30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

Most animated shows have shown epic battles and magic that are relatable to everyday life. Each show offers something different and exciting, with the settings and depictions varying from one work place to another. The magic can either be used in battle or in everyday life. This is what makes it unique. There are many animations that use magic, so make sure you explore the settings and options.

There are many anime characters that can magically manipulate the world. Some characters are able to manipulate reality, while others may have to follow a strict code of conduct in order to keep themselves from exploding.

Each series will only be considered once for this list. The list will not consider any series more than once. We won’t be considering any sequels, alternate adaptations, or similar. There are magic enchantments, spells and potions galore! This list will help you find your next favorite magic anime.

Kiki’s Delivery Service

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

A witch in training must live alone for one year at the age of thirteen before she can become a full-fledged witch. Kiki, her black cat Jiji and her broomstick take off into the open air, leaving behind her family and friends. Kiki struggles to adjust to Koriko’s coastal life and ends up sleeping on streets. Osono offers Kiki a place to stay, in return for her helping her to deliver bread to her bakery.

Kiki decides quickly to start her own broomstick courier company, which marks the beginning of her quest towards independence. Kiki discovers the true meaning and value of responsibility as she attempts to blend in with the locals, while also offering exciting new experiences for the community.

A Certain Magical Index

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

Toaru Majutsu no Index, an anime adaptation of Kazuma Kamachi’s 2004 light novel series is published by ASCII Media Works. J.C. Staff’s anime series was based on six light novels and aired from October 2008 to March 2009.

Academy City, Japan is a major scientific hub. This bizarre city is technologically advanced by more than 30 years. It also has more than three-quarters of its population who are espers at different institutions. Touma Kamijou is a high school student who has the lowest psychic rank of zero. He also has an uncanny ability called “Imagine Breaker” that allows him to negate supernatural abilities.

This is when Kamijou meets Index Librorum Prohibitorum. A young girl has memorized all the forbidden grimoires. He is being pursued by a dangerous organisation; his life is not changing in any way. Kamijou will do anything to keep his friend safe from the evil magicians who want to harm her.

Cardcaptor Sakura

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

Sakura Kinomoto, 10, was a typical fourth grader before she discovered a book with a deck cards. She has only a few seconds to figure out what the cards are before a magical wind blows them around. Sakura is told by the Beast of the Seal Keroberos (also known by Kero-chan), that she has released the mysterious Clow Cards by the sorcerer Clow. These Cards are not your typical toy. Clow sealed a book with the Cards inside, as they love to act on their own. The Cards have been released and threaten the world. Sakura must stop them before they do any damage!

Keroberos gives Sakura the task of finding and recapturing all the Cards. Sakura, the Cardcaptor must balance her secret duties with everyday life with her family and friends as she embarks on her magical adventures as Sakura Daidouji, the Cardcaptor.

Legendary Heroes: The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

Eyes called ” Alpha Stigma“, are capable of analysing all forms of magic. Cursed eyes are those that can only cause death and destruction to anyone who looks into them.

Ryner Lute was a skilled mage and Alpha Stigma bearer at Roland Empire’s Magician Academy. The Academy was well-known for its military training. Sion Astal is his best friend and he takes an oath to protect the nation’s peace and order after many of his classmates are killed during a war.

Sion, Roland’s King assigns Ryner the task to search for relics that can benefit the country. Ryner team up with Ferris Eris, a talented and beautiful swordswoman, to uncover the truth behind his cursed eyes. They set out together to search for relics of legendary heroes from the past.


30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

Youji Itami is an off-duty JSDF Officer and a dedicated otaku. He is traveling to a doujin convention at Ginza, Tokyo when a mysterious portal in the shape of a huge gate appears. From this gate, the supernatural and medieval warriors charge through the city, destroying and killing everything they come across. They are dressed in medieval armor. The JSDF is focusing on stopping the invasion. Youji saves as many lives as possible through quick decisions and quick actions.

Youji is part of a JSDF taskforce and has been assigned the task of leading a special recon group to the new world beyond the gate. They must make friends with locals as well as keep peace with the Empire. Failure will lead to a war that engulfs both sides, but the alternative is much worse.

Flying Witch

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

Witches believe that once a practitioner turns 15, they must be independent and leave their home to continue their education. Makoto Kowata, a young apprentice witch, leaves her home in Yokohama in order to learn and train in magic arts and sciences. Chito, her black cat companion, and she set out to visit Aomori. This is a magical place that witches love because it has a lot of natural beauty and magic. Makoto and his family settle into their new home with Kei Kuramoto, his sister Chinatsu and their second cousins.

