After Life Season 3: Release Dates, Cast, Plot and Will Season 3 Be the Last??

After Life Season 3 Updates: Netflix will stream After Life’s final season starting January 14, 2022. The original comedy-drama with Ricky Gevais was loved by viewers. It received so much attention that it was included in the top-ranking shows.

In May 2019, the first episode of the show was released. The show was first released in May 2019. The show’s ending season has been given a slogan that fits the theme: “Every end is an opportunity for a new beginning.”

Last year, the show was awarded the Best Comedy title at National Television Awards. Ricky Gervais is not just the best comedian, but also an exceptional actor. He beautifully played the role of a sour-tempered widower who must rebuild his trustworthiness. His acting won the hearts of viewers.

Release Date

Netflix has revealed the final season’s release date. I will begin streaming on the OTT platform starting January 14, 2022. Fans were thrilled to see After Life return with season 3, but they also felt sad that the show would be ending. They will miss the Ricky comic punches.

Netflix also stated that although the show will be ending, Ricky and Netflix will continue to work together on new projects.

Season 3 will have many wraps that need to be resolved. Tony’s budding relationship with Nurse Emma, and his grief over the loss of his father are just a few examples. These points will all connect to create a happy end to the series. After two weeks of season 2, Season 3 was announced. The show was ranked among the top Netflix shows at that point.

The directors decided immediately to move on to Season 3. According to the report, Season 3 has received more than 80 million hits. Official shooting began in April 2021. In May 2021, Netflix shared some behind-the scenes photos on Twitter. The final season of shooting took nearly 35 days.

Ricky’s Take on Season 3

After Life Season 3: Release Dates, Cast, Plot and Will Season 3 Be the Last??

Life after Death isn’t about death and life, but rather, it deals with grief in a man. A widower is struggling to deal with the loss of his wife Lisa. It’s dark comedy. The main character is depressed, angry and sad, and he wants revenge on the world. His only comfort was his dog, and the videos that his wife left him as his memories.

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Ricky told media that they initially didn’t plan for season 3. Despite the popularity of season 2, and the demands from fans, Ricky said that they decided to go for season 3. He said that many people had responded to the show, stating that it helped them get over the grief of losing loved ones.

“For the first, I thought I would do a three-part series because of the richness of the world and the many characters. This series has characters that could play the lead in six to seven cases. It has to go down a storm. And it appears to be right now, so if it continues like this, then yes.” Ricky said during the interview.

After Life season 3 cast

After Life Season 3: Release Dates, Cast, Plot and Will Season 3 Be the Last??

* Ricky Gervais as Tony * Penelope Wilton as Anne * Ashley Jensen as Emma * Tony Way as Leny * David Earl as Brian * Joe Wilkinson playing “Postman” Pat * Mandeep Dalhillon as Sandy * Jo Hartley playing June * RoisinConaty as Roxy * Diane Morgan acting as Kath * Ethan Lawrence portraying James

Some of the actor’s return could be seen in Season 3. These include Tracy Ann Oberman playing Rebecca, Paul Kaye playing a psychiatrist and Colin Hoult playing Ken. Penelope Wilton could reprise her role as Anne, Tony Way will play Lenny and Jo Hartley will play June.


Tony Gravis, a local journalist, is the inspiration for the show. After the death of his wife Lisa, he is trying to heal from the grief. Here’s a brief recap of seasons 1 and 2.

Season 1: Season 1 depicts Tony’s happy, fulfilled life after Lisa’s death. The happy man was so changed that he tried suicide. He began to feel isolated and fell into depression. He punished others for his failure to succeed.

He began to live his life as he desired. He began to view himself as a superman and stopped caring about the people who loved and were a part of him.

Second 2: Season 2 starts at the same place as season 1. Season 1 has ended, and season 2 is Tony’s black phase after he lost his wife. He is close to death but then he loses the father he loves. Tony took his death very seriously, unlike his wife’s passing.

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Season 2 also saw something positive as Tony began to fall for Emma, the nurse who cared for Tony’s father. Emma approaches Tony and tells him that she would love him to take care of his problems if he doesn’t.

Season 3: This is the final part of season 3. Tony, a local journalist, accepted his father’s death and continued his life. Trailer shows Tony at the pub as his father’s ashes are laid on the pub carpet. The pub owner is also seen in the trailer. Season 3 fans eagerly await the series as they love the show and celebrities are also fans.


After Life Season 3: Release Dates, Cast, Plot and Will Season 3 Be the Last??

Shelley Jensen visits Emma and helps her improve their relationship with Tony. Emma was Tony’s nurse when he was admitted at the hospital. He was a dementia patient. Despite Emma’s efforts, Tony’s dad died in season 2. Both Tony’s father and Lisa will be playing their characters in season 3.

Tony’s friend is Penelope Wilson. She serves as his graveside confidant and bench-busy friend. We will see in Season 3 how she helps Tony to overcome his anger, grief and have a funny conversation between them.

In season 3, some of the extra artists who were Tony’s colleagues at his newspaper office will be making their return. Jo Hartley, Tony’s ex-girlfriend and her son, as well as Lenny his friend, are some of his colleagues. Kath (Diane Morge), tried on Matt in season 2. Now, in season 3, it will be fascinating to see Kath’s next step. The show will have other characters such as Sandy, the intern Coleen, and Pat, the postman who falls in love Tony’s friend who is a sex worker.

Season 3 is the last on this list

Fans had to say goodbye. The comedy series has ended. Ricky Gervais, the lead actor of the comedy show, stated that it would end in a beautiful way and all viewers’ questions would be answered in the final season.

Gervais said:

He also stated that he was signing up for other Netflix projects, including two standup specials and supernature, which will be streamed in 2022.

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