26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

Makoto Yakimura illustrated and wrote the Vinland Saga manga series, a Japanese historical manga. Before moving to the Manga Magazine Monthly Afternoon, the series was published first in Weekly Shonen Magazine. As of July 2021, the series was already compiled into 25 volumes.

It was announced that Vinland Saga would soon be animated in historical animation. Shuhei Yabuta directs the series. Productions include Twin Engine, Production I.G and Wit Studio. The series is animated by Wit Studio. Hiroshi Seeko handles the series writing, Takahiko Yamada designs the characters and Yutaka Yamada composes the soundtrack.

Thorfinn grew to hear stories of elderly sailors crossing the oceans and arriving in Vinland. It is reported that it is warm and productive with no need to fight – not like the frozen village in Iceland where Thorfinn had been and especially not like his current life as a mercenary. He now lives in the middle of war. His father once told him that he had no enemies. Thorfinn realized, as he grew up, that there is no one it’s okay for to hurt.

Each year, the conflict between England and Denmark gets worse. The Viking warriors have accepted death as a part of their daily life. The Vikings will not be satisfied with a swaying the balance of power. They are happy to make a name for theirself and claim all the rewards they can. Thorfinn must take revenge on Askeladd who killed his father in the midst all the chaos. It seems that the only place where the Vikings can find heaven is in the ongoing eras of war and death.

Some anime fans love the graphic violence while others enjoy the intricate plotlines and beautiful artwork. We have 26 anime recommendations for anime series like Vinland Saga, no matter your reasons for watching anime. These anime will keep your attention from start to finish, ranging from ancient Japan to fantasy worlds of dragons or magic. What are you waiting to do?

Akame Ga Kill

26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

Night Raid is the Revolutionary Army’s secret assassination team. It was formed to overthrow Prime Minister Honest who had exploited the infant Emperor’s ignorance. The nation will sink into poverty, strife and ruin without a compassionate and strong leader. Night Raid troops are well aware that it is wrong to take lives and will retaliate by brutally killing anyone who blocks their path.

Tatsumi, a young man hailing from a rural village joined Night Raid’s jolly gang assassins after being inspired by Night Raid’s commitment and beliefs.

Tatsumi is confronted with formidable weaponry, enemy assassins and challenges to his morals and ideals. Finally, Tatsumi will learn what it means to be an Assassin with a Cause in Akame ga Kill!


26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

Toyohisa is severely injured at the Battle of Sekigahara, 1600. He finds himself in a white, sophisticated hallway. Toyohisa finds himself in a world of his own. He is dragged through the nearest door by Murasaki, a strong man, and many doors on either side.

This odd area is home of fascinating creatures and long-dead warriors who hail from Toyohisa’s planet. Toyohisa soon learns about the political instability of the continent from Nobunaga Oda, an ancient archer, and Yoichi Suketaka Nau, a notorious warlord. They were also summoned to fight the “Ends”, who have created the Orte Empire, and are trying to eliminate the Drifters. Elves and other demihumans are more likely to be persecuted if there are fewer Ends. Toyohisa must lead a group of unconventional heroes in a new war for the Empire’s subjects, while also defending their territory and opposing Ends.

Gun Grave

26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

Two close friends, Brandon Heat and Harry MacDowel could have been brothers. But, one fateful day, they are reminded of just how cruel the world is. They were involved in brawls with local women, minor theft for entertainment and a living, as well as wooing them. They didn’t realize that happiness is fleeting in this cruel world.

Assimilate Harry and Brandon into Millennion. This is the most notorious mafia organization in the area. They’re then pushed to the bottom. Brandon wants to help Harry, his friend, and pacify Big Daddy who has taken the woman Brandon loves.

Gungrave is a remarkable tale of friendship and betrayal that spans many years. It inevitably ties back to the riveting, foreshadowing episode while slowly building up to the thrilling ending.

Moribito: Guardian for the Spirit

26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

Star Readers from the Shin Yogo Empire must devise a plan to avoid a devastating drought. Legend has it that the first Emperor killed a water demon with eight warriors in order to save Shin Yogo. A water demon may resurface and its death could bring about salvation. The water demon appears in Prince Chagum’s body, the son of the Emperor. He is to be sacrificed for the salvation of the Empire.

Balsa, a mysterious spear-wielding merchant, arrives in Shin Yogo to conduct business. After saving Chagum in a disguised assassination plot, she is assigned the task of protecting him from the emperor’s hunters. Balsa accepts the solemn vow.

Seirei no Moribo is a voyage to conserve Chagum. It explores the beauty and nature of life, family, and the bonds that are formed between strangers.

Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings

26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

During the Sengoku period, many warlords fought in politics and arms for unification of Japan. Nobunaga Oda was the most powerful monarch by conquering Japan.

