Coming Soon: Noughts and Crosses Season 2! Get the plot and cast details!

The BBC’s Noughts and Crosses Season 1 was released in 2020 and received huge critical acclaim due to its portrayal of racial prejudices. Fans have been waiting eagerly for Noughts and Crosses Season 2, as the first season ended in a cliffhanger. The second season’s release date has been set!

Noughts and Crosses, a British TV drama series, debuted on BBC One in March 2020. Malorie Blackman created the series based on her 2013 novel. The story centers on Sephy and Callum who are lovers from two completely different social backgrounds.

What to Expect from Noughts and Crosses Season 2

Sephy is the daughter of a politician from African-American Cross. Callum, Sephy’s childhood friend and lover of European blood is the Noughts, an oppressed section of society. In the suspenseful finale of season one, Yaro threatens Prime Minister Hadley’s reputation. Yaro is harmed by the Minister’s false terrorist affiliations.

Coming Soon: Noughts and Crosses Season 2! Get the plot and cast details!

Sephy is kidnapped by the Liberation Militia and demanded a ransom of $1 million as well as her father’s resignation. For the sake of his daughter, he agrees to pay. They reconcile when Sephy tells Callum she is pregnant. After her father accepted their relationship, Sephy and Callum moved in together to raise their child away from their enemies.

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Noughts and Crosses Season 2 will continue to focus on Sephy’s and Callums’ problems. They want everyone to love them without highlighting their racial differences. Sephy and Callum still want to be together despite their escape, particularly now that Sephy is pregnant. To stay safe, the two lovers will need to be extra careful. A second season may reveal who among Jack or Jude was hurt or killed by the gunshot that was heard in the final seconds of the finale. The creators may not stick to the original ending of the novel. Callum dies in the second season. Or the characters forge their own paths.

When is Noughts and Crosses Season 2 Due?

Coming Soon: Noughts and Crosses Season 2! Get the plot and cast details!

Peacock premiered the first season of Noughts & Crosses on September 4, 2020. The show aired in the UK on BBC One from March 5th to April 9th 2020, before it was released in the USA. The second season looks very likely, as the first season ended in inconsolable fashion. The show’s renewal was announced to fans on May 21, 2021. An announcement was made via Twitter by BBC Press. Noughts and Crosses Season 2 will be released on BBC on April 22.

Malorie Blackman, the writer of the series, spoke out about the second season. “So many people have been asking me, “So what’s next?” Now they will find the answer! After reading the scripts, I believe I can confidently say that even people who are familiar with the Noughts and Crosses series will find surprise, suspense and much to enjoy.

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Who will Return for the Second Season?

Coming Soon: Noughts and Crosses Season 2! Get the plot and cast details!

Masali Baduza plays Persephone Hadley and Jack Rowan respectively, while Callum McGregor is his childhood friend. Helen Baxendale plays Meggie McGregor and Josh Dylan plays Jude McGregor. Shaun Dingwall plays Jack Dorn, head of Liberation Militia.

The cast also features Paterson Joseph as Kamal Hadley and Jonathan Ajayi as Lieutenant Lekan Baako. Kike Brimah plays Minerva Hadley. Other cast members include Bonnie Mbuli and Opal Folami as Jasmine Hadley, as well as Rakie Ayola. Ian Hart plays Ryan McGregor. We can expect the majority of the cast to reprise their roles if the series is recommissioned. There might also be new cast members for the second season.

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