33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

A good anime can make you feel happy. It’s the kind that helps you forget about all your problems and allows you to escape into another dimension for a while. We have the perfect list of heartwarming anime. We’ve compiled the best anime that makes you feel good, from classics to sports anime, to adventure anime to contemporary hits. Put on your favorite cosplay, and enjoy the company of anime fans. Get comfortable with the anime community, and you’ll feel great! The good stuff, not the bad.

My Love Story

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Takeo Gouda, with his strong frame and tall stature is no typical high school freshman. But beneath his intimidating exterior is a heart of gold. The boys consider him a hero because of his courage and gallantry. These qualities do not bode well in his romance life. Takeo’s close friend Makoto Sunakawa, his frequent companion and coolest friend, easily seduces the hearts of all the girls. This includes every girl Takeo has ever loved.

Takeo protects Rinko Yamato, an innocent and adorable child, from being molested. He instantly falls in love with Yamato but is concerned that Sunakawa might be interested. Takeo feels more for Yamato than he does for himself, and decides to be her cupid, despite his desire for a love story.

Nodame Cantabile

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Shinichi Chiaki, a talented musician, aspires to be one of Europe’s best. He is from a distinguished family and is known for being a perfectionist. Not only is he hard on himself but also on others. Shinichi’s biggest obstacle to travelling to Europe is his fear of flying. He is currently stuck in Japan as a result.

Shinichi meets Megumi noda in his fourth year at Japan’s top music academy. She appears to be a rebellious young woman with no direction in her life. Shinichi is amazed by Megumi’s beautiful piano playing when he first hears her. Shinichi is shocked to discover that Megumi is his neighbor. Worse, she falls in love with him.


33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Seishuu is a gifted calligrapher, who is handsome, brilliant and a narcissist. Seishuu suffers severe consequences when a veteran refers to his award-winning piece of calligraphy as “unoriginal”.

Seishuu’s father exiles him from Tokyo to help him self-reflect and to punish him. Seishuu now has to find new inspiration and create his own creative style in rural settings. That is, if the rowdy toddlers, fujoshi middle schoolers and lively old men didn’t stop crashing into his home. Seishuu just wants to get ink done. But the islands are far more chaotic than he imagined. His eccentric neighbors, who can’t keep their heads straight, help the arrogant calligrapher to learn far more than he ever imagined.

Silver Spoon

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Yuugo Hachiken, a hardworking worker, is frustrated by trying to live up the standards that he cannot. To escape the tension from his parents, he enrolls in Ooezo Agricultural School, a boarding high school in the Hokkaido country, for the start of a new academic term.

Hachiken initially believes he will do well at the institution. However, he quickly discovers that his classmates are talented and have been raised on farms. They know all about agriculture, crop and livestock physiology. Hachiken doesn’t know much about farming, whether it is hard labor at 5 a.m. or caring for farm animals.

Gin no Saji is a hilarious story about a young student trying to adapt into a new environment and meeting a wide range of people. Hachiken hopes to discover his dreams and live the life he wants.

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Sunako Nakahara is a shut-in who has a hatred for beauty after her crush disowned her appearance. She embraces all things dark and occult related. To her dismay, she has been assigned to live with her aunt, who will also have four handsome young men her age. Her feisty aunt made a deal with the boys to make Sunako a decent woman after she returns from her trip around the globe. She will live there rent-free.

Sunako’s chaotic lifestyle begins with the rude Kyohei Takano. The Ranmaru Morii is the ladies’ man. Takenaga Oda is the calm Takenaga Oda and Yukinojo Toyama the friendly. They are less annoying to her when she gets to know them. She may not be as outcast as she thought.

Ah, My Goddess

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Keiichi Morisato accidentally summons Goddess Belldandy in a universe where people can make their wishes come true through the Goddess Help Hotline. He jokes that she should be with him for ever. Unfortunately for him, his wish is granted.

Keiichi suddenly finds himself living with this beautiful woman all by himself, prompting him out of the dormitory for men where he had been previously. After finding accommodation in a Buddhist temple, Keiichi’s and Belldandy’s relationship blossoms quickly. Although they may be hesitant at first, the unexpected romance that awaits them could surprise them both.

