35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

There are many characters in anime, from the cute and moe to the scary and dark. Many anime fans love the dark, scary, and sometimes downright frightening characters they see on their favorite shows. Some characters are adorable and fun to be around, but others can cause nightmares. These 35 characters are some of the most terrifying ever created by the anime industry.

Enjoy! Afuro – Afro Samurai

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

Although it’s not scary or spooky, I wouldn’t mind running into the dark anime character at night on a hillside.

Afro, the ex-Number Two, is currently on a quest for the man who killed his father in order to be “Number One.” Afro uses both his right and left hands to wield his sword, but Jinno used both to compensate. Because he is “Number Two,” his life is very private. He doesn’t speak much when approached.

Afro is a cold-blooded man, but he likes lemonade.

Dina Fritz, Smiling Titan – Attack on Titan

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

While most of the characters in this anime series are frightening, this one is very creepy.

Dina’s Pure Titan, like most Pure Titans, was tall and looked like a man. The most distinctive feature of the Pure Titan was its unique smile. Its lips were open wide, showing her teeth and gums at all times. Dina’s Pure Titan was a slim, thin, and emaciated animal with a long neck, visible ribs, and stocky proportions. It had medium-length, lightly coloured hair that reached the back of its neck, and small, sunken grey eyes.

Kaoru Hanayama – Baki

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

It’s not his scars; Kenshin does have facial scars but he’s charming. Hanayama’s most frightening feature is his glasses. Yes, the glasses.

Kaoru is an athletic, big-built kid for his age. His face is scarred and his hair is black. Kaoru has a back tattoo called “Standing Man” to remember the man who saved their ancestor.

Kaoru almost always wears his white suit and glasses, even when he is not fighting. The tie is now purple (later, white). Hanayama erupted after a few gunshots hit his lips. This left two severe wounds to his face and exposed part of his jaw muscles. Although he won the battle, he spent the rest of the series hidden behind a mask. In five years, his appearance has not changed much.

Bunny Beast – Blood C

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

These adorable little creatures are playful and love to run and jump. Don’t judge a book based on its cover.

They are tall with white skin. Their eyes look like they are made of gold. Their ears are bunny, they have short tails and long claws. They can also change the shape of their limbs to make bags or meat processors. They can be cut in half, or as you choose.

Bunny Elder Bairn is obsessed about tormenting, killing and destroying humans using its limbs. They transform their limbs (in the example of arms) into propelled razors or bludgeons, turn their fingers into sharp points and convert their joints and shoulders into bags that trap their human victims as they tear them apart in bloody, gory smoothies.

Ophelia – Claymore

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

If there was no one else, I would brave the land to go against youma or awakened ones. But Ophelia is an entirely new bag of nope!

Ophelia has a pale, silvery blonde hairstyle that she braids in a long, tight bun. The widow’s peak defines her hairline. As do most Claymores, she has silver eyes and wears the Claymore standard outfit. Ophelia is a thin woman with green hair and light grey skin. Her back is covered in blades, as are the tips of her hair. Her long arms are capped by vicious claws. A beautiful turquoise serpentine tail dominates her bottom body.

Sachiko Shinozaki – Corpse Party

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

A fair skinned girl with jet-black hair and a red gown that would attempt to pull us from a tight spot with a pair if sheers is another way to describe it!

Sachiko is a young, petite lady with long, black hair and full-length bangs. Her crimson-coloured clothes and grey skin show terrible rope burns. When she’s happy, her clothes and skin will change. A crimson hairpin holds her bangs back, showing off her dark eyes and defined facial features.

Sachiko, after her death, became the evil tyrant of Heavenly host, killing innocent victims and enslaving them. Sachiko, particularly in Corpse Party Book of Shadows, has demonstrated that she loves to play with her victims. She claims to be their friend or lets them go to die later.

The Millennium Earl – D. Gray Man

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

You wouldn’t want your grandma to trick you and turn you into a demon, I betcha.

