Barbarians Season 2: Returning On Netflix? What Are The Chances?

Nothing is more thrilling than watching a historic battle unfold on the screen. Netflix’s Barbarians offers that experience, along with great drama and compelling characters. Every Barbarians Season 2 fan was eager to see the second season after the October 2020 premiere. But is it possible? Let’s find out.

Netflix’s Barbarians, a historical action drama webseries, debuted on the streaming site in 2020. Arne Nolting and Jan Martin Scharf created the series. It focuses on the conflict between Roman Empire and Germanic. The series follows Arminius, a German soldier who leads his people against the powerful Roman Empire.

Netflix to Relaunch Barbarians Season 2

Barbarians Season 2: Returning On Netflix? What Are The Chances?

Netflix released the first season finale of Barbarians Season 1 on October 23, 2020. Fans are excited for Barbarians Season 2, after an entertaining first season. The creators and streaming service have not made any official announcements about the second season. There is a good chance that the show will return to the streaming service, considering how it has captivated history buffs and lovers of historical drama.

What could happen in Barbarians Season 2

Barbarians, a historical drama series is set during the Roman Imperial Campaign of Germania in 9 A.D. Publius Quinctilius Varus commanded three Roman legions with their auxiliaries. Arminius, a Germanic leader, had an advantage over Roman military tactics. He commanded and united the Germanic people to resist the Roman invasion.

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Barbarians Season 2: Returning On Netflix? What Are The Chances?

The series’ first season ended in a devastating battle ending, where the Germanic tribes defeated the Roman invaders at the Battle of Teutoburg Forest. Varus presented Varus’s severed head by Arminius to Maroboduus (king of Marcomanni), and also suggested to him an anti Roman coalition. Barbarians Season 2 will probably pick up where Barbarians Season 1 left off. Maroboduus rejects Arminius’s offer and sends his head to Rome for burial.

The second season will focus on Folkwin’s relationship with Arminius and Thusnelda. She was also pregnant with Arminius’s son at the end of Barbarians. Runa said that Gods had their own ways of disciplining the pretenders. What is the future for her unborn child? It’s tragic, as history has shown. Again, long-time friends. Folkwin and Arminius might be forced to go to war because they both love the same woman. This season will be fascinating to see how the love triangle develops.

Are Barbarians a True Story?

Barbarians Season 2: Returning On Netflix? What Are The Chances?

When we first see a historical drama that intrigues us, our first thought is to verify whether it’s based on a true story. The answer is yes. The series Barbarians was inspired by historical events. In fact, the war of Teutoburg Forest took place in 9 A.D. This occurred at a time before the Roman Christian empire reached its peak.

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Caesar Augustus, still living, was a ruler over a vast kingdom that stretched from the coasts of northern Africa to the north to the modern-day Britain. Under the first Roman King, Rome experienced unparalleled financial, military, and infrastructural development. This is why the Germanic victory over the Imperial powers was an extraordinary feat.

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