Close Enough Season 4: Is The Show Canceled? Release Date Out

Close Enough, a comedy series on HBO Max, has been making us laugh for three seasons. Fans have been eagerly awaiting Close Enough Season 4, ever since its third season premiered. Is it coming? Let’s find the out.

HBO Max’s Close Enough, an animated series for adults created by JG Quintel and debuted in 2020. The series follows Josh and Emily, a married couple with a 5-year old daughter. They live with their divorcing friends.

Is Close Enough Season 4 Renew?

Close Enough Season 4: Is The Show Canceled? Release Date Out

Close Enough’s third season aired on HBO Max on April 7, 2022. We have some bad news for fans. Deadline reported that HBO MAx has decided not to cancel the fourth season. HBO’s official statement states that they are proud of the series, and thank creator JG Quintel, and Cartoon Network Studios partners, for making this show a fan favorite on HBO Max.

JG Quintel, the showrunner, also posted a tweet about the show’s end. He said, “I feel blessed to have worked with so many talented individuals.” We are grateful to all who helped bring it to fruition and everyone who watched!

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What could happen in Close Enough Season 4

The third season of the series ends with Bridgette struggling to admit her feelings for Alex, the matchmaker. Bridgette finally discovers who she really is and lets go of the limitations so she can express her true love.

Close Enough Season 4: Is The Show Canceled? Release Date Out

It would be interesting to see if Josh, Emily, Alex, and Bridgette could become best friends. Josh and Emily had more fun being with their new friends, who were also a typical couple. It will be fascinating to see how the story turns if Close Enough Season 4 returns.

Why do Pearle Watson’s fans love her?

Close Enough Season 4: Is The Show Canceled? Release Date Out

After retiring as an LAPD officer, Pearle Watson is now the landlord of the duplex where other key characters reside. Pearle is not the typical demanding landlord. She has a strong relationship with her tenants and provides them with reliable guidance and support during critical times.

Pearle’s skills in surveillance and self-defense have not diminished even after she left the force. The group also benefited greatly from Emily’s excellent use of rapid driving skills. Even though Randy has not made great strides in his life, she still appears kind and compassionate to him. He was even Bridgette and Emily’s mother during difficult times.

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Why should you watch close enough?

Close Enough Season 4: Is The Show Canceled? Release Date Out

Close Enough offers a wide variety of comedy styles for viewers to enjoy. Close Enough delivers the humor. Everybody can find something that they like, regardless of whether they are looking for physical, dark, referential or situational humor. The humor is mainly shared by three main characters, even though each character is funny in their own way. Josh is a well-intentioned but clueless father. Bridgette is a frequent source of problems and Alex is a crazy college lecturer.

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