He summons up Demons from the minds of the dead (Akuma). He is a long-gone wizard intent on devastating the planet. He was once an alligator to the Noah Clan and called himself “Duke Millennium”. (Except Roadgray who calls him Millenie).

It is hard to miss the Earl’s Victorian-style Victorian caricature. He wears a cape and top, and has a huge grin that doesn’t stop even when he speaks or eats. His eyes are hidden behind pincenez glasses. Practically every sentence in the manga ends with a heart. He’s always kind in anime. In the story, he has two personalities. His first personality is his friendly, happy, and pleasant demeanor. He is a close family member of Noah and loves Road. He also has a cruel side, and enjoys playing with other people’s lives.

Monokuma- Danganronpa The Animation

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

This is not a cute talking Teddy Bear. It’s not!

Monokuma refers to a bear with its entire body and face divided by the center. It’s similar to the Yin-Yang sign, which shows a balance between extremes. It has a left and right side that are white, with the classic teddy bear expression. Its left side, however, is darker and more sinister. It is dark, has a wicked smile, and also has a horizontal, jagged, red eye that mimics Hope’s Peak Academy. Monokuma is described as friendly and easygoing on the surface, but has a darker undercurrent. He is a shrewd character who often reveals his evil nature early on by talking about murder games and his passion for sorrow. He is well-known for his ability to say and do whatever he pleases. He loves hysteria and violence, which he sums up in his catchphrase, “thrills chills kills!”

Shiro – Deadman Wonderland

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

Shiro is not scary to look at but she’s a rotten eggs deep down.

Shiro’s appearance is very similar to the Wretched Eggs. However, she seems to always have a hooded and lethargic look in her eyes as well as a horrifyingly murderous smile.

Her eyes and nose were covered with a scarlet-colored, worn-out cape. As the Red Man, she wore a heavy armor suit that protected her arms, legs and body. This outfit makes her look like Aceman (a superhero Shiro loved) and the “Wretched Egg”.

The Wretched Egg changes her appearance eventually. The Wretched Egg now has a light purple bodysuit and long sleeves that have been ripped at the ends. A small chain is attached to her metal collar.

Enmu – Demon Slayer

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

His blue-colored eyes were ringed with a kanji representing “Lower One”, and the left eye had the kanji for “Lower One”, etched into its iris. A horizontal slit was on his right to allow for a pupil. Three square-shaped markings marked the cheekbones of Ses were split by a smaller square. They ranged in color from yellow to green. His straight, dark-black hair was trimmed to the chin and tucked behind his ears. His hair is reddish-orange near his ends, but blue at the tips of two longer shoulder-length strands. These strands curve upward and back from underneath his hair.

Enmu was a savage and he enjoyed torturing people by making them dream happy dreams before turning their nightmares into nightmares. Enmu enjoyed torturing other people and watching their pain. He actually enjoyed seeing his fellow demons being killed in front of him.

Hyakkimaru – Dororo

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

Hyakkimaru was a baby who was eaten by monsters and left with no limbs and no skin. Yup! Skinless. Hyakkimaru is a picture of a baby. It’s the stuff of nightmares. He doesn’t feel pain and therefore does not fear death. This swordsman is worthy of facing off against Afrou. At least, not in the first parts of dark fantasy anime. Later, he feels less frightening as he grows his limbs back and regains his senses of pain.

Lucy – Elfen Lied

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

She was a distant, gloomy, suspicious, distant and frustrated child (Kaede). Because of her horns, others scoffed at her. She was harassed by other children, ostracized by staff at the orphanage, and made to feel inferior because of her horns. She couldn’t understand why people discriminated against her. Therefore, she hated herself because of her horns. She understood that other children were suffering and she needed to make them miserable, especially the wretched ones. When she’s intimating with Kouta Takada and Aiko Takada, she’s charming, polite, shy, and very kind.

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After witnessing her dog being killed by bullies at an orphanage, Lucy became a terrible hate of Humans. Lucy and Kaede began to hear a voice in the heads. It was purportedly DNA’s voice. Her Diclonius impulses voice resemblanced her, but she had a cold and malicious expression. She was warned by the voice that she could not live with Humans. Then, I will build you your home.

