40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

The medium of anime is part of Japanese culture and society. It has been around for many decades. Many people misunderstand action-shonen anime as a mere collection of violence and special powers. However, there is no substance or psychology to it.

You’ll be a fan of anime if you realize that there are many intelligent characters out there. Many of these characters are so smart that it makes our brains seem like silly putty. This list contains 40 of the most intelligent anime characters. You might be surprised at who made it!

Armin Arlert (Attack On Titan)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Armin Arlert is the anime’s smartest character. However, he isn’t as strong as his comrades. He always has a plan when the Survey Corps goes on a mission. His friends consider him their leader.

We would not have known the identities and the battle plans of the Female, Colossal and Armored Titans if it weren’t for Armin.

Armin Arlert has a strong analytical ability. Armin Arlert is a highly analytical person who thinks deeply about problems and uses his mind to solve them. Armin is a great believer in humanity’s future. He is constantly striving for improvement to make the world a better place.

Rohan Kishibe (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Although he has an abrasive personality he is very compassionate. Rohan Kishibe, a passionate mangaka, is dedicated to his work.

Rohan is a tireless manga creator who has great drafting skills. Rohan’s desire to be read surpasses all other motivations. Rohan’s most important goal is to find inspiration for his work. Everything else is a simple formality.

Lelouch Lamperouge Code Geass

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Lelouch Vi Britannia was raised as an aristocrat and is known for being calm, refined, and pompous. Lelouch is friendly, easy-going, and a laid back student at school. It’s all a trick to conceal his true character. Zero is his authentic self. His charisma and dedication to justice are admirable by many commanders and warriors.

Lelouch is a coldblooded warrior. To achieve his goal, he is willing to sacrifice soldiers and citizens. He caused a landslide during the battle of Narita that killed the majority of the enemy forces, as well as some people living below. When he found out that Shirley was his father, he had second thoughts but realized that all of the consequences of his actions were repercussions. He was also not opposed to destroying large parts of Tokyo and killing thousands of civilians and military personnel.

Saiko Intelli (My Hero Academia)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Saiko is confident in her ability defeat Momo Yaoyorozu and Tsuyu Sui, Mezo Shioji and Kyoka Jiro at the Provisional Hero License Exam. She commands respect from her peers, and she assumes a leadership position.

Despite her brilliance Saiko was unable predict or grasp emotion-driven behaviors (EQ). This was evident when she asked why Tsuyu and Mezo returned to Momo to rescue Momo after their comrade had been eliminated. They should have been thinking about them instead. She accepts her defeat and seems to realize that not all people act only in selfishness or reasoning.

Makoto Shishio (Rurouni Kenshin)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Shishio is vicious, cruel, and cold-hearted. He is clearly a huge fan of social Darwinism, and appears to be devoid of empathy or sympathy throughout the series.

He is not completely cold. He appears to be in love, despite his wicked disposition. Yumi Komagata reciprocates. His wicked sense of humor is not the only reason he subjugated a village to soak in the hot springs alone. Hji and Sjir might be his friends. He still regards them as tools. He didn’t feel sad when Sjir abandoned him. He saw him as a tool to subvert Kenshin. Shishio was reunited in hell with Hji, Yumi, and plotted to overthrow Kenshin. He kept his promise to Hji to let him enjoy victory by his side.

Shishio is a wicked mastermind with the intelligence and insight to match his evil mastermind. He is very clever and evades the Meiji administration, despite their best efforts. His machinations nearly bring them down. He also has a knack for exploiting people’s mentalities as he did with Usui or Aoshi. He learns from his mistakes and wears a hachigane (iron helmet) after being shot in his head. This prevents his weaknesses from being exploited.

Ray (The Promised Neverland).

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Ray is reserved, quiet, and caustic. He prefers to read books over playing with other orphans. He is a good friend to his siblings and loves them all. He cares deeply about their safety, and will go to great lengths to ensure they are safe. When Emma’s irresponsible behavior or intentions are shown, he can lose his temper and be confused. He refers to Emma as an airhead when Emma intended to rescue all Grace Field orphans.

