Chapter 1029 of One Piece: Killer vs. Hawkins! Release Date and Plot

One Piece Chapter 1029’s title is “Tower”. The focus of the next chapter will be on Killer and Hawkins. Their battle will be concluded. Sanji will also be updated. He isn’t comfortable with the changes in his body. Queen will, however, be facing Kid and Law in some action scenes.

Fans won’t likely see Yamato, Kaido and Luffy in the upcoming manga. There are many things happening simultaneously in the manga, so readers are eager to see updates on each one. What will Killer and Hawkins do when they meet? And when will the fans be able to get the next chapter of OP? These are the most recent details.

Chapter 1029 of One Piece: Killer vs. Hawkins! Release Date and Plot

One Piece Chapter 1029: Plot Details

The next chapter will start with the conversation between Queen Sanji and Sanji. The Queen will recount to him Judge’s once-repeated statement that he wanted exoskeletons. These creatures will be able to summon extraordinary power and stamina, and they will also have hearts as cold as ice. Soon, Kaido’s subordinates will arrive and shoot Sanji. It won’t have any effect. Because of the changes in his body, Sanji will become irritated. He will then decide to leave the battlefield. Queen will chase him and tell his to show the combat suit and its abilities. Kid is currently suffering from a terrible headache.

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He still supports Law against Big Mom. Both of her rivals are struggling and the latter is poised to win. Killer vs. Hawkins will be the focus of One Piece Chapter 1029. It will be revealed Hawkins is constantly headbutting Kid, causing him pain. Killer and Hawkins will have an informal discussion in which Killer will ask Hawkins two questions. Killer will ask Hawkins two questions. The first is “What happens to the damage that doesn’t have a place else to go?” Hawkins will answer Killer by telling him that all the damage will be done to Kidd and then he’ll cut his left arm. Killer then asks Hawkins why he’s going so far. Hawkins replies that Kid doesn’t have a right arm.

Killer’s second question is “How many lives have Kid’s straw dolls Hawkins had excluding Kid?s?” Hawkins will answer that it was the last. Hawkin quickly pulls out a card from a tower after Hawkin has replied. Killer, however, will not allow him to win and defeat him. The tower’s meaning is either the fall of an old structure or the dawn of something new. It is great that the manga won’t be on break next week and will continue with a big fight.

One Piece Chapter 1029: Publication Date

One Piece’s manga and anime are both doing well. The plot is much more intriguing than ever and the fighting sequences are top-notch. One Piece Chapter 1029 will be released on Sunday, October 24, 2021. You can read it on Viz Media.

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