Animal Kingdom Season 5, Episode 13: Will the Codys Pull off The Heist Without Smurfing In “Launch?” Date of Release

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 13 is the finale of Animal Kingdom, a highly acclaimed criminal-drama series. The FBI might have believed that the Codys had connections to Livengood’s disappearance, but they were able to fool them. The police will not leave the Codys alone as they feel the heat rising in the final episode.

This could be the Codys’ first major job without Smurf. The writers of Animal Kingdom are hoping to shock the viewers with a thrilling cliffhanger. Will Codys succeed in this long-awaited heist, or will they fail? Continue reading to find out what happens next in Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 13

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 13 Preview: Next What?

Season 5 will conclude with episode 13, “Launch”. The Codys are ready to settle all scores in this episode. They will work together to execute the huge heist that they had been planning for the episode. It will be difficult for them to pull off the robbery they have planned without Smurf, their matriarch. We have also seen Pope, Craig Craig, J and Deran struggle to grieve the death of Smurf. They should now be able to concentrate on their jobs and forget about the past. Pope appears more stable than what we’ve seen him throughout Animal Kingdom Season 5.

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We will see Craig continue to battle his addiction, while Nick’s memories give Nick strength. As we saw Craig refusing drugs when Craig had it, so we will also be watching. The trailer shows the boys flying in their jets towards the ship where the heist is to take place. As they enter the building, the Codys disguise themselves as employees and grab their tools. The trailer shows gunfire and other dangers. Fans should be prepared for some surprises after Animal Kingdom season 5.

Animal Kingdom Season 5, Episode 13: Will the Codys Pull off The Heist Without Smurfing In

Here’s a quick recap!

In the previous episode, Janice made a time jump to her past. We see Janice as a young mother with her children in the past. Janice became a badass Smurf when we witnessed her shoot a black man to defend her children. Smurf was fortunate that the corpse of the black man had a diary in which he listed all the criminals in the region, giving him a new purpose. She was determined to save her child at that point. She became a savage and ran Oceanside with a thirst for power. We also saw that Smurf’s lifestyle, and the business that went round, had a devastating effect on the children, especially the twins. Pope’s condition meant that Smurf was the one who cared the most for Pope, while the twins longed for attention.

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In Animal Kingdom Season 5, J and Pope manage to care for Livingood’s body without any suspicion. The Drop FBI Agents Perkins & Gonzales stop Derran and interrogate him about Adrian and Livingood. Deran is cool and confident, and the officers don’t seem to believe that the Codys were involved.

Animal Kingdom Season 5, Episode 13: Will the Codys Pull off The Heist Without Smurfing In

After dealing with the cops the Codys learn that Chadwick isn’t ready to let them go. Pope expresses concern about Craig’s insatiable urges and concerns about Nick meeting Craig in this state. Pope also finds the coke that Pete and the cartel robbed in Pete’s car. Peter claims he flushed the coke earlier. The Codys will finally be seen in action in Animal Kingdom Season 5.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 13: Premiere Date

TNT will broadcast Animal Kingdom Season 13 at 9 p.m. on October 3, 2021. ET. ET. The network has renewed the next seasons. Keep checking back for the latest updates and don’t forget to catch the last episode.

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