Ray has a gift for cunning, wit and manipulation. Ray is also logical and cynical. Emma says he’s the best at everything he does. Ray was forced to self-immolate to help in his escape. He warns Emma about the selfishness that will lead to his death.

Ciel Phantomhive (Black Butler)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Sebastian Michaelis compliments Ciel on his “mindfulness and strong intuition”. He often solves problems using chess moves that Sebastian is his piece. He is driven to take revenge on all those who have wronged his family and himself, even if that means losing his soul.

Ciel, Earl, of the Phantomhive House is charismatic leader and commands complete obedience. He is a quiet man, who seldom shows emotion or affection. He is concerned about his family. He once ran in front a bear to save Elizabeth Midford from a horde Bizarre Dolls. He takes care of his servants, shopping for them and giving them the necessities.

Ciel may seem childish, but his wisdom is far beyond his years. Ciel is competitive and often overconfident in what he can do. He will not give up until the winner is announced. He is skilled at shooting, despite his fragile constitution.

Norman (The Promised Neverland).

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Norman is a calm, level-headed youngster who is polite and polite. He wants to be trusted by everyone around him. Norman’s contradictory morals make him a difficult character. Norman is like Ray. He’s a realist and wants to escape with a small number of people. He considers himself selfish because he is only concerned about his life. Emma, however, cares more about the lives of others than herself. He falls in love with Emma despite the odds and decides to escape with his brothers. Norman, who has shown himself to be deceitful, vicious, and incredibly rational in his attempts to escape, agrees to Ray’s plan to kill Isabella and Krone.

Norman is Grace Field House’s smartest child, scoring 100% on his daily tests. He enjoys using the basic skills he has learned in games such as tag. He is an analytical, rational, deductive, and strategic thinker. He can see ahead and plan for the future. Norman is very determined and won’t be changed by anyone once he has made his decision. He believes that everything will turn out in his favor, if he plays his cards right. This is what gives him his self-assurance. Norman believes he has always succeeded in achieving his goals. He is often under great stress in order to achieve his goals. He fears losing and making mistakes.

Senku Ishigami, Dr. Stone

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Senku is direct, confident, and logical, but can also be arrogant. Senku’s borderline arrogance is not a problem, since he is often backed up with immense knowledge. Senku doesn’t dismiss people with less knowledge. Senku inspires others to achieve better. Senku’s charisma and compassion draw admirers as well as allies. Senku’s emotion can be amplified when excited about a new product. Senku will not be ashamed of himself if he forgets important information. Kohaku pointed this out to Senku when he didn’t fully understand the North Star’s precession.

Senku is very rational and believes science can explain everything, even if it takes longer for a subject to be fully understood.

Despite having a great sense of justice Senku often bends the laws, withholds data and manipulates others in order to benefit his friends. He often creates for the benefit others but it is clear that he is doing this for his own gain. Suika’s glasses, and the car of an elderly man in Ishigami Village are examples.

The Major (Hellsing Ultimate).

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

The series’ distinctive trait is Major’s obsession with war. He is open to combat in all its aspects, even when he is on losing side or puts himself in danger. His obsession with battle can be seen in his admiration of Millennium’s destruction of the world and in his casual attitude to death, which he instilled into the majority of his soldiers through his lectures. The Major, despite being a former Nazi, appears to have no ideological or political leanings. Hitler was tirelessly involved in the Millennium Project during WWII to ensure that he could wage war every day.

He is calm, patient, and soft-spoken. His tone is almost always pleasant and amused.

You can often be seen eating top-quality steaks and sipping red wine.

He is also a good student of literature and history, often citing them in his speeches. He speaks in monologues and soliloquy-like monologues, and is extremely articulate. Il planned his attack on London for nearly half a century, and it almost went according to plan.

Alucard is called “My DazzlingCount” by him, despite his hatred for Integra “fraulein”, out of respect. He doesn’t seem to care about his men. He gives them motivational speeches and rewards good behavior. But he won’t execute traitors. He is not afraid to punish insubordination as he says he loves war in his “I Love War” speech.

Winry Rockbell (Fullmetal Alchemist).

