Britney Spears Reacts to Jamie Lynn’s Upcoming Interview with Cryptic Post

Britney Spears appeared to respond to Jamie Lynn’s impending meet, where she and her conservatorship were discussed.

Spears is not enthusiastic about Jamie Spears’s meeting, but she does look a bit bored.

After a glimpse of Jamie Lynn’s upcoming Good Morning America meet on 11th January, the pop star took to Instagram. It was an obscure post.

Jamie should be seen crying on a lounger chair while she says, “I love mine sister.” Juju Chan can then ask about the entire situation.

Britney did not mention the clasp in an Instagram post she shared shortly after. However, her subtitle reading, “Will I begin from The Beginning?”

It was actually a similar reaction. The enigmatic inquiry was added close to a photo of a typewriter near pink roses. Perhaps she is proposing that she will tell her story in a book.

Britney Spears Cryptic Post

Britney Spears Reacts to Jamie Lynn's Upcoming Interview with Cryptic Post

Jamie Lynn is most prominently known for her efforts to promote her journal, Things I Should have Said. It was delivered Jan. 18. Britney and Jamie Lynn have been at odds for quite some time. The youngest Spears family members took to the internet a few times during the court fight, including her conservatorship.

Britney was quick to applaud and then say that all her family should be in prison for what happened during her conservatorship. Britney posted an IG message that did not identify Jamie Lynn and called out her “closest friends” for not being there for Jamie Lynn. This was shortly after another message from her younger sister.

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“I don’t appreciate that my sis displayed at an entertainment show and played out MY SONGGS to remixes!” On July 18, the Louisiana native composed this statement. Britney doesn’t want to end her relationship with Jamie Lynn at the moment.

Our source stated that Britney is not surprised Jamie Lynn uses this open door to promote her book while the media focus is on Jamie Lynn’s family.

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