Makoto is a normal high school student. However, her eccentric and wild interest in witchcraft makes her stand out from other students. Makoto’s quiet day is filled with eccentricities, including her encounter with an anthropomorphic dogs fortune teller and her training with Akane in strange magical.

The Saga Of Tanya the Evil

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

Tanya Degurechaff, a young soldier, is known as the ” Devil on the Rhine” due to her uncanny tactical ability and predatorial ruthlessness. She appears normal on the outside but is in fact the reincarnation a man who challenged God Being X to a game. He lost.

Tanya is determined to defy, and as her country plunges into war, she vows to rise up the ranks of military service. Only Being X will stop her from returning to the peaceful, happy life she used to live. The Empire is now one of the most powerful countries in human history, despite being an unintended result of her strategic thinking.

Iroduku: The World in Colors

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

Hitomi Tsukishiro is a monochrome world that lacks emotion and feeling despite the presence of kaleidoscopic magical. Hitomi’s grandmother Kohaku creates a spell to transport Hitomi back in time to 2018, when Kohaku was high school. It is a night that is as black and white like any other.

Although it is not clear what Hitomi is trying to accomplish, her grandmother assures her that she will find out once she arrives. Hitomi is taken back in time to Yuito Aoi’s room, where his drawings start to fill her world. It is a mystery as to why Hitomi is there, and why Yuito’s drawings bring so much life to an otherwise desolate area.

Log Horizon

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

Thirty thousand Japanese gamers are trapped in the world of Elder Tale’s most popular MMORPG. Shiroe is a shy college student who was initially taken aback but soon adapts to the new world as a seasoned player, eager to explore its boundaries.

Shiroe will need to adjust to the new world by leading others, and negotiating with Akihabara’s “natives”, in order to ensure its stability. Naotsugu is a long-lost friend who joins him. Akatsuki, a tiny but deadly assassin, claims Shiroe to be her master after she logs in for the first times in many years. This story is all fantasy, adventure and politics. It’s about a master strategist who attempts to make the most of a difficult situation.

That time I was reincarnated as a slime

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

Satoru Mikami, a thirty-seven-year-old corporate worker from Tokyo, is perfectly content with his monotonous life in spite of the fact that he has never been able to secure the attention of a girlfriend. An unknown attacker stabs him in the stomach after he has a chance encounter. As he is stabbed to death by an unknown assailant, the dying man cannot understand the strange commands being given to him.

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Satoru discovers that his past life has been replaced with a slimy goo living in an unknown world. He is able to eat anything and imitate its appearances and abilities. He finds the long-lost “Storm Dragon”, Veldora, while he is searching. Veldora was sealed away for 300 year after he destroyed a whole town. Satoru sympathizes and offers his friendship to help him remove the seal. Veldora grants him the divine title Rimuru Tempest to make amends and protects him.

Rimuru is now free from the chains of his past life and sets off on a new adventure, with a clear destination. His gooey antics, which send shockwaves across the globe, change the course of his fate as he adjusts to his new body.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica tells the story of hope, despair and friendship. It explores what it is like to be a magical, young girl and what it takes to realize a dream. Madoka Kaname, Sayaka Miki and Homura Akemi are two middle school students who find their lives turned upside-down when they meet Kyuubey. A magical friend that looks like a cat and Homura Akemi. Kyuubey, a magical familiar that looks like a cat, will transform them into a girl with extraordinary strength and superhuman abilities for the price of one wish. They can then finally live their dreams. Homura Akemi, the leader of the group, warns them not to accept the offer even though they are magical girls. He claims that everything is not as it seems.

Strike the Blood

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

Kojou Akatsuki, a high school student from Itogami Island’s Demon District, has lost his ordinary life after a chance encounter that gave him extraordinary vampire abilities. He is now the fourth primogenitor, an extremely powerful vampire most people believe to be myth.

The Lion King Organization is concerned about Kojou’s destructive power so they send Yukina Himeragi, an apprentice swordsman, to watch him and, if necessary to kill the boy they consider the most powerful vampire in all of the land. They both come to terms with their abilities as they struggle to protect the city against various chaotic forces that emerge, and the two find themselves in an unlikely alliance.