Shingen Takeda, his samurai Yukimura Snada, headed one of Nobunaga’s key clans. Masamune Date and the army of his army stopped General Kenshin Uesugi’s nighttime attack at night. Date and Sanada fought to a draw, sparking fierce rivalry based on their mutual love.

Nobunaga retains his power at Sengoku Basara and expands his influence throughout the country. To stop Nobunaga’s rise and liberate feudal Japan under his tyranny, Sanada and Date have to put aside their differences. These warriors and leaders are able to use their magical, militant, political, and other abilities to defeat Nobunaga’s army.

Altair: A Record Of Battles

26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

Tughril Mahamut is a young pasha who works on the Turkiye Stratocracy’s Divan. Clouds of war are rising over his country due to the possibility of an aggressive Empire. Mahmut embarks on a mission for peace, despite the Divan being divided between pacifists and warmongers. He discovers new enemies and allies as he digs deeper into the politics in the old world. Who will win? What will Mahmut do, if war is inevitable?


26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

Guts is a wandering young mercenary, also known as the Black Swordsman. He carries a huge greatsword. Guts takes the jobs that pay the best and never stays with one outfit long, until he meets The Hawk Band. Guts is ambushed by the Hawk Band after completing a task and kills many of its members. Griffith, the commander of the Band of the Falcon and its creator, takes on Guts. Griffith is the only one who can beat Guts.

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Guts is revived by the Band of the Hawks two days later. Griffith confronts Guts again. This time Guts agrees that he will join the Band of the Falcon even if it fails. Griffith admits Guts after he loses the fight.

Guts has three years to become a Band of the Hawk Commander. Griffith is the only other person who can defeat large numbers of enemies on the battlefield by Guts alone. Because of Griffith’s leadership and Guts’ strength, the Band of the Hawk dominates all fights. However, something sinister lurks in shadows and threatens Guts’ fate.


26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

The story centers around a group incarcerated prisoners who are sent to Tsushima island to help establish the first line defense against Japan’s Mongol invasion of 1274. The S clan is their first alliance, and later they join forces with the Toi Barai clan in order to fight the invaders who include mostly Goryeo and Mongolian armies.

Rurouni Kenshin

26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

Hitokiri Battousai, a well-known assassin during the Bakumatsu era lived. He was feared as a brutal killer and disappeared during the Japanese Revolution. Although ten years have passed, Battousai’s mere mention still terrorizes veterans.

Battousai, who was not known to them, has changed his name from Kenshin Himura to Kenshin Himura. He is a wandering swordsman with positive outlook and strong resolve. Kenshin vows to never again kill or protect the defenseless. Kaoru Kamiya is his friend at the kendo dojo. A fake Battousai threatens it. After Kenshin assists him, Kaoru allows him to stay at the dojo so that the ex-assassin temporarily stops traveling.

Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan tells Kenshin’s tale of helping those in need. The rehabilitated killer will be able keep his new values, even as new and old foes appear.

Blade of the Immortal

26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

Manji, also known as the “Hundred Man Killer”, is a well-known feudal Japanese swordsman. He is also immortal, which is even more frightening than his terrifying reputation. Yaobikuni, an eighty year-old nun, created bloodworms that could heal almost any injury in Manji.

Manji agrees to kill a million bad guys in an effort to make amends. Yaobikuni agrees to kill a thousand bad guys and promises to lift his curse if he succeeds. Manji meets Rin Asano (16-year-old girl) who asks Manji for help in killing her parents’ murderers.

Manji reluctantly refuses Rin’s passionate plea. Manji accepts Rin’s weakness and agrees that he will protect her for four more years. Both embark on a dangerous journey of destruction, revenge, redemption and death, each seeking their purpose in life.

Goblin Slayer

26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

Goblins are often ignored because of their low status. Goblins can roam the countryside, taking females from other species to breed, and adventurers often ignore them for more lucrative jobs with higher rewards.

A 15-year-old Priestess joins a group eager rookies to investigate the kidnapping of several local women by a goblin tribe. The gang, which is unprepared and not skilled, gets ambushed while exploring a cave. She accepts her fate, even though no one is available to save her. The Goblin Slayer saves her and destroys the entire nest of goblins.

She can accompany the Goblin Slayer on all goblin-related missions for Adventurer’s Guild. The armored fighter won’t rest until all goblins in frontier territories have been eliminated.

Brave 10

26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

Isanami is a teenage priestess from Izumo who witnesses a gang rob her temple and then massacre the inhabitants. She has no choice but to flee into the wilderness to avoid the exact same fate. She meets Saizou Kirigakure from the Iga School, who is a masterless ninja. They travel to Ueda Castle in order to get Yukimura Sanada’s assistance. Sanada reveals Isanami’s strange and destructive power, and she gladly accepts her help, rallying ten brave warriors on her side.