Mob Psycho 100

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Eight-grader Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama has already tapped into his natural psychic ability at an early age. As he begins to see the dangers inherent in his abilities, his strength quickly becomes a burden. Mob uses his gift to impress his long-standing crush, Tsubomi. He quickly gets tired of the same tricks.

Mob joins Arataka Reigen as a scam artist who claims to be a psychic and exploits his gifts to make pocket money. Mob now makes it a daily routine to exorcise bad spirits. But, his psychic energy is only a small part of his iceberg. If his unbridled emotions and enormous potential go wild, it will be a cataclysmic incident that will make him completely unrecognizable. Mob’s explosive momentum is growing, and it is impossible to stop it.

A Place More Than The Universe

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Mari Tamaki has always had a strong sense of wonder about the world and a desire to see what lies beyond our limits. Although she had high goals in her heart, her fears of the unknown and anxiety over her limitations have always held her back. Mari, who is just entering her second year in high school, is determined not to waste any time. Mari isn’t afraid to make a bold move until she meets someone with big dreams.

After her mother’s disappearance, Shirase Kobuchizawa worked hard to pay for her Antarctica trip. Despite the widespread ridicule and doubt, Shirase is determined to go on this trip to locate her mother in an area greater than the cosmos. Mari is inspired by Shirase’s determination and jumps at the opportunity to go along with her. Their efforts soon attract the attention of Hinata Miyake (an exuberant girl who wants to stand out) and Yuzuki Shiraishi (a polite girl from wealthy families). They set sail together to the freezing south.

The story of four strong-willed women on the quest for something extraordinary is told in A Place Further Than The Universe

Your Lie In April

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Music is the soundtrack to the life of Kousei Arima (human metronome), a brilliant musician. Kousei’s mother Saki Arima dies, and he is unable to hear his piano.

Kousei, who still avoids the piano two years later, has left behind his friends and enemies and now lives a dull existence with Tsubaki Sawabe, Ryouta Watari, and his other buddies Ryouta Watari. When he meets Kaori Myazono (a beautiful violinist), everything changes.

Your Lie In April is based on the manga series. It tells the story of Kousei’s journey to recovery. He realizes that music goes beyond just playing the notes correctly. A single tune can bring him the spring air of April.

Interviews with Monster Girls

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Tetsuo Takahashi is a high school biology teacher. But beneath his calm exterior lies something more: his obsession with the “Ajin,” also known as “Demi.” Takahashi believes that little about these creatures will be discovered unless he meets them in person.

Interviews with Monster Girls reveals Takahashi’s day at Shibasaki High School, along with his three Demi students, Hikari Takanashi (active vampire), Kyouko Machi (gentle dullahan), and Yuki Kusakabe (bashful snowwoman). Along the way, Takahashi meets fellow teacher Sakie Satou. He is a succubus who has an aversion towards men. Takahashi conducts informal interviews with female students to learn more about their psychology, skills, and relationships with society. This is in pursuit of his goal to understand more about the Demi. As he develops his relationship with his students, Takahashi realizes that the Demi may not be as bizarre as he thought.

Hataraku Maosama (The Devil Is a Part Timer).

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

The Demon Lord Satan, armed with his huge demon legions begins to conquer Ente Isla. This causes fear in the hearts of all mortals. Satan’s heinous quest to conquer the continent is thwarted when Emilia stops him. This forces Satan to flee through a dimension portal and land in the human realm. The demon, along with Alsiel, his loyal general, is now stranded in Tokyo today and promises to return to Ente Isla and complete his dominion.

Satan, in a world without magic, disguises himself as Sadao Mauou and starts working at MgRonald’s fast-food restaurant to make ends meet. Soon he realizes that controlling Ente isla is not enough and decides to climb the corporate ladder in order to become Earth’s ruler. One happy customer at a.

Hataraku Maou–Sama! This comical comedy takes a humorous look at everyday life through the eyes of a demon ruler.

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Gakuen Babysitters (School Babysitters)

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Ryuichi Kashima is a teenager who lost both his parents in an airplane accident. He must now adjust to his new role as guardian for his younger brother Kotarou. Ryuuichi is warm and friendly, but Kotarou is a shy toddler still learning the gravity of the situation. Youko Morinomiya is the strict chairperson at an extraordinary academy and contacts them during their parents’ funeral. She decides to take care of them.