The Devil is a Part-Timer

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

His vast demon armies lead the Demon Lord Satan into Ente Isla to strike terror into the hearts and minds of the living. Satan’s plans of conquering the continent are foiled when he enters the dimensional portal and lands on the human world. Alsiel, his loyal general, is now stranded with him in Tokyo modern-day. He vows to return to Subdue Ente Isla when they find a way home.

Satan takes on the disguise of Sadao Maou to be able to survive in a world that lacks magic. He then gets a job at a McDonald’s. He becomes the ruler of the Earth with each satisfied customer.

Hataraku MaouSama is for you, no matter what your job title is. You will find the most mundane parts of your life hilarious.

Grimoire of Zero

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

Beast Fallen” is a cursed group of humans who have the appearance and strength to be an animal, in a world that has both humans and witches constantly at war. Because of their physical prowess, bestial nature, both humans and witches fear them. This has led to a large number o f beasts being turned into witch hunters, known as sellswords.

Despite the animosity between the races, Zero, a jovial witch, recruits a fallen beast named “Mercenary”, to be her bodyguard and protector. Albus, a young magician, helps him to find the Grimoire of Zero. This spellbook is so powerful it can be deadly if it’s not used properly. As they travel together, he learns about the character of each other and begins to feel compassion for both humans as well as witches.

Little Witch Academia

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

Little Witch Academia is set in a time of declining wizardry. It follows Akko and her friends through their journey to discover what it takes to be a true witch. Atsuko “Akko”, Kagari’s idol, Shiny Chariot, had said to her for years that her secret to success was having a believing heart. Akko decided to follow the advice of Shiny Chariot and become a witch who can make people smile. Akko decides to enroll at the Luna Nova Magical Academy even though she does not have any magical training.

Akko is full of anticipation when she finally leaves for her new school. The journey is not easy. After her difficult journey, her new friends are the shy Lotte Yansson (and Sucy Manbavaran), who is sarcastic and stoic. She is overjoyed to find the Shiny Rod and adopts it as hers. Akko’s experience at Luna Nova will prove to be much more challenging than she had anticipated. Akko’s rival is Diana Cavendish, a beautiful and talented woman who refuses to consider herself inferior. She relies on her determination to overcome her reckless behavior and ineptness in magic.

Re:Zero – Starting Life in another World

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

Subaru Natsuki doesn’t expect anything to happen when he leaves his convenience store. He is going to be taken from reality and thrust into another dimension. He is quickly attacked by some roughnecks, even though things don’t look good. Despite only having a bag of groceries and a useless cell phone, he is quickly beat to a pulp. Satella, a mysterious woman who is on the trail of the man who stole her insignia, saves Subaru. Subaru offers to help the kind and sincere girl, Satella, in her search for the missing object. Later that night, he finds it. Subaru and Satella are both brutally killed minutes after they discover the insignia. However, a darker force is following them.

Subaru is again confronted with the same criminal gang, and Satella runs into him. The mystery grows as history repeats itself inexplicably.

KonoSuba: God’s blessing on this Wonderful World

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

After dying a pathetic and laughable death while returning from buying a videogame, a high school student named Kazuma Satou wakes before Aqua, a beautiful, but annoying goddess. NEET has two options: he can go to heaven or he can reincarnate in the fantasy realm of every gamer’s dreams. Kazuma is faced with the impossible task of defeating a Demon King who has terrorized villages. Aqua is the item that the future hero selects to aid him in his quest. Thanks to Kazuma’s oversight, Aqua is completely useless.

The woes of these people are not over. It turns out, real life is quite different to what you see on games. Before embarking on an exciting adventure, both must earn enough money to cover their daily expenses. Their calamity is only beginning, actually!

Instructor at Akashic Records of Bastard Magic

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

Alzano Imperial Magic Academy, which is located in the Alzano Empire, is one of the most prestigious magic schools in the world. This facility is for young magicians. The Academy is home to Noble Sistine Fibel, her friend Rumia Tingel, and their hope to improve their magic abilities.

Their world is turned upside-down when their beloved teacher abruptly retires and is replaced with the mysterious Glenn Radars. His careless attitude towards life and magic, as well as ignorance, puts him at odds to the rest of his team. As evil forces within the Empire’s borders start to stir, Sistine, Rumia and Glenn are caught up in their plans.

It follows Sistine who is enchanted and captivated by the mysterious Sky Castle. Rumia is also troubled by her past. Glenn is another character. Rokudenashi Majutsu Kushi to Akashic Records Although they appear to be different, their fates are intertwined by a mysterious strand.

