Amber Heard Amber Heard Ex Elon Musk Gifted her a Tesla Model S

Amber Heard gives a twist to the Tesla that her ex Elon Musk gave her… one year after he promised to buy her a $80k car. Amber Heard took a turn in the Tesla Model S, worth $80,000, that her ex Elon Musk gifted her when she was dating. discovered last year that the entertainer had convinced her controlling ex to fit the car with a mess with the gadget.

The 35-year-old mother of two has not abandoned the engine. She was seen in Santa Clause Monica on Tuesday, riding in an electric dark vehicle that belonged to the auto company of the very wealthy.

Heard and Musk were together for around a year in 2018, after she ended her wild union with Johnny Depp.

Depp’s critique of Heard’s evidence raised doubts about the couple’s relationship after she published an opinion piece in Washington Post calling her a survivor from domestic abuse. received court reports at the time highlighting claims that Musk gifted Heard a Tesla equipped with a messing-with gadget, and that the entertainer’s mother preferred Depp to the ‘controlling” very wealthy person.

Jennifer Howell, a non-benefit originator, created the cases. She said that she became close friends with Whitney Henriquez’s younger sister Whitney Henriquez when she was her manager between 2014 and 2016.

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She also got to know the sister’s mother Paige, who Howell claims revealed extraordinary mysteries about Heard’s relationship to SpaceX after she split from Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard About Tesla Elon Musk Gifted To Her

Amber Heard Amber Heard Ex Elon Musk Gifted her a Tesla Model S

Fox BusinessIn a July 26 sworn assertion to Depp’s legal counsels, Howell stated: “Paige informed me while I was visiting Whitney Elon Musk had given a Tesla or another Tesla (not sure if it was the same one) and that that contrasted with the tech President. Depp was either an ‘holy messenger or a holy person, as she hoped Heard would join the Privateers of the Caribbean stars.

31-year-old Henriquez said that Howell’s memories are ‘unusual’, and a “complete fiction”. Musk’s representatives declined to comment at that time, but sources close to the Tesla innovator described Howell’s announcement to be an ‘unadulterated fantasy land’ and pointed out that Heard had merely ‘just at any moment expressed sparkling things about him.

Heard was able to get over the drama as she took a turn in her new car and ventured out on a crisp Los Angeles day. Heard layered up with a wide-leg, high-waisted top, dark pants, a dark coat and a printed flower neckerchief. Aquaman’s star looked incredibly relaxed, with her hair in a messy bun. She also wore no makeup under a facemask.

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She was all set to get an item at the pharmacy for Oonagh Paige’s new baby young lady. Golden had invited her by way of substitute eight months before. Ex Musk invited Grimes, his then-sweetheart to have another child a month after Amber had her little girl.

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