Lucy began acting on her instincts and killed Humans by triggering heart attacks. She also transferred her genes to Male Humans who would then produce Diclonius children and infect more Humans. She became psychotic and naive due to her Diclonii instincts.

Caster – Fate Zero

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

He served Ryuunosuke Uyuu during the 4th Holy Grail War. Caster is a happy man who gives hope to his victims before he kills them in horrific ways.

Caster was summoned just before the Fourth Holy Grail War. Ryuunosuke Uryuu was his Master, a serial killer who accidentally summoned an entire family by using their blood. He lacks morality, and he has no desire for the Holy Grail. Caster enjoys giving his victims a brief reprieve or hope of escape before he kills them. Caster believes giving his victims hope will increase their anxiety and fear at death. This is something he loves. Caster also manipulates people into contraptions, such as a girl becoming a pipe organ.

Gantz – Gantz

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

Gantz’s personality is not known. However, inside the Black Sphere his humor is dark, corrosive and calls the Hunters derogatory nicknames like “Bitch”, “Titties” and “Homo”. He also comments on the poor performance of the Hunters when they give away the points. This trait may be shared by all clones, or is it unique to the Tokyo Clone.

Seido Takizawa – Tokyo Ghoul

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

Takizawa had short brown hair and was known for his brown eyes. He wore blue clothes professionally, just like other detectives.

He is an uncanny, one-eyed ghost after the time skip. He is more frightening. His hair has become unruly and white, reaching his chin. His lips, nails, and toes have become black. His browless eyes and dark bags, one of which is his left, kakugan, give him an exhausted look. The robes are loose-fitting and have long sleeves that reach the elbows. He also has a white emblem on his hood.

After becoming a half-ghoul, and being tortured at Akihiro Kanou, his demeanor changed significantly. He is a brutal killer who fully embraces his ghoul nature as well as Aogiri Tree’s beliefs. He loves to murder and believes that fear can be conquered by becoming the monster you fear. He is capable of calming his wild and erratic behavior by displaying periods of clarity, self-awareness, and even sexiness. His memories are laced with anger and frustration at being overlooked by others in the past.

Urado – Ghost Hunt

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

Kaneyuki Miyama, a wealthy man who was obsessed with expanding his life, was Kaneyuki Miyama. He traveled the globe in search of relief from the illness that had plagued him since childhood. During his travels, he developed a crush upon Vlad the Impaler as well as Elizabeth Bathory. He began to imitate Elizabeth Bathory, murdering people and then bathing in their blood. He adopted the name Urado, which comes from Vlad. His ghost continued to murder young people to extend his life.

Gyo Fish – Gyo

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

This role is not speaking, just like the bunnies. These fishies move in large swarms, and they are not restricted to water. These fishies have legs! These fish with legs eat people and turn them into fishies. We won’t spoil the tour by getting too involved.

Ai Enma, Hell Girl

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

A small, pale girl will tell you that straw dolls can be used to send people who don’t like you into hell.

Ai is a girl of fair skin with long straight black hair. She wears a hime style that highlights her crimson eyes and soft pink lips. Ai has the physical appearance and personality of a thirteen year old girl. She did this for over 400 years. Ai is a cold person, even though she didn’t seem like it at first. Ai does not seem to be affected by emotional situations. Ai is also quiet and solemn. Ai seems to speak only when it is necessary. She rarely speaks simply for the sake or being honest. Ai may speak out of the normal when it comes to something that she believes is important. Ai’s introverted personality is due to the fact that her emotions were kept in check when she became the Hell Girl.

Shion Sonozaki: Higurashi: When they Cry

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

Shion looks identical to Mion except Shion has her hair down and a bright yellow ribbon on her back to differentiate herself from Mion. In her Matsuri and Kizuna, she has two yellow ribbons pinned to her hair. Shion has blue eyes and long, mint-green hair. Although she appears more sophisticated and dainty than Mion due to her education in St. Lucia’s, Shion is more clever, manipulative, mischievous, and shrewd than Mion. She referred to St. Lucia as a “factory of creating ladies” and repeatedly got into trouble with the government for various offenses. She examines the school’s security system, guard schedules and behavior of administration staff to see if she can influence them. She loves to taunt Mion and make her feel uncomfortable, taking over Keiichi whenever she can.

