David Ayer, Suicide Squad Director, Shares First Look at Jared Lato’s Joker

Suicide Squad Updates: Jared Leto, the Joker has been revealed by David Ayer, Director of Suicide Squad. Leto’s Clown Prince Of Crime has drawn eyebrows (which looked like they were made of “HA-HA-HA”s) as well as a wide smile on his face in an Instagram Story photo.

Also, he doesn’t have a tattoo titled “Damaged” on his forehead. This image appears to have been taken as a screen test before Joker’s final appearance in the film.

Leto’s Joker, in Suicide Squad, was only visible for a short time, but it left an impression. Ayer stated previously that the picture was “torned to shreds” with no Joker scenes. On Twitter, he said that “my first act was a normal-constructed film.” Christopher Nolan was an inspiration to him. There were scenes that featured great acting between Jared and Margot [Robbie, actor for Harley Quinn] Joker was a frightening character. Harley was a complex character.”

First look at Suicide Squad: Jared Lato’s Joker

David Ayer, Suicide Squad Director, Shares First Look at Jared Lato’s Joker

Zack Snyder’s Justice League featured Leto for a short appearance. Fans have long yearned to see Ayer’s original vision of Suicide Squad in an “Ayer Cut”. DC has denied rumors that such a film would be made.

Leto spoke out about the controversial gifts he gave his Suicide Squad stars. “Any of the few gifts ever given were given with joy and adventure and they were received in the spirit laughing, fun and adventure,” he stated. Everything was captured on film! All of it was captured on film! One by one, people were dying. We were just enjoying ourselves.”

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