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Worry is bubbly, cheerful, strong-willed and hot-headed. She loves automail and puts her heart and soul into her work. She is a strong believer in morality and has deep respect for her parents who were killed during the war. Winry lost her parents and developed strong attachments to her family members. She also experienced abandonment issues. She is compassionate, sensitive, and empathic. People admire her bubbly personality and love her sweet smile.

Child Emperor (One Punch Man).

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

The Child Emperor is a genius. He is a brilliant thinker and has the ability to observe and form ideas. He hates being called childish and can get upset and angry easily, despite his high ranking.

He is a mature S-Class hero, accepting criticism and working with others to solve problems without causing chaos. He is a calm, controlled S-Class hero who has a keen sense for strategy and brilliant intellect. He is also the “leader” of the S-Class heroes, even though he’s the youngest.

There’s more to the story than doom and gloom. Eyesight is not focused on fighting the Demon-level threat, Eyesight. He focuses instead on creating an antidote to help his fellow heroes. After the hero killed the monster, he inquired about the health of the Pig God.

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Korosensei (Assassination Classroom)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Korosensei, a cheerful individual who made seemingly insignificant requests while claiming that he would cause the destruction of the planet within a year, was first introduced. His perverted nature was also revealed, which he shares with Okajima, his student.

Terasaka tried to sacrifice Nagisa in order to kill Korosensei. Korosensei threatened their families with menacing threats if they attempted to self-harm again. He returned to his old teaching style of fear and dread. As the series progresses, he learns to use empathy instead of fear and reward to teach lessons.

Korosensei was a fair, impartial, compassionate, and perceptive individual who would do anything for his students. His plan to devastate the Earth within a year was admired by his pupils. Korosensei was always aware of the needs of each student and would often be inspired by their current issues or interests to try and help them.

Dio Brando (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Dio is a deceitful, violent, and lacks compassion and humanity.

Dio is well-known for his unrestrained ambition and drive for power. Dio was abused by his father and lived in the most difficult conditions. He set out to become the richest and then the most powerful being on Earth. Dio used every opportunity to exploit anyone and everything he could. He ignored any morals that might limit his options. Dio wanted to expand his authority by deceit, seduction, and bloodshed. Dio loves power and has spoken out about how it feels to be in a position of authority. Dio, on the other hand was very concerned about the possibility of someone challenging or equalizing his power.

Light Yagami (Death Note).

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Light is an industrious, talented natural genius. Light is an excellent planner who can plan out complex scenarios. Light is loved by his family and classmates. His intelligence and constant praise from adults led to a feeling of hubris, which he quickly developed once he had the notebook.

Light, like his father Soichiro has a strong sense for justice. However, the notebook’s power quickly poisons it. Light believes that the world is “rotten”, and uses his Death Note as a means to rid it of all evil people. Light, the “God and New World”, has one major goal: to make the world fair and peaceful and only allow honest and good people to live there. Light must be determined and driven to achieve his goals. Light considers his actions to be a “sacrifice for the planet” despite the fact that murder can be a crime.

The Death Note can quickly turn Light cold and vicious. He will employ any means necessary to achieve his goals. He continues to show love and concern for his family, even though his actions have put his family in danger. Light prevents Soichiro’s dramatic actions to protect Sayu, even though it increases Mello’s chances at gaining the Death Note.

Yumeko Jabami (Kakegurui)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Yumeko is shown to be cheerful and charismatic, which attracts everyone she meets. Yumeko not only makes friends with people she used to loathe, but also draws in the whole student body. It is a habit she does on her first day at school, and almost every day thereafter. She switches her button to a bloodthirsty, which makes her eyes redden and scares her opponent in games.

Although she is generally very kind, she doesn’t show it when her peers cheat. After only a few rounds of gambling, she can identify the methods and tricks used to tilt the game in their favor. She may criticize other players’ actions and place more importance on truth than courtesy.

She is aware of her eccentricities and unusual gambling habits. She loves to be supported and encouraged by people, especially those she is close to, and appreciates their friendship. Yumeko says that she doesn’t regret or feel pity for people she has lost and ruined through gambling, despite the apparent pleasure it brings her. Yumeko admitted that she felt guilty for not empathizing with her victims despite her inability to feel sorry for hurting others as a result of her gambling addiction.

