Bradley Cooper is holding his 4-year-old daughter Lea while he walks to Stephen Colbert’s program.

Please move over for the VIPs Bradley Cooper was dressed in a similar green coat as Lea, his girlfriend, when they arrived on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.”

As they headed towards the studio where The Late Show With Stephen Colbert was recorded, A Star Is Born’s entertainer joined hands with Lea de Seine (4 years old).

As they walked beside one another, the parent girl was dressed in a light green coat with Lea’s soft hood. Lea is very unhappy with her father, the actor from Silver Linings Playbook.

On several occasions, he has been seen dropping Lea off in class or bringing Lea along to help him get things done in New York. He carried her to Barack Obama’s August 2021 birthday celebration at Martha’s Vineyard. There, she shaken a light pink coordinating set with a pretzel design.

The Grammy Award winner has been rumored to have started gossip about his relationship with Irina Shayk. He was in a relationship with the supermodel in 2015. She gave birth to their daughter Lea in 2017. They finally split in 2019.

Bradley Cooper with his daughter Lea

Bradley Cooper is holding his 4-year-old daughter Lea while he walks to Stephen Colbert's program.

Fans have wondered if the couple has reconnected since they were spotted together recently with their little girl Lea. Sources close to the couple tell us that Bradley and Irina are no more.

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A source confirmed that Bradley and Irina “are not reuniting.” They said that they will always be in love, but it is “just not romantic.” Another source said that Bradley and Irina have not been dating again, but they have been co-nurturing Lea.

According to the source, “They have been enjoying the time together as of late and it has been especially great reconnecting as Christmas season has shown up.”

Bradley and Irina anticipate celebrating Christmas together, so they can all be together with their little girl.

Although he won’t be able to spend time with Lea’s mom again, A-rundown entertainer ensures that there is father-little-girl time with his daughter.

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