Chairman Isaac Netero – Hunter X Hunter

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

Isaac Netero looked frail, but he was healthy for his age. He wore a ponytail and bushy beard with pierced ears. Netero wore a kimono with a one-tooth (tooth) and a geta.

Netero was energetic, mischievous and sometimes oblivious. Netero was a competent professional, but he was also a madman. His words and thoughts were clearly out of sync during the 287th Hunter Examination. He was a true martial artist, who always fought with honesty. He enjoyed a challenge and was eager to take on a formidable opponent. He was a leader of the Hunter Association and regularly tested the physical limits for Hunters. Biscuit Krueger called Netero “twisted” for giving Hunters impossible tasks that took years to complete. He loved challenges and didn’t want his Vice-Chairman be someone he could not stand. As an homage, many Hunters placed risque magazines under his effigy. Menchi was also given a brief glance at the 287th Hunter Examination.

Illumi Zoldyck – Hunter X Hunter

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

Illumi is rarely shown emotion. Illumi has long, jet-black hair and large, black, pupils-less eyes. Illumi uses big circular headpins in order to reconstruct Gittarackur’s facial anatomy, muscles and voice.

Illumi used to have hair that was only about shoulder-length. Grey jeans with short sleeves and a shirt under.

Illumi rarely expresses herself. Illumi speaks often in a happy, absent-minded tone, which is unbelievably. He is a hardened, stone-faced man who only cares about his own interests. He still loves Killua his younger brother in a warped, overprotective manner. To secure Killua’s life and to ensure his obedience, he used his Nen power.

Nanika – Hunter X Hunter

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

Nanika’s real identity is not known. It makes Alluka’s mouth, sclerae and irises black, which makes them appear larger.

Like Alluka has a soft spot in Nanika for Killua Zoldyck.

[notabene] Nanika tries to get people’s praises, especially Killua’s. He grants his wishes and requests that it be patted. Killua tells Nanika that it will never show again. Nanika is devastated and weeps. After Killua promises to protect Alluka, Nanika, and Nanika’s pet Nanika whenever it wishes, Killua eventually forgives Killua. Nanika appears to be in good terms with Alluka as she was clearly upset by her feeling of its anguish.

Majito – Jujutsu Kaisen

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

Mahito is a cursed spirit that looks human-like with grey eyes and a patchwork facial. (In the anime Mahito’s left eyes are dark blue and his right eye is grey. His grayish-blue long hair is divided into three large strands, and tied at the ends. Mahito’s body appears to be also stitched together.

On his left sleeve, he usually wears a black three-piece shawl. He also has identical jeans and white sneakers.

Mahito is a sadistic cursed spirit that plays with human emotions. He believes he is the embodiment and perpetrator of hatred toward one another, as a result of his human sins. Mahito believes that humans should die and that cursed spirits should rule.

Tenko Shimura – My Hero Academia

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

Tomura is a light-skinned man with yellow teeth and deep wrinkles around the eyes. His lips are uneven and dry. He has a mole underneath his right lip, as well as visible scars under the right eye. His grayish-blue, unmanaged hair is dangling in random waves all over his face. Although his eyes and lips are usually hidden, they can be seen when he is looking.

Tomura is a twister, just like Izuku Midoriya. He doesn’t care about the lives of others and is not afraid to murder innocent people. He is a “man-child”, arrogant, greedy and demanding. He also compares reality to a computer game. Tomura resorts to force instead of finesse when solving problems. Tomura used force to get rid of himself and others when he got too angry.

Parasyte: Empty Head Girl

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

This is a dark anime about a parasitic alien that can alter the body of its host. We see people transform into bizarre creatures that can even bite off your head during the alien invasion. This one is the most terrifying alien. This is one of my nightmare-inducing anime characters.