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

All over the globe, there are many labyrinths that hide priceless treasures. These mysterious locations are called “dungeons” and are believed to be the Magi, a rare group of magicians who help in building empires by leading people into dungeons. Djinns are mythical creatures that govern labyrinths and reward those who conquer them by giving them access their immense power and choosing them to be future king candidates.

Aladdin is a young magician who has a heart of gold and is eager to explore the world. Aladdin’s journey begins with Ugo, his djinn mentor, who he summons by playing his flute. Aladdin becomes friends with Alibaba Saluja after destroying the supply cart of a local merchant. Alibaba suggests they embark on an epic quest to make amends for past mistakes and determine the future of the world.

The Seven Deadly Sins

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

The Holy Knights of Britania, feared and revered in medieval Europe, used powerful magic to protect the realm of Britain. However, it is believed that a few Knights betrayed their country to turn their swords against their comrades in a bid to overthrow Liones the ruler. They were defeated by the Holy Knights, but there was rumour that the “Seven Deadly Sins”, legendary knights, were still alive. Ten years later, the Holy Knights staged a coup d’etat and became the oppressive rulers in Liones.

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Nanatsu no Taizai, a manga series based on the best-selling manga of the same title, follows Elizabeth, the third Princess of Liones. She aims to not only retake her kingdom from Holy Knights but also seek justice in an unfair universe with their help.

Trinity Seven

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

The “Breakdown Phenomenon” was the devastation and disappearance of Arata Kasuga’s village, which occurred one day after the bright red sun had stopped shining. However, all is not lost as Arata’s world can still be artificially rebuilt using the magical grimoire, which was gifted to him by Hijiri Kasuga, his childhood friend.

Lilith Asami appears before Arata to investigate the incident, but suddenly the artificial world he created collapses. Arata has two choices: he can either give up the book, or perish. Arata opts for Option 3, enrolling in Royal Biblia Academy, a secret magic school, where he will join six other magicians. Together with Lilith, these six students make up the Trinity Seven, an elite group of students.

Arata will do whatever it takes to save his hometown. He will also bring Hijiri, his best friend, back to his hometown with the help his newfound friends.

Black Clover

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

Asta and Yuno were both abandoned at the same time on the same day. They learned about the “Wizard Kings”, a title that was given to the strongest mage in the kingdom, as children and made a deal to compete for the position. As they grew up, the stark contrast between them became apparent. Yuno’s Asta is unable to use magic and Asta is desperate to learn how to do so through physical training. Yuno, at 15 years old, receives a fantastic Grimoire with a four-leaf clover. Asta gets nothing. A person called Lebuty attacked Yuno shortly thereafter with the intent of taking Yuno’s Grimoire.

Asta attempts to fight Lebuty but is clearly outclassed. He hears Yuno’s voice and finds the strength to carry on despite his despair, defeat imminent. Asta, in a fit of anger, releases a five-leaf clover Grimoire called a “Black Clover”, which gives him the strength to defeat Lebuty and win. They both return to their worlds a few days later with the same goal in mind: To become the Wizard King.

The Ancient Magus’s Bride

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

At an auction, a tall, dark-suited man bought Chise Hatori, a 15-year-old Japanese girl, for PS5million. She was ridiculed and neglected by her family as a child and she was ready to sell her self for a place to call her home. She can hear the whispers from robed men walking along her path, complaining about how such a buyer obtained a rare “Sleigh Beggy”. She is now in chains and heading for an unknown fate.

Instead of listening to whispers, the mysterious man takes the young lady to a study where Elias Ainsworth, a magus, reveals himself. The two are teleported to Elias’ cottage in the English countryside by using teleportation magic. Chise is the story of an apprentice and supposed bride to the ancient magus. She arrives at Elias’ cottage in the English countryside and is welcomed by fairies.

Fairy Tail

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

Fiore is a place where magic is an integral part. The many magic guilds are the heart of magic. They accept job applications and band together with other like-minded mages. Fairy Tail is a haven for spirit, strength and family. There are many fantasy realms. Lucy Heartfilia, a young mage, is on a quest for the keys to the celestial doors. She hopes to become a member of the prestigious wizarding guild with the same name. Happy and Natsu Dragneel are looking for Natsu’s foster dad, the dragon Igneel.

