Anya Taylor-Joy shares the Best Part about Being Cast in Super Mario Bros. Film

Anya Taylor-Joy Updates: Anya Taylor-Joy has discovered a surprising benefit of her future role. ET’s Matt Cohen spoke with the actress at the Los Angeles premiere Last Night In Soho Monday. She revealed that the best thing about being able to play Princess Peach in the forthcoming Super Mario Bros. animated feature.

It’s great fun. We have already begun doing small parts of it. Queen’s Gambit’s star gushed. “The best thing about it is that I can pretend to do academics, work or research while gaming. That’s very cool.”

Joy stated that she had to because of the games she played in preparation. “Because there is such a large fan base, I feel obliged to take part. It’s great fun.”

Chris Pratt will portray Mario, Charlie Day will portray Luigi, Jack Black Will play Toad and Keegan-Michael Key Will play Toad. Fred Armisen will be playing Cranky Kong. Fred Rogen will be playing Donkey Kong. Kevin Michael Richardson will take the role of Kamek. Sebastian Maniscalco will assume the role of Spike. Charles Martinet will make an appearance.

Joy promotes Last Night in Soho in the interim. This film was the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures’ first world premiere.

What Anya Taylor-Joy does in Super Mario Bros. Film

Anya Taylor-Joy shares the Best Part about Being Cast in Super Mario Bros. Film

Joy was wearing an antiqued gold Lame Dior Haute Couture long, low-cut, dress with herringbone pleating.

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Joy is the beautiful soprano Sandie in Edgar Wright’s psychological thriller set during the 1960s. This was the actress’ first recording in 1965, and she portrayed it beautifully.

Joy described the experience of singing in ET’s film as “fantastic.” “I was nervous because Edgar hadn’t heard me sing before I was hired. So there was part of me that thought, ‘Oh, gosh! I hope he loves it. ”

She said, “We did the original movie and then he stated he wanted to do two more versions of it because he loved it so much.”

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