Cursed Season 2: Did Nimue Survive? When Will The Second Season Release?

In the history of movies and television, many times have been told and retold the story of King Arther with his famous magical sword Excaliber. Netflix’s Cursed is a new take on the Arthurian legend. In July 2020, Netflix released the first season of this fantasy drama series. It’s been over a year since the first season of Cursed Season 2 was released, but little is known. Will it ever happen? Let’s find out.

Netflix’s Cursed, a series of medieval fantasy action-dramas, debuted on the streaming platform in July 2020. Based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel for young adults, the series stars Katherine Langford (13 Reasons Why) as the lead. Cursed tells the story of Nimue, a female enchantress who sees Arthurian legend through her eyes. On a mission to save her people, the young sorceress teams up with Arthur, a lovable mercenary.

Is there a Cursed Season 2?

Cursed Season 2: Did Nimue Survive? When Will The Second Season Release?

Netflix launched Cursed Season 1 on July 17, 2020. Cursed Season 2 will continue the story after the conclusion of the first season. The eagerly awaited second season was awaited by fans. Netflix shocked everyone by cancelling the series in July 2021. This was ahead of the second season.

Cursed’s popularity on streaming services has meant that the decision to cancel it was not easy. The show’s fans were disappointed and started an online campaign called #SaveCursed. Netflix has yet to show any interest.

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Cursed Season 2: What could happen?

After initially refusing to embrace her Fay enchantress powers, Nimue was finally seen accepting them in the first season. They are then used to rescue the Fey from Red Paladins’ army. To fulfill her mother’s last wish, she embarks on a journey that will see her give Excalibur to Merlin. Along the way, Nimue falls in love with Arthur, a soldsword.

Cursed Season 2: Did Nimue Survive? When Will The Second Season Release?

The season finale sees Nimue implement the plan she devised to stop Feys’ death at the hands the enemy. In the hope of saving her people, she submits to King Uther’s demands. Merlin sets out to expose Cumber after he discovers that he has not kept his end of the bargain. He was attacked by the assassin sent by Ruben. Cumber takes the side of the Church and demands Nimue in return for the sword. Combat ensues between the Red Spears and Feys. Morgana saves Nimue, who is being held hostage by the Red Paladin. Both of them then go to Merlin’s rescue. However, Nimue is attacked and thrown down by Iris. She appears to be dead.

Cursed Season 2 could have addressed the question everyone has been asking: Is the Lady Of The Fire really dead? Where is Merlin, now that he has used his powers against Iris? If Nimue survived the attack, it’s possible that he will return to her if he finds out about her survival. Arthur, enchanted by his newfound power may use the Red Spear against the Church. It will be interesting to see how the revelation of the true identity of the Weeping Monk affects the main plot.

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Is Nimue Still Alive?

Cursed Season 2: Did Nimue Survive? When Will The Second Season Release?

One of the most significant twists in Cursed’s first season is the revelation that Nimue is Merlin’s daughter. As shown in the episodes, Merlin has lived a long and happy life. He has also survived many other fatal injuries throughout his life. Merlin survived a terrible assassination attempt from The Fisherman, which showed how difficult it is for him to kill.

Nimue might have been influenced by Nimue’s determination. Iris’s arrows did not seem to strike her in the hip or shoulder, but caused minor injuries that are unlikely to cause serious injury. Although her injuries will be worsened by the fall, she may be able to recover or keep on top of things. The original version of The Widow predicted Nimue’s demise as a result of Merlin’s actions, which adds another wrinkle to this hypothesis.

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