Lucy is kidnapped by a man and saved by Natsu. She is shocked by his admission and accepts his invitation for Fairy Tail. They introduce her to mysterious guild members such as Gray Fullbuster, an ice wizard, and Erza Scarlet, a magical swordswoman. Fairy Tail follows a family on their adventures through fairy tales as they battle evil, help others in need, and have fun.

Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

Bell Cranel, a young man who dreams of being the greatest explorer in the world, can’t find a dull moment at Orario’s fast-paced city. After a chance encounter with Hestia, one of his wildest dreams comes true. Bell embarks on his extraordinary quest with the support of Hestia in the “Dungeon”, a catacomb that is home to monster-filled creatures. In the shadows of this dark labyrinth lies a mysterious power, where death lurks around every corner.

It appears, even on the surface that just being alive is an honor that must earned. In a world where humans and gods co-exist, there is no guarantee. One thing is certain, however: The hero of this herculean tale, the fearless optimist, is set for a world full of triumphs and mishaps as well as new friendships.

Project of Raising Magic Girls

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

N-Magical City’s Girl Raising Project is a social role-playing game that allows girls to become magical girls. This fantasy is possible for a few players. Koyuki Himekawa, one of these girls receives a notification one night that she has been selected to be her avatar Snow White in-game.

As the city’s selected players start to help the needy, Koyuki gets another message. The administrators have decided that magic girls should be cut. For participating in magical girl activities, Magical Candies will be awarded. The person who accumulates the least number of these candies during the competition will lose all their abilities. The consequences of losing your abilities can be severed if the first participant to quit is killed in real life. As more contestants are eliminated, the girls realize that this “contest” is really just a desperate struggle for survival.

Blast of Tempest

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

Yoshino Takigawa, a normal teenager, secretly dates Mahiro, his younger sister. Mahiro disappears after his girlfriend Aika mysteriously passes away. He vows to find and take revenge on the person who killed his sister. Yoshino is just going about his day when a stranger approaches him and threatens him with an assault rifle. Mahiro is able to save the day thanks to his quick response.

Mahiro has hired Hakaze Kusaribe (a witch) to find the culprit for Aika’s death. Yoshino discovers that the “Tree of Exodus” exists. Despite imminent danger, the Witch’s brother is determined to use its power for his own gain. Yoshino, Mahiro, and Aika must save the world from Hakaze while uncovering the truth about Aika’s murder.


30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

The end is near for the popular virtual reality game Yggdrasil. Momonga, a powerful wizard who is also the master of Ainz Ooal Gown’s dark guild, chose to spend his last moments in the game as server shutdowns began. Momonga was surprised to discover that the non-player characters have developed their own personalities, despite the clock striking midnight.

Momonga orders his faithful servants to help him investigate and take control of the new world. This is to find out what caused it and whether there are other people in a similar situation.

Magic High School’s Irregular Students

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

Since the dawn of the 21st century, magic has evolved from folklore and fairy tales into an organized technology that can be taught as technical skill. Students are placed in First High School’s magic school according to their entrance exam scores. The First Course is for those who have achieved high scores. The Second Course is for those who have low scores.

This manga follows Tatsuya Shibas and Miyuki Shibas’ lives, who are both in the first grade. To start, Miyuki is assigned to the First Course and Tatsuya to the Second. He might not be a good magician, but that doesn’t make him an exceptional student. His technical knowledge, combat skills and unique magic techniques make him an outlier in a magical highschool.

Howl’s Moving Castle

30 Magic Anime That Are Full Of Sorcery and Enchantments.

The jumbled structure, even though it can move on its own is filled with hissing steam and creaking joints. According to some rumours, Howl, the wizard who lives at that castle is well-known in Sophie Hatter’s small town as a womanizer and for his magical prowess. Sophie, the modest daughter of a hatmaker has little hope for her future. She is happy to work in the shop until she finds something better.

Sophie’s life becomes chaotic when she finds herself in a dangerous situation. The enigmatic wizard saves her. Despite the fact that they only met briefly, the vain, vengeful Witch from the Waste, furious at a past dispute with Howl curses Sophie and makes her an old woman.

Sophie’s kingdom is under threat from a war. She must travel with Howl and other oddballs to save it.

We’re at the end of this list so it’s time for us to ask you a question. What is your favorite magic anime and why? We’d love to hear about any other magic anime that we haven’t included in this article. We would love to hear your thoughts about what makes someone the greatest magician. If they aren’t on this site, they must be special. Please leave a comment below with your thoughts and, as always, thank you for reading!

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