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Gotou – Parasyte : The Maxim

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

Gotou is one the most intelligent of his species. He believes that the human race is nothing but garbage and has a superior attitude to them. He is a fighter who shows no remorse and dismembers his opponents with ease. He is patient and waits for his turn to fight, and monitors his opponents. Shinichi can even go with him so that he can recuperate. He believes he is superior than humans but he still considers himself a wild organism that “lives and fights.”

Mamoru Uchida – Perfect Blue

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

A stalker who is deranged and dangerous could be the most terrifying thing. He can also be someone in real-life, making him even more frightening.

He adores Mima. His aura and appearance often scare other people. Many people have called him strange or a freak.

Mima was changing careers when he stalked and sent her threatening letters. One of them was a threat to Tadokoro, Mima’s agent.

He obsesses over Mima through the film and buys every magazine featuring her naked images. His office is filled with Mima-related artifacts. As he gets emails from the “Real Mima”, indicating that she cannot trust him, his fixation increases. But Rumi Hidaka is using him as a scapegoat. Never seen anything worse

Near the end of the film, he becomes convinced that Mima is a fake and takes it upon himself “defend” the Mima and remove the obstruction. He attacks Mima, and then tries to rape him. He is knocked unconscious by her grab of a nearby hammer. Rumi, like the other victims, killed him because he was not needed anymore. His body was found next to Tadokoro.

Kyubey – Puella Magi Madoka Magica

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

Kyubey resembles a cat. It is white with four ears. One set looks like a cat and one like a rabbit. It has ruby eyes, and gold earrings. It appears to be divided into three sections, with a pink-white fade and three red ovals. As shown in Sayaka Miki’s diamond, these ears are what make the girls so beautiful. It has a long tail, pointed ears and a pinkish-peach interior. It has a hot pink oval-shaped oval on the back that is shaped like an egg to eliminate Grief Seed fragments.

Despite his human-like appearance, Kyubey is an incubator with no grasp of human emotion. The Incubators and Kyubey lack an individuality despite their individuality. One Kyubey can be killed, but another one will take his place and continue on as if nothing had happened.

The Incubators, a cold-blooded race, want to harness human emotions to create energy and prevent the Heat Death of the Universe. The Incubators don’t care if the method they use to extract this power, Magical girl, is considered evil by humanity.

Megumi Shimizu – Shiki

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

Megumi was a pretty, young woman. Her skin was pale and smooth with a yellow undertone. Her body was thin and hourglass-shaped. Megumi wore long, strawberry blonde locks that were parted in the middle. She was framed by unruly bangs along her forehead and cheeks. Megumi had cool cherry red eyes. Her brows were straight and narrow.

An inverted triangular face, with defined jawline and chin. Her pointed nose was narrow, pointed, and upturned. Her lips were small and rosy with thick, curved lips. The upper lip was thinner than the bottom with lipstick.

Megumi might be selfish and only think about her own needs. The other villagers mocked her for dressing so beautifully in Sotoba. She resented the idea that anyone outside Sotoba was strange and that her thoughts about living in a major urban area were stupid and pointless.

Medusa the Witch – Soul Eater

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

The black suit she wears most often is her body-length, black suit with a hood that reaches down to her legs. When worn with her hair, the hood has two eye-like markings that look like a snake’s mouth. When she is not disguised, she walks barefoot and has black toenails.

Medusa presents herself as a caring and loving member of the DWMA faculty. She even calmed Maka Albarn when she was afraid to be a meister, and showed “care” to other pupils like Soul Eater.

Her reputation as a kind teacher and mentor was well-respected throughout the academy.

Spirited Away – No Face

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

No-Face was semitransparent when he arrived. He could slip in and out of view. His organs can be seen and pulse in different states. His body looks like a long, dark tube. Although it is not known if No-Face is physically able to walk, it has been shown that his legs and arms can be developed so that he can leave footprints when he walks. On his “head” is painted a frightening mask with grey-violet accents and expressionless. However, No-Face revealed that the mask’s mouth has a larger mouth than his real, hidden mouth.

