After the Afterparty, Season 1, must-see series

Must-Watch Series After The Afterparty Season 1 : This American comedy-drama has been a huge success with its thriller murder mystery infused with a few humorous moments.

This series is about a single murder that occurs after a high school graduation party. The series features different perspectives on the characters that were there that night.

This is an example of a sub-genre in whodunnit stories, titled “the millennial Whodunit”, which explores the question of personal fulfillment and escape from everyday life.

Christopher Miller is the series’ director. Tiffany Haddish is joined by Sam Richardson and Ben Schwartz. We have you covered if the new mystery series has made you crave mysteries that will bind you to your seat and force you into solving the mystery for yourself. Here are 7 TV Series that will satisfy you thirst for suspense.

7 TV Series You Must Watch if You Liked ‘The Afterparty’

1. Search Party (2016-2022).

After the Afterparty, Season 1, must-see series

Number of Seasons 5

American sitcom, “The Search for Missing Young Woman” tells the story about a group friends who get involved in a search to find her. They are all liable for the consequences. Most of the series is set in New York City.

It was first broadcast on TBS on November 21, 2016. The series ran for five seasons, with the last season arriving on January 7, 2022. “Search Party” is a black comedy. The cast includes Alia Shawkat and John Early, Meredith Hagner, John Reynolds, Meredith Hagner and Brandon Micheal Hall.

2. The Flight Attendant (2020-present)-

After the Afterparty, Season 1, must-see series


This comedy-drama is based on Chris Bohjalian’s 2018 novel. It focuses on a murder mystery that involves a flight attendant. Cassie Bowden spends the night in Bangkok with a flight attendant from her last flight.

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The next morning, when she wakes up from her hangover from the previous night, she finds the dead body of the man with his throat cut. Fearing that she might not be able to report the police, she quickly cleaned up the crime scene before joining the rest of her airline crew at the airport.

Later, in New York City, she is interrogated by the FBI. She is unable to put together the events of the night and suffers from hallucinations.

Kaley Cuoco, the star of ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ plays the title character. The first season premiered on HBO Max on November 25, 2020. A second season will be broadcast in 2022.

3. Only Murders in the House (2021-present)

After the Afterparty, Season 1, must-see series

Number of seasons:

An apartment block of Upper West Side The Acronis is the scene of a suspicious death. Three neighbours who have a common interest in true-crime podcasts think it was murder. However, the police ruled that the death was suicide. They decide to start their own podcast and investigate the case.

Selena Gomez, Martin Short, Steve Martin play the three neighbors. Hulu premiered the series on August 31, 2021 with a ten-episode debut season. The series was renewed in September 2021 for a second season.

4. Monk (2002-2009)-

After the Afterparty, Season 1, must-see series

8 Seasons

Adrian Monk is a detective with the San Fransisco Police Department who has Obsessive Conclusive disorder or OCD. This TV show is a comedy-drama series that focuses on this character. His wife Trudy, a journalist, was murdered by a car bomb. He suffered a nervous breakdown that led to him losing his job and confined himself to his home for many years.

With the assistance of Sharona Fleming, his nurse cum assistant Sharona Fleming, he is able to leave the house and starts working as a private investigator as well as a consultant to the police. However, his OCD has gotten worse and he is unable to work.

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Tony Shalhoub plays the role of Adrian Monk. The series premiered July 12, 2002, and concluded December 4, 2009. It received eight Emmy Awards and one Golden Globe Award.

5. Agatha Christie’s Marple (2004)-2013


This British ITV television show features Miss Marple. It is loosely based upon the short stories by Agatha Christie (a British crime novelist). Miss Marple, a spinster who lives in a small village and helps to solve mysteries when she visits her relatives and friends, is Miss Marple.

For the first three series, Geraldine McEwan played the title Miss Marple. Julia McKenzie plays the role for the next series. It premiered on December 12, 2004 and ended on December 29, 2013,

6. Happy! (2017-2019)-

After the Afterparty, Season 1, must-see series

Number of Seasons 2

Happy! is an American animated live-action TV series that features adult animated cartoons. It’s based on Grant Morrison’s comic book series.

Nick Sax, a social outcast, meets a small blue winged unicorn called ‘Happy’. It is something that only Nick can see. Happy tells him about Hailey’s kidnapping. Happy claims that Happy is Nick’s estranged child. After some disbelief, Nick and Happy set off to rescue Hailey, while also discovering a global conspiracy that includes child trafficking, aliens, sex cults, and more.

Christopher Meloni portrays Nick Sax. The series premiered December 6, 2017, and concluded May 29, 2019.

7. Good Girls (2018-2021).

After the Afterparty, Season 1, must-see series


The series follows the lives of Michigan mothers struggling to make ends meet. They decide to rob a supermarket after they become tired of struggling to make ends meet. After the successful robbery, the manager of the supermarket recognizes one of them and they get into more drama.

The comedy-drama crime comedy was launched on February 26, 2018 and concluded on July 22, 2021. Christiana Hendricks and Retta Whitman play the three women.

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