Ryuuichi must be a babysitter for the school in return for a roof over the heads and school enrollment. A babysitter club was established to take care of the infants in order to assist the academy’s female teachers. The club is severely understaffed so Ryuichi now has to look after his younger brother and a few toddlers with vibrant personalities.

Ouran High School Host club

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Haruhi Fujioka, a bright scholarship candidate without any rank or title, is an uncommon species at Ouran Academy. This elite institution for kids has impeccable credentials. Haruhi accidentally stumbles upon the Host Club after she opens the Music Room # 3 door in search of a quiet place to study. The club is run by Tamaki Suou, a princely boy who spends too much time entertaining the girls at the academy. The “Shadow King”, Kyouya Ootori, the mischievous Hitachiin twins Kaoru, Hikaru, and the childlike Mitsukuni Hansinozuka, also known by “Honey,” are other members.

Haruhi, in a desperate effort to escape her hosts, breaks a vase that is worth eight million yen. She is then forced to work as the group’s general errandboy to pay off her huge debt. She quickly rises to full-time male host because of her masculine appearance, natural kindness toward women, and fascinating commoner status. Haruhi soon finds herself in a frenzy of lavish cosplays and delicious food, which only the elite Host Club can manage.


33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

One of the many things that comes with a new high-school year is joining a club. Yui Hirasawa is undecided on which club she should join. She finds the Light Music Club and applies. She visits to say sorry and to quit as she cannot play an instrument.

The Light Music Club is in danger of being disbanded due to a lack of members. Club members offer Yui everything, including meals and slacking during club time in an effort to convince her to join. Yui refuses leave despite their efforts. She lacks musical experience. As a last resort, they play a piece for Yui. This ignites her passion and eventually convinces her to join the club.

Then it’s all about practicing bits and pieces. The Light Music Club members are happy to spend time together.


33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Shouyou Hinata is a young, petite-statured volleyball player who was inspired by seeing “Little Giant,” a former volleyball player. He decided to revive the volleyball club at his middle schools. Their team makes it to the tournament, but their first match is destroyed by Tobio Kageyama (the “King of Court”), which is also their last. After finishing middle school, Hinata joins Karasuno High School’s volleyball team. He soon discovers that Kageyama is now his teammate.

Hinata’s small stature makes it difficult for him to jump well. Surprisingly Kageyama has his own problems that only Hinata can fix. Learning to work together seems to be the only way to make the team succeed. Haikyuu! This sports comedy is thrilling and dramatic, based on Haruichi furudate’s classic Shounen manga. The story follows two passionate players as they attempt to end a bitter rivalry to make their high school volleyball teams the best in Japan.

Yuri!!! On Ice

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Yuurikatsuki was Japan’s best-known figure skater. After a devastating defeat at the Grand Prix Finale, he returns to his family to think about his future. Yuuri’s potential for greatness in skateboarding is diminishing quickly at 23. His love of pork cutlets, and tendency to gain weight, are also contributing factors.

Yuuri, on the other hand is in the limelight after Yuuri’s viral video of Victor Nikiforov performing a dance he had previously performed goes viral. Victor actually shows up at Yuuri’s house and offers to tutor him. Yuuri is thrilled to accept the offer as one of his biggest supporters, and he sets off on his journey to reclaim his spot on the international stage. The battle is hard, however, as Russia’s rising star, Yuri Plisetsky is determined to defeat Yuuri and regain Victor’s tutelage.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Kamina and Simon grew up in an underground, secluded community buried under the famous surface. Kamina is a confident, outgoing young woman who is determined to make a name. Simon is timid and has no ambitions. Simon finds a strange thing one day while digging in the dirt. It turns out that it is the activation key for an ancient artifact used in warfare. The team calls this Lagann. Simon and Kamina use the new weapon to repel a surprise assault from the surface. They are assisted by Yoko Littner (a hot-blooded redhead who wanders the globe above), and Kamina.

In the aftermath of war, the sky is visible now. Simon and Kamina embark on a trek to explore the surface wastelands with Yoko. Soon after they are joined the fight against the “Beastmen”, humanoid beings that torture survivors in powerful robots called “Gunmen” to ravage the surface. They also discover a secret of a galaxy-sized magnitude.