Johan Liebert (Monster)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Johan is a charming, polite, caring, and outgoing young man. Hans Georg Schuwald describes him as not of this world. He is able to quickly make new friends and persuade them to do his bidding. Johan is able to conceal his true intentions by projecting a sense perfection and purity.

Johan creates a fake facade to destroy and torture those who are enslaved by his schemes. Johan was already psychotic at the time he joined Kinderheim 511. Johan was already psychotic when he joined Kinderheim 511.

Johan believes that existence is meaningless and his beliefs are nihilistic. He claims that “most lives are just specks on a corner of a globe, gone in an instant” to the universe.

Johan causes his victims to commit suicide, rather than murdering them. Helmut Wolf is, for instance, forced to see his closest relatives and friends perish one by one so that he can feel the same as Johan: isolation.

Alphard Alshua (Canaan)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Alphard kills the man who is like her father when she strikes him. She doesn’t seem to be interested in a relationship and ignores her friends.

Her greatest fear of what she did is the driving force behind her life. She sees a relic from the man she killed every time she turns her head. She can see the events from her past and she is able to recall them. Although most people assume Alphard is quiet, she is actually trying to distract her attention from her imagination. When she needs to, she is conscious of her surroundings. However, she can be prone to focusing on her own thoughts. She can spend long periods without looking at anything, and sometimes she tries to fight her problems. Alphard, as the name suggests, is someone who is trying to escape from one universe while straddling another.

Muzan Kibutsuji (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Muzan is cold, cruel, threatening and brilliant. Muzan is a ruthless, cruel, threatening, and brilliant man. He remains distant and calm even when he murders his subordinates. Only when his vision is fulfilled or his followers are fully subservient to him, can he show emotion. His facial expressions are exaggerated in the manga, which depicts him as expressive and angry. His expressions change a lot in the anime series. However, his voice is consistent, which highlights his repetitive personality. His imposing and nasty nature is admired by many demons.

He doesn’t like being corrected or mocked by others because he knows they are there to serve him. He doesn’t take threats or opponents seriously. Two intoxicated men were murdered for being unattractive to him. His female friend was also shot to death. They claimed superiority over them and displayed their pettiness by refusing any mockery and promising that they would do anything until humiliation was gone. Muzan’s unwell state, being sick and near death, suggests that he has terrible recollections of his human, lesser past as well as a self-consciousness about his peculiarly sick appearance. It is likely that he was reliving his mistakes. Kagaya Ubuyashiki confronted Muzan and he expressed his pity for his situation. Muzan’s hatred of humanity and the Demon Slayers was only fuelled by the insults and threats he received. Muzan also believes Heaven has forgiven him for killing millions of people because he has not seen a God nor Buddha.

Ranpo Edogawa (Bungo Stray Dogs)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Ranpo’s “ability to solve any problem in seconds” has helped solve many cases. He is praised by the Armed Detective Agency for his intelligence and ability to solve any problem in a matter of seconds. Ranpo boasts of being the greatest detective in the world. Ranpo is also depicted as a child who teases other detectives and refuses work or investigations out laziness or spite. Ranpo cannot perform simple tasks such as finding his way home or taking the train.

Ranpo is a calm and serious man, despite this. Atsushi Nakajima was astonished by Ranpo’s calm demeanor in deciding how to save Fukuzawa from the virus. Yosano, a long-time friend, was well aware of Ranpo’s deep concern for him.

Although his colleagues believe he doesn’t know he has an ability, his Super Deduction isn’t a supernatural ability. At first, he refused to believe Fukuzawa’s statement to Ranpo. He then began to joke around with Yosano about the topic. But he finally admitted that he was not an ability user after the Yokohama fog incident.

Izaya Orihara (Durarara!!)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Izaya says he loves humanity but his definition of the word is very different. Izaya is jovial and humorous, speaking casually with most people as though they were friends. Izaya is a proficient free runner and parkour practitioner who can use a flick blade for physical protection.

Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Sebastian is a Ciel Phantomhive enthusiast. He serves as the Phantomhive’s head butler and executes Ciel’s orders. He doesn’t sleep, so he spends most nights doing his job. He is critical of his master and his treatment of his employees. However, he says he loves his butler life despite all the hardships. He is known for his strange behavior, which includes obeying Ciel’s orders with “Yes my Lord!”

Sebastian is a perfect butler. He obeys orders, does his jobs with grace and ease, and is very friendly. Sebastian, a nasty and cruel demon, can attack Ciel and put Ciel in danger for his own pleasure. He is not unusual to express concern for Ciel when he is in danger. This was the case when Angelina Dalles and the Undertaker threatened Ciel’s life. Sebastian is a skilled and ethically bankrupt and will lie, deceive and seduce others in order to gain the advantage. Sebastian is a strict follower of his own values and aesthetics, which means he does not sign multiple contracts. His primary goal is to win Ciel’s heart.

Sebastian is fascinated by the human condition and their insatiable desire to “bring down others, even death.”

Sebastian considers money “materialistic”. Sebastian is able to speak Latin and French well enough to be a teacher. He can also speak East Franconian, a dialect of southern German. He is also a fan of cats, and once kept at least 13 in his closet to keep Ciel away.

Aru Akise (Mirai Nikki)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Aru is intelligent and logical. He outwitted his peers, even though he was surrounded with people who predicted the future. He is also very perceptive and can spot subtle nuances and use them to his advantage. He is also reserved and quiet in his emotions.

Aru is a friend and is open to meeting new people, even those who may have been his rivals in the past. Yuno tried to kill Aru repeatedly, but he was able to understand and comply until Yukiteru was kidnapped.

Aru is clearly concerned about helping people, and he doesn’t mind manipulating the law to achieve his goals. He lied, broke into Yuno’s house, and helped Minene Uryu, a well-known terrorist, throughout the series.

Meruem (Hunter X Hunter)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Meruem was initially a brutal and violent leader. Meruem was a cruel and violent leader who treated humans as if they were food. He was aware of the injustice of human society and wanted to create a world that would eliminate inequality. He lost his memory and became more respectful of his subordinates. He realized that power was not about tormenting the defeated, but protecting the weak.

Shougo Makishima (Psycho-Pass)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Makishima is a humanist who loves the worst parts of human nature and doesn’t mind causing suffering for others. He is known for his charismatic and persuasive speeches, as well as his ability to manipulate others to do his will. His early hardships are the reason Makishima has a pure white Psycho-Pass.

Kurapika (Hunter X Hunter)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Kurapika is knowledgeable and cool. He is reserved, not one to speak up easily and very judgmental. Kurapika is reserved and can be very unreasonable. Only his friends can calm him enough to allow him to think rationally.

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Conan Edogawa (Detective Conan)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Conan has become a small child but his intelligence is still intact. Conan’s deductive abilities earned him the nicknames “Heisei Holmes”, and “Savior for the Japanese police force.” Shinichi treats Conan as an individual completely.

Shiro (No Game, No Life)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Shiro is an expert in logic and math, but she struggles with emotions and conduct. She relies on Sora for help in defeating emotional beings such as Tet in their match. She is also a shy, uncomplicated speaker who speaks in third person.

Shiro is a chess champion who has won every game she’s played. She can learn Immanity’s language in just 15 minutes, while Sora took over an hour. Along with her brother, she is the best in more than 280 games.

She is a bit of a brother and can show signs of jealousy when Sora looks at other girls. She can be very rude to Stephanie, calling her “just another buddy” and tease Sora about his perverted ways.

Rein Kashiwagi (Darwin’s Game)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Rein is mature, intelligent, and wise for her age. She is an excellent source of information and can suggest good strategies. Wang held her while she laughed at him. Nayuta complained that Out of Range Village didn’t have an internet connection, and she vented her frustration.

She objected to being called a “youngster”, reminding those who said it that she was a first-year middleschooler. She adds, “I’m an adult.” Rein’s Darwin’s Game philosophy says to run, not capture or fight an enemy. This is how Rein has survived. She joins the Sunset Ravens, however, to protect her new home. Rein is worried about Rein’s jokes being misunderstood.

