Attack on Titan: Hajime Ichayama apologizes and promises 8 more pages

Attack on Titan Updates. Although it is necessary to wait until 2022 in order to see the ending of Attack on Titan at the end part 2 of Season 4, Attack on Titan’s conclusion can be found in its manga format (published in France by Pika Edition). Hajime Isayama, the author of the manga, said that he wasn’t satisfied with it. He will use Volume 34 (the final) to add several pages.

The end of Attack on Titan still makes people think about the fanbase a month after it was published in Bessatsu Shonen magazine. The debate continues between those who are satisfied with the result and those who regret making certain creative choices. It does not leave Hajime, its author, unaffected.

Attack on Titan: Hajime Itsayama apologises to the fans

Interview with Kodansha, taken over by Attack on Titan account ) revealed that he had “followed the reactions of fans to his last chapter ” quite a bit. The manga artist didn’t hide his regrets. He felt that the way he had drawn this chapter might have been misinterpreted. Armin, for example, does not approve the massacre. He believes that the drawing he did is a bit too young and has been done in a hurry. ”

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According to his words, he understands the disappointment of those watching, as he realized that the climax was very difficult for him to draw. He regretted not being able to convey it in a proper way in the manga. Hajime Isayama, who at the time believed he could please everyone with this last chapter, now admits that he was sorry to disappoint some.

Attack on Titan will prolong the end

A reaction too strong for a popular ending? It’s possible. The mangaka, however, is ready to change his mind after being confronted with this misunderstanding. Although the “Bessatsu Shonen” magazine allowed it to use 51 pages for the final chapter of Attack on Titan, HajimeIsayama “intends to add 8 pages to the last volume,” due June 9th in Japan.

This is an amazing choice that will allow him “draw what he couldn’t” at the time. Be careful though, you shouldn’t expect a different ending. These boxes should be filled in by Eren’s father to add credibility to their reactions and actions.

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