Spice and Wolf

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Holo, a fierce wolf god who is revered in Pasloe to bless the annual crop, is revered and worshiped. As time passes, Holo, also known by the “Wise Wolf Yoitsu,” becomes a folk legend. Holo offers to be Kraft Lawrence’s business partner in return for her taking him to Yoitsu, a northern Yoitsu home. Holo accepts Kraft Lawrence’s offer. Holo is a skilled trader who notices Holo’s remarkable ability to judge a person’s character. He accepts her offer. Now that Lawrence has both business skills and a persuasive negotiator, he is closer to his dream of opening his own shop. As Lawrence travels through the countryside in search of economic opportunities, he notices that his ambitions are slowly changing.

Ookami To Koushinryou (also known as Spice and Wolf) is a rewrite of the popular light novel. It combines the two polar genres economics and romance to create a compelling story with clever plots, smart dialogue, and biting humor. Ookami To Koushinryou goes beyond a simple bartering story. It is a journey to reclaim a lost identity in a constantly changing environment.

Yakitate Japan

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Japan is not able to compete with France, England, Germany for world-famous bread.

Kazuma Azuma embarks on a journey in making Japan’s unique national bread. He has been baking since he was a child and discovered the joys associated with breadmaking early on. Azuma’s unusually warm hands allow the dough to ferment more quickly, which allows him to take his baking innovations to the next level.

Azuma begins his work at Pantasia, a prominent Japanese bakery. He meets great bakers and learns firsthand about the competitive baking environment. Azuma, with his newfound enemies and friends, tries to create unsurpassed bread that will ignite a revolution in baking.

Fruits Basket

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Tooru, a 16 year-old girl, moves in with her grandfather to live with her after her mother is killed in an automobile accident. However, her grandfather is remodeling his house so she can’t stay with him. Tooru pretends she will find someone to live with her, but fearful of her family’s judgement and not wanting any trouble from her friends, so she hides in a tent in a wooded area.

She returns from work one night to find her tent submerged in a landslide. Yuki Souma (her school’s “prince”) and Shigure Souma (a famous author), discover Tooru in a predicament and invite her stay with them until the home repairs of her grandfather are complete.

Tooru discovers the secret of the Souma mansion when he visits it. When a Souma is held close to someone of the opposite gender, they temporarily transform into one the Zodiac animals. This bizarre phenomenon is not funny. It is a terrible curse with a tragic history. Tooru’s resilient and kind nature will be enough to help her prepare for the Souma household’s secrets as she continues her journey, meeting other members of her zodiac family.

Assassination Classroom

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

The students of Kunugigaoka middle school’s Class 3-E face a daunting task when a mysterious entity makes the moon a perpetual crescent. They must then kill the creature responsible for the calamity. The creature, Koro-sensei is able to fly at Mach 20 and he will readily show it to anyone who attempts to stop him. The misfits of 3-E soon discover that the strange, tentacled beast can fly at speeds up to Mach 20, which he readily exhibits, leaving no attempt to restrain him in his otherworldly dust.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu is a manga adaptation of Yuusei Matsui’s comical blockbuster manga. It follows the story of four students in junior high as they develop their assassination skills and mature to face the harsh school system, life challenges, and eventually Koro-sensei.

Sket Dance

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Kaimei High School’s SKET Brigade is an elite group that assists others. Kazuyoshi “Switch” Usui is the group’s brain. He communicates using speech synthesizer software and Hime “Himeko” Onizuka (a hockey stick-wielding woman formerly known as Onihime) provides the muscle. Their leader Yuusuke Fujisaki (Bossun) Fujisaki is the last but not least. His goggles activate an inexplicable ability that allows him summon the incredible power of extreme focus.

Most students know them simply as the club that does odd jobs. They spend a lot of time lounging around in the clubroom. But when they have to do something, they put their best effort to help others. Often, this is done in an honest, but not intentionally amusing, way. SKET Brigade provides support, love and encouragement to students who are crazy enough to need it.