This is how Brave 10, an epic set in the Warring States period of history, begins. They follow Saizou, Isanami and their quest for heroic warriors to fly Yukimura’s flag. Each has their own set of incredible skills. They will have to travel far to find the right people to take over her evil power and make it theirs.

Spice and Wolf

26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

Holo, a fierce wolf god worshipped in Pasloe to bless the annual crop, is revered in Pasloe. The folk tale of Holo, “Wise Wolf from Yoitsu”, has been growing as the village becomes more self-sufficient. Holo is approached by Kraft Lawrence, a wandering merchant, and offers to be his partner if he takes Holoe to Yoitsu. Holo is a wise dealer who recognizes Holo’s ability to judge character and offers her his help. Lawrence is closer to his dream of owning his own shop. Lawrence is slowly realizing that his dreams are changing as he travels through the countryside with Holo, in search for work.

Ookami-to-Kushinryou is popularly known by the names Spice and Wolf. It is based upon the light novel of the same title. Ookami To Koushinryou depicts a journey of finding a lost identity in a changing environment.

Arslan Senki

26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

It was 320. Under King Andragoras, III, the Kingdom of Pars is at conflict with Lusitania. Arslan, the young prince, attempts to prove that he is brave on the battlefield for the first-time. The King is betrayed and Ecbatana is taken over by one his closest allies. Arslan must flee with his army and the Lusitanians following him. Arslan, accompanied by Daryun, embarks quickly on a search for allies.

The prince’s enemies aren’t limited to those living in his kingdom. Ecbatana is awaiting the military forces from other kingdoms. Arslan and his team are also at risk from Lusitania’s genius, an intriguing figure wearing a silver mask with a secret that could threaten Arslan’s right of succession.

Arslan must overcome all odds to be crowned King.

Yona of The Dawn

26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

Princess Yona lives in the serene Kingdom of Kouka. She has a comfortable and happy life. But, her life is now at risk due to the sudden death of her King and the betrayal by her cousin Su-won. The naive princess is forced to flee Kouka with Son Hak, her childhood friend and her bodyguard. Reclaiming the throne is impossible because of corruption, poverty, and war.

Akatsuki no Yona is a manga based on Mizuho Kosanagi’s famous manga. It follows Princess Yona as she navigates her harsh kingdom. Yona must follow a secret tradition in order to restore Kouka’s past glory while being pursued by the new King Kouka’s warriors.

91 Days

26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

Angelo Lagusa was born in Lawless where his family, the Vanetti mafia, brutally murdered his parents. He loses everything he holds dear and takes on the new identity of Avilio Brunt.

Seven years later, Avilio is sent a mysterious letter inviting him to Lawless. He meets Nero Vanetti’s son and attempts to make friends with him using the tactics he has learned over the years.

91 Days is set during Prohibition. It follows Avilio as he pursues vengeance and ends each man responsible for the murder of his family.

Samurai Champloo

26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

Fuu Kasumi, a young waitress and clumsy in her 20s, works calmly at a small teahouse. She accidentally spills a cup of tea on a customer. Fuu, fearing for her safety, calls upon Mugen, another samurai at the shop. He quickly defeats them using a chaotic combat style that resembles breakdancing. Mugen, who uses a more traditional and precise style of sword fighting, chooses to confront Jin. They end up destroying the shop and killing the son of the local magistrate.

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Two samurai are taken into custody and sentenced to their deaths. Fuu saves the two samurai and recruits them to her guards. The former waitress, who no longer has a place to call home, enlists help from the exonerated couple to locate a certain samurai that smells like sunflowers. They initially disapprove of the idea but eventually agree to help her find this strange warrior, if Fuu can stop Jin and Mugen from killing each others.

Samurai Champloo is an epic adventure packed with comedy, action, and stunning sword combat. It’s set to a unique hip hop-infused soundtrack. Samurai Champloo follows three eccentric people in an alternate Edo Period.

Space Brothers

26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

Mutta Nanba (right) and Hibito (left) witness a UFO heading toward the Moon on a fateful summer night in 2006. Both brothers are inspired by this remarkable event to become astronauts. Mutta for Mars and Hibito for Moon.

Mutta, now an adult, is working hard in the auto industry while Hibito is preparing to become the first Japanese man on the Moon. JAXA accepts Mutta’s candidacy to be a part of the next astronaut recruitment, if he loses his job. Mutta embarks on an adventurous trip to fulfill a 19-year-old promise, despite his doubts.

The Ancient Magus’s Bride

26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

Chise Hatori was a tall, unidentified man who paid PS5 million to buy her. She is a Japanese girl aged 15. She was open to selling herself to anyone who wanted a place to call her home. She hears men in robes moaning and discussing a rare “Sleigh Beggy customer” as she travels on her uncertain journey.