Rein, unlike Shuka, is calm and analytical, while Shuka is emotionally driven. She claims she has two Reins in her. One that appeals to her emotions, and one that observes calmly. She is able to remain cool even in difficult situations like when her parents divorced. She admits she envies Sui’s candor but also recognizes that Darwin’s Game has been a success because of her calm.

Zora Ideale (Black Clover)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Zora shows contempt for Nobles, the Magic Empire, and his allies in Crystal Destruction Battle Tournament. As long as he can humiliate those he claims is superior, he won’t lie about his punishment or himself.

His unpredictability, aside from his dislike of everyone, is his most prominent trait. Surprised to discover that he had spent the night before depositing Trap Magic, giving him an advantage and leaving his teammates to fight the opposing team’s assault.

He is a prankster just like his father Zora. He doesn’t discriminate between who gets Zora, just like his dislike for aristocrats. Zora, the new Royal Knights captain, doesn’t seem to be concerned about Asta’s large number of Rainbow Stink Bugs. At the Royal Knights Selection Exam, Zora harshly critiques both nobility and commoners for their shortcomings and behavior, which is another example.

Medusa (Soul Eater)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

She comforted Maka Albarn as she shared her insecurity as a meister. Her reputation as a kind teacher and mentored student was well-respected throughout the academy.

Franken Stein pointed this out: Medusa is full of lies and seems to only care about herself. She sees the world as a scientist and uses real people to test her theories. Medusa might be considered irredeemable and eager to deceive others for her own ends. She even abandoned her child as a failure. Medusa is known for devising elaborate plans that are impossible to stop by the DWMA, but she also tends to learn from her mistakes. Blasphemy is part and parcel of being a Witch.

Naraku (Inuyasha).

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

He misled Inuyasha, Kiky, into believing that they had deceived one another, leading to them fighting. He ridiculed Inuyasha, Kiky and their inability to trust each other enough for them to see past his deceit. Although he was smart and brilliant, he became pompous and flamboyant as he acquired more powers. He was often a victim of his arrogance, such as when Inuyasha’s Red Tessaiga shocked him for the first. Naraku was also a coward, who would flee combat if his enemies made him look foolish.

Naraku was a power-hungry and self-centered jerk who only wanted power and dominion over other people. He was a hany but had no love for other people and believed he was superior to all others. He used the Shikon Jewel fragment to brainwash Sango’s brother Kohaku and forced him to do his bidding.

Naraku was also unable to understand relationships such as love. This was evident when he refused to kill Sango no matter what he did. Naraku tried to suppress his human feelings believing that they were hindering him.

Vash the Stampede (Trigun).

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Vash’s identity was revealed in the first episode. If it weren’t for Vash’s ability think on his feet Vash would have revealed his identity immediately and we wouldn’t have received another episode.

Vash is a master at character manipulation and exudes energy that cannot be compared to a criminal like himself. Although Vash does not display intellect in the traditional sense of the word, it requires a powerful brain to control others around you. Therefore, he is worthy of being included on this list.

Tenya Iida (My Hero Academia)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Tenya can appear cold, unfriendly, and frightening at first but he is direct, earnest and intelligent, smart, sophisticated, disciplined and honorable despite his elite background. Tenya is known for his oddities, like waving his arms in strange chopping patterns and jerking his body around wildly. However, he never loses his tight expression.

Tenya is known for jumping to conclusions and then acting on them. After thinking that Izuku Midoriya had discovered the true nature U.A. Tenya began to consider him a worthy peer after the Entrance Exam and has continued to hold him in high regard ever since. Tenya is a theatre-style actor who takes on the role of a villain or hero in order to make him more authentic.

Tenya is hardworking and eager to learn more about Heroics. His boisterous and aggressive nature can often be a problem for his peers who need him to be more organized and disciplined. As the class representative, Tenya is responsible for his students’ safety in crisis situations and their direction. Tenya is able to quickly respond to emergency situations while keeping the onlookers calm and in control.