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Shokugeki no Souma (Food Wars)

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Souma Yukihira (15) has been working as a sous-chef in his father’s restaurant, which he has owned since he was a kid. Souma discovered a passion for entertaining his customers through his innovative, skilled, and daring culinary creations throughout the years. One day, Souma hopes to be the owner and chief chef at his family’s restaurant.

His father decides to close his restaurant to try his skills in cooking in restaurants around the globe. Souma is sent to Tootsuki Culinary Academy to learn how to cook. Only 10% of the students go on to graduate from this prestigious school. It is known for its “Shokugeki,” which are high-stakes cooking contests in which students compete.

Souma and his classmates struggle to survive Tootsuki’s aggressive lifestyle. He faces more challenges than he anticipated, which puts his years of study under his father to the test.

My Hero Academia

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Quirks are new superpowers that have been discovered over time. Currently, 80 percent of people can manipulate elements and shapeshift. This makes the rest of the planet powerless. Izuku Midoriya, for example, is an example.

As a young middle schooler, Izuku has always wished to be a hero. Izuku is a tragic victim of his unfortunate fate. He admires heroes and takes notes whenever he can. His perseverance paid off. Izuku met All Might, his favorite hero. All Might’s quirk, which is unique and can be inherited by anyone, has made Izuku his heir.

After months of hard training, Izuku is accepted at UA High. This prestigious high school is known for its hero education program and the promising freshmen this year. Izuku will soon discover the true meaning of being a hero thanks to his talented classmates and the threat of an evil organization.

How heavy are the dumbbells you lift?

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Hibiki Sakura (a high schooler who loves to eat after school) is confronted by Ayaka Uehara, her close friend, about her growing weight. After failing to exercise alone, Hibiki decides that she will join the newly opened Silverman Gym. Hibiki meets Akemi Souryuuin, president of the student council and beauty school at her orientation.

Hibiki soon realizes that she is in for much more than she expected. Silverman Gym is filled with top-notch bodybuilders and athletes. Akemi also turns out to be an avid muscle fetishist. Hibiki leaves, disillusioned at the scene unfolding before her eyes. Trainer Naruzou Machio intercepts Hibiki and takes her place. Hibiki is captivated by her new Prince Charming and joins a gym. Hibiki must now adjust to her new lifestyle as a result of her sudden decision.

Flying Witch

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

According to witches’ custom, a practitioner must be self-sufficient by the time she reaches 15 years old in order to learn magic. Makoto Kowata, an apprentice witch, leaves her home in Yokohama to seek out training and information. With her friend Chito, a black cat she knows, she travels to Aomori. This is a region that witches love due to its richness in magic and nature. Makoto’s second cousins Kei Kuramoto and his younger sister Chinatsu, are their companions as they begin their new lives.

Makoto may appear to be a normal adolescent but her quirky and whimsical connection with witchcraft makes her stand out from other teenagers her age. Makoto’s calm everyday life is filled with the oddities of witchcraft. She enjoys her time with friends and her experiences with anthropomorphic dogs fortune tellers to the bizarre magic instructions she gets from her older sister Akane.

By the Grace of Gods

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Ryouma Takebayashi, a young boy, lives in the wilderness far from any human contact. Ryouma Takebayashi has an odd interest in keeping slimes as pets. He is a strong, healthy young man with a great affinity for magic. Ryouma was given a second chance by three gods to enjoy the wonders and beauty of life after suffering through a lot in his past life.

After three years of peaceful seclusion, Ryouma meets people who will change his life forever. He meets other soldiers and helps them tend to an injured comrade. The group convinces him to join the ducal family in the nearby town. Ryouma agrees to go out and explore the vast world beyond his village.

March comes in like a Lion

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Rei Kiriyama is one of few elites in shogi. He achieved professional rank in middle-school. He is under great pressure from his adoptive parents and the shogi community. In search of freedom from his family’s difficult life, he moves into a Tokyo apartment. Rei is a 17-year old who lives alone and isolates himself from his peers in school and at the shogi hall.

Rei meets Hinata, Akari, and Momo Kawamoto. They are three sisters who live with their grandfather who has a traditional wagashi shop, just a few months after he arrived in Tokyo. Akari, the eldest of three girls, is eager to offer motherly hospitality to help offset Rei’s loneliness and unsustainable lifestyle. Rei has been struggling with traumas from his past and the Kawamoto sisters offer a special family relationship. Rei must learn to communicate with others, and to understand his own complex feelings in order to survive his shogi career.

Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Chiyo Sakura, a cheerful high school girl, falls in love with Umetarou Nozaki. Chiyo presents Nozaki an autograph when she declares her love for her. It turns out that the shy teen is actually a well-known mangaka in shoujo, Sakiko Yumeno. A series of misunderstandings lead Chiyo to become Nozaki’s manga assistant.

She makes new friends with many of her quirky classmates during the hilarious events that follow. Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun follows Chiyo while she assists Nozaki with his manga. She hopes that he will one day notice her affections.

Non Non Biyori

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Asahigaoka may seem like a typical, boring place. However, the village’s five students of varying ages make it a vibrant, colorful place. Renge Miyauchi is the youngest student. She brings raw wit and curiosity to the class and her signature catchphrase, Nyanpasu! The Koshigaya brothers are Suguru and Suguru, the quiet ninth graders and eldest brothers, as well as Natsumi and Komari, the tiny eighth-graders. Hotaru Ichijou is a fifth-grader from Tokyo who appears overdeveloped for her age but maintains an air of maturity.

Non Non Biyori is a manga based on Atto’s manga. It depicts the daily life of this group of friends, as they have their own fun and frolic while trying to deal with the realities of rural living.

The saint’s magic power is omnipotent

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Salutania’s residents have been covered in a veil of miasma since ancient times. This power summons monsters and causes destruction across the globe. The Grand Magus summons a holy maiden, the mythical “Saint”, to annihilate these monsters and restore peace when the Order of Knights of this kingdom is unable.

Sei Takanashi returns home from work one evening and is taken into another world by a mysterious power. She discovers that Salutania’s Grand Magus has mistakenly named two Saints-Sei as well as a brown-haired little girl. The prince requires only one holy maiden. He declares the other girl the Saint and leaves Sei to her fate.

Sei is determined to visit the Medicinal Flower Research Institute, a famous facility for research on potions and plants. While she was pursuing her passion, Sei met the Third Order of Knights commander. She doesn’t realize how her abilities as a Saint could have an impact on her life.

Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Yui “Cherry”, Sakura’s haiku are his best way to express himself, even though no one is paying attention. While preparing for his August move, he spent the summer at a part-time care facility.

While preparing for his August move, he spent the summer at a part-time care facility. Yuki “Smile,” Hoshino, a rising Internet star, is trying to make everyone smile. Because she is worried about her braces bulging in her front teeth, she conceals her smile by wearing a temporary mask.

Cherry and Smile meet accidentally, and soon Smile is working part-time at the same facility. Soon, they help Fujiyama, an older man, find an old vinyl record. As he cannot recall where it was, he wants to listen to the record again. Cherry and Smile have only the record sleeve, and the phrase “yamazakura”, as clues. So their summer hunt begins in the hazy heat.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

33 Best Feel Good Anime that Will Brighten Your Day

Kobayashi is getting ready to leave for work when she sees a terrifying sight: a headless dragon staring at her from the balcony. Instantly, the dragon transforms into a adorable young girl dressed in a maid uniform. She introduces herself to Kobayashi as Tooru.

After having encountered the dragon on a drunken expedition into the mountains the night before, the stoic programer promised to give the mythological creature shelter in her home. Tooru jumped at the chance and was eager to repay her savior’s kindness by serving as her maidservant. Kobayashi, although remorseful for her comments and unwillingly to keep her vows, is persuaded by Tooru’s incredible dragon talents to accept the girl into her care.

Although she is a skilled maid, her unconventional housekeeping methods often make Kobayashi more trouble than help. The circumstances surrounding Tooru’s arrival on Earth are more complicated than they seem, as Tooru has some unpleasant memories and deep emotions. Tooru’s presence brings a host of supernatural creatures to her home, including some wildly eccentric characters. Despite all her efforts to cope with her bizarre situation, she is not prepared for her new life as a dragon maid.

Here it is, anime fans. 32 anime that will warm your heart and soul. Given the current global climate, some of these anime are great for beginners. Were you missing your favorite anime that makes you feel good? Which is your favourite? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments. We hope that you are feeling good.

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