The strange man leads the girl into a study, unperturbed at the murmuring. After some teleportation magic and a brief confrontation, they awake in Elias’ beautiful English cottage. Chise’s story as the apprentice of an ancient magus and her putative bride starts with her arrival, where she is greeted by fairies or other strange beings.

Golden Kamuy

26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

Following the Russo–Japanese war, Saichi Sugimoto finds gold in Hokkaido’s early 1900s. “Sugimoto, the Immortal” needs money to fulfill a promise he made to his best friend before he was killed in battle: to help his widow, who has lost her sight overseas. Sugimoto is told by someone about a man who killed an Ainu tribe and seized a fortune in gold. Before being arrested, he concealed the gold in Hokkaido. He was able to escape with one of his cellmates and found the treasure. So he tattooed a map on their bodies.

Sugimoto dismisses this account until he discovers that the drunken man has a corpse with identical tattoos. Sugimoto is unable to gather his thoughts when a grizzly bear approaches him, the man’s murderer. Asirpa is a young Ainu girl who was killed by the Ainu. She saves him. The two of them agree to team up to find the hidden treasure, combining Asirpa’s hunting skills and Sugimoto’s survival instincts.


26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

It’s 1983. Humanity is at risk from the Cold War. Strange aliens known as “BETA” have invaded Earth to destroy all life. The alien invaders are being repelled by military pilots. However, the front line is moving back towards the cities that survived.

Schwarzesmarken is a brutal unit that puts mission satisfaction above human life. Its main focus is Second Lieutenant Theodor Eberbach, and the 666th TSF Squadron. The unit is based in East Germany and specializes in counterassault strike on laser-class BETA. Katia Waldheim, a young enthusiastic woman, joins the 666th Squadron to attract the attention of the Stasi, East Germany’s secret police.

Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin

26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

Casval Rem deikun’s life is disrupted by the death of his father, who was a prominent figure in the fight for civil rights for all humans living beyond the Earth’s surface. Casval Rem Deikun and Artesia, their sister, are helped by soldiers loyal to their father. The siblings are taken from their homes, separated and forced into a twisting fate that sees them become soldiers and adults.

Casval must deal with the development of a military version his father’s beliefs as well as his vindictive temperament. He is transformed by cosmic war into a legendary mobile suit pilot, years before he steals the name Char Aznable and the “Red Comet.” reputation.


26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

Daigo Kagemitsu is the selfish samurai who is losing his land. He will do anything to get power, even reject Buddha, and make a deal with demons. Twelve demons answer his prayers, giving him the authority he needs to help grow his prefecture. But at a price. Kagemitsu’s baby is his first. He has no limbs, eyes, nose, ears or skin.

The infant is abandoned and thrown into the river. He is saved by a doctor who provides him with prosthetics and weapons, which allow him to live independently. He grows up and survives, even though he is unable to see, hear or feel anything. However, he must defeat the demons who took him as a victim. He regains a part of himself after each death. He wanders alone for many years, until Dororo, an orphan boy, comes along and befriends him. The castaway couple must fight for humanity and their lives on a demon-infested, unforgiving planet.


26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

China’s Warring States period saw many kingdoms rise and fall, opening the door for another era in which kings and generals could compete for supremacy. Seven formidable states were created by the unending battle cycle.

Li Xin is a battle orphaned soldier in Qin’s Empire. He trains hard alongside his best friend Piao who shares his prideful goal of becoming a Great General to the Heavens. Piao is recruited by a retainer of King to work in the royal Palace, and the two must part ways.

Piao, half-dead after a bloody military coup, arrives at Xin with a mission: to visit China’s young King, Ying Zheng. As Xin enters the bloody pages of Chinese history, Kingdom follows him. As a Great General of Seven Warring States, he must make his own way to success.

Attack on Titan

26 Anime Like Vinlandsaga for Fans Of Violent Fantasy

People had to flee from the giant, concentric walls that made it difficult for them to escape from these humanoid titans of terror. These giants are so terrifying because of their apparent delight in eating human flesh. To ensure their survival, the survivors built defense walls. This resulted in a century of no titan encounters. The seemingly invincible outer wall is broken by a titan not long after, reviving the fight against man-eating monsters.

After a personal tragedy, Eren Yeager joined the Survey Corps, an elite military organisation that fights the ruthless humanoids beyond the walls. Shingeki no Kyojin, based on Hajime’s award-winning manga is about Eren, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert, as they fight against the titans.

You have it anime fans. This list includes 25 anime such as Vinland Saga. There are many other period war anime that we haven’t included. Please let us know if you find them and why they should be on the list. Vinland Saga is a must-see if you haven’t already. Thank you for reading!

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