Attack of Titans Part 2 Release Date, Cast and Latest Details Confirmed

Attack of Titans Season 4: Part 2 Updates: Attack of Titans, the largest Anime series 2021-22, will be ending with Season 4 part 2 of its final season. The final season will be streamed on the OTT platform Netflix on January 9.

The first episode of the season was published in 2021. Now Netflix is ready to welcome the last part of the Anime Show. It’s a US-based anime series and is very popular among both American and all other viewers on the OTT platform.

Each episode is a blast and offers a lot of entertainment. The show has twelve episodes. The trailer that revealed Levi’s fate has pumped up excitement for the new season. It has been entertaining viewers since 2013, and has a large fan base. The series began as a story of man vs. titan.

Fans had to wait longer to see the final series, but it was worth it. The first episode was viewed by the fans in May 2021. They then waited for Netflix to announce the AOT trailer.

These anime shows have been added to Netflix’s platform. This will increase entertainment options and help the channel make more money. The show can now be re-watched by fans on Netflix.

Quad decided to incorporate Manga-style into the series. Director Hisashi Saito is in charge of the script. The series is a copy of Isayama’s adventures. The show’s final part begins at the point Eren Jaeger becomes a full-fledged villain.

Touka Kuroitsu is the protagonist of this story. She works for a company that creates monsters. Agastya, an evil group which fights with goods and then destroys them, buys the monsters.

Official Teaser Trailer

Attack of Titans Part 2 Release Date, Cast and Latest Details Confirmed

The final part of the series will air on January 9, 2022. The 76th episode in the series’ previous season will be the first. The episode’s title is “Judgement”. The Twitter page stated that the series will return in the winter 2022, with its final season.

Episode 75 of the previous series was streamed via OTT in May 2021. On October 13, 2022, the official teaser for the series was made. This confirmed the date of the final episode of the Anime show.

The series was produced by MAPPA, with Jun Shishido as chief director and Yuichiro Hayashi as the lead director. Yuichiro Hayashi replaced Tetsuro Araki. Hiroshi Shishido wrote the series’ script, while Yasuko Kokobayashi designed the characters.

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The trailer clearly shows that the final season will be about war and all characters will end up in the same place. The 76th episode will be titled Judgement. The 77th will be titled “Sneak attack”, but no information is available about the 77th.

Although there is not an official synopsis online, the trailers hint at the battle against Reiner and Eren that will add to the war on Paradic Arc. The fate of Levi Ackerman and Survey Corps will be decided by the final series.


Hange Zoe

Erwin Smith

Sasha Braus

Mikasa Ackerman

Eren Jaeger

Armin Arlert

Jean Kirstein

Connie Springer

Historia Reiss

Annie Leonhart


Pieck Finger


Isabel Magnolia


Marco Bott

Petra Ral

Reiner Braun

Kenny Ackerman

Dot Pixis

Carla Jaeger

Furlan Church

Moblit Berner

Description of Major Characters

Gabi: Gabi lives in Liberio, the internment zone. Reiner’s family believes that India will end. He is a warrior candidate, and is currently being trained to be one of the titans. Gabi will continue her family’s legacy.

Parco Galliard – Although a warrior, he didn’t inherit his titanic abilities until Reiner and Berthholdt Berthholdt Brough Yamir To Marley.

Pieck Finger: She first appeared in season 3 as a cart Titan. Season 4 will see her in human form.

Falco Grice is another Titan warrior, who is, unlike Gabi is, ready to take part in the war. He is badly hurt during the war and seeks the assistance of his elder brother.

The War Hammer Titan: There are nine titans in this series. In the final season, the 9th titans were introduced using a warhammer and the titan is covered with the white substance.

Watch Attack on the Hill from Where?

Fans who want to watch the entire series of Attack of Titans can do so on Hulu, or sign up for Crunchyroll. These OTT platforms offer the most recent content.

Fans are worried about Levi Ackerman after the Anime Season 4B Trailer

Attack of Titans Part 2 Release Date, Cast and Latest Details Confirmed

AOT is currently in its final season. Fans are unsure about how the ending will go. However, it appears that AOT will finish intense and action-packed. Fans have many questions about the official teaser, but the most important question is Levi Ackerman’s fate. The trailer doesn’t seem to be optimistic about that.

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After the official teaser for AOT was released, # Levi started trending on social media. Fans were sharing their thoughts on Levi’s appearance. Fans are now more concerned about Levi after he was attacked by a bully and left in a pool bloody.

Levi is an old character on the show. He has been there since 2013. In each part, he has made progress against the Titans and has learned more about those who created them. This has led to war. This will determine the fate of all characters from last season.

The trailer features action and showsdowns between Reiner and Eren. While all characters are at risk, the trailer focuses on Levi. Season 4A was the last season. Zeke had placed everything on Levi and made him one of the greatest titans. It will address what happened to Levi in the trailer.

The trailer opens with Mikasa, Armin, the Cart Titans and more flashes. Fans are shocked to see Levi lying in bloody pool and Hange sitting next to him in despair. Levi’s fans are now wondering if the trailer will end or if Levi is going home.

Attack of Titans Season 4: Part 2 Spoiler

Attack of Titans Part 2 Release Date, Cast and Latest Details Confirmed

Although Levi won’t die in the final season, the scene that Levi survived the battle increases viewers’ excitement. He sustained a serious injury while fighting Zeke. But he survived. It is not what he expected. Levi ends up spending the rest of his days in a wheelchair with Gabi, Falco and Onyankopon.

Why the Anime Series should be Finished with a Movie

It took a lot of resources to produce quality content. The fans were happy with the series. It is possible to spend more time on animation development and avoid backlash from people who don’t like it.

The anime can be a wonderful way to tell a story to viewers. However, they also need to have the chance to succeed. The feature-length format is the best way for them to do this. Movies will be more enjoyable if they have a faster pace, a condensed story, and a simplified creative process.

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