Shikamaru Nara (Naruto Shippuden)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Shikamaru is naturally lazy and prefers to do as little as possible. Shikamaru can do it as an Academy student or a genin. He sleeps, observes clouds, and plays shogi, Go, and is able to get away with it. He wants to live a normal life without any notable positive or negative effects and die an ordinary death. He will say, “How problematic,” when confronted with the possibility of commitment or confrontation. Then he will try to avoid it by pretending to be ill or refusing to take it on.

Shikamaru is a coward with a strong moral compass. He also shows loyalty to his friends. These qualities earned Shikamaru friendship. He was the first person to see beyond his weight and understand who he was. These traits also force Shikamaru into giving up his idle hobbies, labor, and to sacrifice himself for his friends. He is now responsible for more of his friends as a result of his selflessness in the Konoha Crush. He avoids long-term goals and doesn’t admit any joy in the jobs that are given to him.

Sosuke Aizen (Bleach)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Aizen appeared to be a respected, kind captain at first. This was a disguise to conceal his manipulative and dangerous nature. He will do anything to achieve his goals, even if it means killing or manipulating anyone.

Kurisu Makise (Steins; Gate)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Kurisu is a smart, mature young woman. She is composed and calm even when things get stressful. She also has a timid side. Although she dislikes all Okabe’s nicknames except ‘The Zombie,’ it is the one that bothers her most. Okabe’s true name is what she interprets as a sign that something is seriously wrong. Kurisu, even after seeing the Phonewave live, refused to believe it was a time machine. He stated that Okabe only saw what he wanted. After the group searches for SERN’s time travel research, Kurisu is finally convinced. Steins;Gate 0 has a time machine that she can create if she has all the necessary ingredients.

Kurisu is mature, cynical and has a lot of patience. She often displays this in her interactions with Okabe, Daru and his eccentricities and insensitivity. The former for his perverse remarks and the latter for his peculiarities. She is more social than the male lab members, and she can get along with everyone except for them. Although Kurisu may be rude to people who don’t deserve it, she is often kind to those who do. Okabe, Daru repeatedly called Kurisu a “tsundere”, but she is usually upset when they do this, often by doing something that supports their case.

Aguero Agnes Khan (Tower of God),

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Khun is another of those “quick-on-their feet” guys, and one you should be looking out for.

He is also a highly skilled tactician. We have seen him create strategies with many twists and turns and yet everything works out exactly the way he envisioned.

He is not the most compelling character in terms of his personal strength.

He is capable of outperforming the majority of those around him due to his inventive ideas and maybe a few dirty tricks.

Rak was most definitely present in the clock-room issue, but that’s beside the point.

Sora (No Game, No Life)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Sora, the main male protagonist in No Game No Life, is the calculated and cunning half of the brothers who live within a virtual world. Sora is not only abandoned by his parents but also has a great intellect. He and his half-sister enjoy playing video games. Sora’s upbringing was difficult and left him with a negative attitude towards life. However, he is devoted to playing video games. Sora’s father was married to Shiro’s mom, which led to the two becoming step-siblings. Sora is an aspiring young genius. However, he is also a recluse, who is confident, outgoing and has boundless energy. Because he believes in playing the game’s power, he is not afraid to take on anyone. His manipulative tendencies are not uncommon, but all his attributes fit in with his sister’s logic and calculative nature. Like Shiro and Sora are unable to bear thinking about being apart from their sister. Sora becomes a coward when there is any barrier between them. Only to return to his former self when his sister reappears in his life.

Tanya Degurechaff (Saga of Tanya The Evil)

40 of the Smartest Anime Characters

Tanya is the ultimate soldier in military service.

She is not only a formidable opponent, but also a massive force on the battlefield. She is also a skilled tactician.

She is able to come up with viable strategies even when under fire. Some of the most important decisions made by the government are based on her outlooks, predictions, and opinions.

She is also skilled in putting people in their rightful place, even when they are down. It could be through the destruction of entire countries or sending people to their death to show who is in control. She is an intelligent and calculated protagonist who can be called the most sadistic antagonist of anime history.

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