He would rather fight for his life than manipulate others to save himself.

He isn’t dishonest and won’t do anything to affect the outcome of any conflict that might be affecting his character. This is why people loved him so much. While anime viewers love having wild cards characters, they also enjoy them when the character has more character depth.

He is nothing like his father

25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

Masaru Bakugo is cooler than Katsuki or Mitsuki. He also has a significantly lower level of violence. He cares deeply about his family, despite their vast differences in personalities. He is dissatisfied by his son’s violent temper.

Masaru ends up being a pro-hero and aids Katsuki to achieve fame and fortune.

Kacchan looks very much like his mother. They even have the same hair color. The bond between mother and son is evident.

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Stress Management

25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

This is an important point and should be stated. He believes that shouting out loud is the best way to express his feelings and for others to hear it. He prefers to use roaring rather than words to express his feelings, communicate with his classmates, or respect others. Although there are better ways to cope with stress and emotions than this, it is a charming character trait. His exasperated ranting is what makes him the anime’s comic relief. It cracks both characters and viewers.

The Kneepads actually Have a Purpose!

25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

Bakugo’s hero outfit may be eye-catching but there is a subtle element to it that very few people notice. You may not be aware that Bakugo is wearing kneepads, but the grenade bracers draw your attention to this. Although it might seem odd that he would need knee pads to protect his kneecaps, they were not provided to him to defend. Bakugo does have offensive strategy kneepads, but has not used them yet. Bakugo is also capable of doing significant damage with his hands alone, so he doesn’t need to do much legwork.

A Clean Freak

25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

Katsuki is a very vocal person. He cries loudly when he is frustrated by someone’s actions or when he isn’t sure how to express his feelings. However, there is one topic that he is passionate about.

He is a strict advocate for cleanliness and clean living conditions. He prefers to give people the finger to help them deal with those who don’t have to dust. He is very careful about his hygiene, despite his attempts to seem unconcerned about the world.

He is particularly gifted at the drums and has musical talent.

25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

Bakugo’s drumming skills are more impressive than mountaineering, which is a great pastime. This MHA manga scene shows Bakugo as a talented drummer who dazzled his peers by his drum solo.

Bakugo’s unorthodox musical abilities may seem random or insignificant at first glance, but the intensity with which Bakugo plays the drums matches his angry emotions.

He is smarter than he looks

25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

Despite his harsh and rough demeanor, Katsuki is a highly intelligent person. He is an expert on heroes’ quirks.

He examines each one in detail to discover their strengths and weaknesses, as well the possible effects on the human body. For example, how to safely use explosives for propulsion without being seriously injured or killed. The complexity of the character is only enhanced by his intelligence, which he does not display like many other intelligent anime characters.

Kohei Horikoshi didn’t expect him to become so popular.

25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

Horikoshi believes that Katsuki is far too famous for his talents. He didn’t make Katsuki a troublesome teenager. It is hard to believe that the antagonistic student of the series would become such a beloved character.

Horikoshi’s expectations aside, manga/anime viewers and readers are captivated by Izuku Midoriya’s brutality. Kacchan’s antagonist, however, is the protagonist.

Horikoshi Modeled Kacchan’s Character after Another Creation of His.

25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

Khei Horikoshi’s Oumagadoki Zoo series has been compared to My Hero Academia’s. The latter was also written and illustrated. Shishido is a manga and anime character with a fiery personality that is strikingly similar to Katsuki’s.

Shishido is a proud lion who enjoys picking fights and throwing insults at other people. His character does however develop over the course the series. Shishido was only briefly featured in the MHA manga.

He understands the value of sacrifice

25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

For One, the war against Tomura Shigaraki’s mind becomes more difficult as All For One gains an advantage and Deku loses ground.

Bakugo doesn’t want his companion to take the damage from the Rivet Stab’s iconic Rivet Stab, so he jumps in the line of the black and red tendrils and is stabbed. Although he survives, it takes him several days to fully heal. Deku is slower.

His Pride can be Disleasing.

25 Surprising Facts about Katsuki Bakugou

Katsuki was a strong leader for a long time. He feared that being interrupted would result in him losing time. His arrogance led to him occasionally losing in combat. It was mainly what hindered his ability make friends and work together in a group.

He was so oblivious to the opinions and thoughts of his fellow team members that he made sure they listened only to him when he joined them. He is a good listener, even if he initially finds him annoying.

This is it anime fans! These 25 facts are about Katsuki Bakugou (a.k.a. Great Explosion Murder King Dynamight from My Hero Academia, a.k.a. Boku no Hero Academia. Did we forget a fact about this beloved character? We’d love to hear from you in the comments and share your favourite facts and characters from My Hero Academia. We are eager to hear your thoughts!

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