No-Face, a lonely spirit, follows Chihiro Ogino when she becomes intrigued by her authenticity. His speech consisted of grunts, moans and not meaningful words. No-Face learned from his mistakes and was able to adapt to his surroundings because he did not know much about the Bathhouse, or spirits in general.

Isabella – The Promised Neverland

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

Isabella was tall and fair-skinned with deep purple eyes. Her dark brown hair was combed at her neck. The dress she wore was a black one-piece with a crisp white shirt and white apron. On her right side, the tattoo “73584” is found.

Isabella was raised in an orphanage, with a long braid running down her back. She has two strands of long hair in front of her and large purple eyes.

After becoming Grandmother of Premium Farms, Isabella wore a black dress with long sleeves and high collar.

Isabella was outspoken, happy, joyful, outspoken and free-spirited. She loved Leslie as her best friend. When she jumped out of the tree to terrorize Leslie, her young comic personality was displayed. After losing Leslie, Isabella’s personality was transformed. She understood that the orphanage was meant to raise the children like cattle for demons. All of this was done to ensure her survival. She became a Mama and gave birth to Ray. The orphans were sent off to be demon food.

Peter Ratri – The Promised Neverland

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

Peter is a tall, muscular man with a frightening face. His long, straight white hair is curly towards his ends. His hair is also parted at the middle. Like most Ratri kin, he has green eyes. He wears a white suit and a black tie.

Peter took his Keeper of The Promise duty very seriously. This was evident by the execution of many traitors. To keep the vow, he was willing to sacrifice others.

After the Queen and all other demon nobles have been killed, his depravity is exposed. Instead of taking this chance to liberate humanity, he wants control over demons and to keep the status quo in raising children as livestock. However, his terms are being applied and his clan will be the ruling power.

Juuzou Suzuya – Tokyo Ghoul

35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

Suzuya, a young androgynous male with pale skin and shoulder-length blonde hair is his model. Scarlet hairpins, which represent the Roman numerals XIII, hold his bangs back. His eyes are dark brown with bags.

As a form of body modification, he self-stitches. Under his right eye, a pair of scarlet threads that look like two xs is sewn. One is below his right lip, and many more are around his right arm. His outfit consisted a white suit with rolled sleeves, red slippers, and half-buttoned red suspenders. He wore a black suit with rolled sleeves.

As a child, Suzuya had a distorted personality. But Big Madam’s therapy helped him to feel fear, pain and morality again. Mentor Yukinori Shinohara described him as a “difficult” child. Despite his innocent charm, he was violent and unstable. He seemed to find satisfaction in his ability kill without hesitation and without making unnecessary movements. He does not hesitate to kill. He considers it part and parcel of his daily life, and is not aware of the death’s weight.


35 Scary Anime Characters that Will Make You Thrill!

Let’s face it, a flying cockroach can be terrifying. Imagine a humanoid, flying cockroach. These are the most terrifying characters in anime. Although I enjoyed the manga, I couldn’t help but withdraw my support for the mission to Mars.

Terraformars are ananthropomorphic Martian-cockroaches. They look a lot like Homo erectus.

They are adaptable and driven by survival. They are descendants of cockroaches and have an antipathy to humans. There are many types, and each one’s behavior is different. However, they all maintain a neutral expression. Although they don’t appear to have much culture, they can lead their brethren into fighting forces. They feel a sense of camaraderie when Invoker is nearby, but they are just as attached to their parents and siblings as any roadside flower. They are also intelligent. Terraformars are prone to working themselves into death because they can’t sense pain and tiredness. These are only for the benefit of an Evolved Terraformar’s projects.

They prioritize when they attack humans. Everyone who holds something is picked first (weapons). Then, there are those who are completely alone. The third category is anyone who has been injured, while the fourth category includes females.

These are the 35 most terrifying anime characters you will ever see, girls and boys. What are you waiting to do? You can check out the respective anime films or series.

There may be a creepy or two that we haven’t included. We would love to hear from you about the anime that you recommend and who should be on this list.

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