Bull Season 6 Episode 20: Bull in Trouble, Someone Looks at Him In “The Envelope”, Please!

Bull Season 6 Episode 20 will bring new challenges to Bull. He’s known for his ability to handle criminal cases. He doesn’t know that the same thing that has troubled him for months will come back to haunt him. Bull must now find a solution to this problem. The promo suggests that he may lose something more valuable to him. Continue reading to learn more.

Bull Season 6 Episode 20 Preview: The Next Step

Bull Season 6 Episode 20’s promo images hint at Bull meeting several people and spending some time with them. He has a heated discussion with Dr. Cohen, as we can see. He then meets Manuel Joaquin Santiago. His role is still unknown. He also has a chat with Lynn and Andrea. Although he looks happy, something terrible is coming. Bull hasn’t been suffering from stress for months, and it seems like Bull will soon be unable to remember what happened. He will eventually lose all his memories.

Bull Season 6 Episode 20: Bull in Trouble, Someone Looks at Him In

Here’s a quick recap!

In the previous episode entitled “Opening Up,” Danny opened up to her in her local bodega when a man with guns arrived. Danny instructed her cashier friend that they should give them all the money. But, they kept asking for more. Danny intervened and drove the gunmen away. They called the police. TAC was not interested in hearing about Danny’s incident so she kept it to herself.

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Kyla contacted TAC to ask for help in a case of sexual harassment. Kyla and her husband were married openly, which meant they could have sex with anyone. Raiden was her last partner. He sued her after she fired Raiden, alleging that she forced him into a bad relationship.

Raiden claimed that Kyla fired Raiden after he fell while putting it. Kyla maintained that she didn’t know that the man was working with her. He met her in a bar and they started to hook up. It wasn’t anything serious. Marissa and her husband stood by her. Marissa believed Kyla’s words, but Bull looked confused and reminded Marissa that open marriage can be difficult to explain. They tried to settle down but Raiden refused to pay seven million dollars. He demanded Kyla quit her CEO post, which Kyla refused.

Bull Season 6 Episode 20: Bull in Trouble, Someone Looks at Him In

Bull Season 6 Episode 20: Date of Release

Bull Season 6 Episode 20 will face difficult situations. Bull will be faced with new challenges and it will be fascinating to see how he deals with them. Bull Season 6 Episode 20 will be released on CBS on May 12, 2022 at 10 p.m. Keep checking back. TechRadar247 will keep your informed.

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