Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 5: Casey Moves On To A New Journey! What’s Next? Release Date And More Details

Firehouse 51, Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 5 is set for a major turnaround. Casey is ready to make a major life-changing decision that will impact the firehouse. We saw Casey leave for Oregon with Griffin in the last episode. He met Ben and his teachers there, and made a major decision. The big question is: Will Casey leave Firehouse 51 for the fifth episode? Continue reading to find all details about the episode.

Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 5: What’s the Catch?

NBC has released the promo video and synopsis for Chicago Fire Season 10, Episode 5. Ritter, Gallo and Violet will all agree to take part in an interview about being firefighters. Brett will be having a difficult time in the next episode as Casey’s decision not to return to Chicago is the one that most affects her. We will still see her in the paramedicine program with Mouch.

Chicago Fire Season 10’s next episode will be the 200th. We are about to witness something very special in the fifth episode. The promo shows Casey being firm about his decision to leave the firehouse. This is because the crew will be going on their final firefighting mission together with Casey. Cruz is about become a father. In the next episode, we will see Cruz’s wife give birth. Fans will also be able to see some emotions between Casey, Brett and their long-distance relationship.

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Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 5: Casey Moves On To A New Journey! What’s Next? Release Date And More Details

Here’s a quick recap!

Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 4 began with Casey getting ready to depart for the trip. Brett and Casey discussed the possibility of leaving more belongings at her home. They shared a lovely moment, which showed that Brett was not ready for her boyfriend to leave her so soon. Brett also requested more paramedic assistance at the firehouse due to the lack of ambulances.

Hawkins finally gave her the go-ahead for her program. She then recruited Mouch as an assistant to the program. Her joy was short-lived. She was almost attacked by an overdose victim, and ended up with a knife tied to her neck. Casey seemed uninterested in her call and was distracted. Casey was also trying to win Griffin and Ben’s attention.

Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 5: Casey Moves On To A New Journey! What’s Next? Release Date And More Details

Will Casey leave Firehouse 51?

In Chicago Fire Season 10, Brett and Casey’s relationship is about to get more complicated. While she was working on her project, Casey was in Oregon with his best friend’s children. Casey also tries to reunite with Griffin’s brother Ben in Oregon. Ben replied coldly to Casey, saying that he didn’t want anything to do with Casey and that he did not need his assistance. Casey was also worried about Ben’s addiction to drugs. The relationship between them improved when Casey shared with Ben the story of his father being Casey’s best friend.

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Casey also met with the teachers of the teens and expressed his desire for them to go to Chicago. The teachers disagreed and said that Griffin and Ben need stability more than ever. They also said that the boys had been displaced too many times throughout their lives. They suggested that they might not want to go through it again. Casey took their advice into consideration and headed for Chicago to go back to the firehouse.

Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 5: Casey Moves On To A New Journey! What’s Next? Release Date And More Details

Casey discussed his dilemma with Herrmann towards the end of the episode. He had to choose between his dream job or the Darden boys. Herrmann also tells Casey that his best friend would be proud of his boys being under Casey’s care. Casey eventually decided to leave Firehouse 51 to move to Oregon and become a foster father. In the fifth episode, Chicago Fire Season 10, Casey’s departure from the firehouse may be a turning point.

Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 5, Premiere Date

Chicago Fire Season 10’s fifth episode will air at 9:00 p.m. on October 20, 2021. ET. Each episode airs on Wednesdays at NBC, and lasts approximately 45 minutes. Fans can stream the latest episodes on DirecTV and Sling TV as well as Fubo TV. Get ready for another episode of Chicago fire. Keep checking back for exciting updates.

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