Details about Ghost Of Tsushima Expansion Iki Island – The Latest Update

A playtester for Ghost Of Tsushima’s imminent growth leaked some valuable insider information about the new Iki Island area. Sony and Sucker Punch Productions teased the new growth in Ghost Of Tsushima Director’s Cut. This PlayStation five upgrade to their highly-acclaimed open-international ancient adventure promises to feature new armor, minigames and enemies for Jin Sakai’s quest against a historical Mongolian invasion on the titular Japanese island.

Although details about Ghost Of Tsushima’s Iki island growth were slow to emerge, they are certainly moving ahead since it was first shown off in a Director’s Cut trailer in July. The new area might be accessible to players as soon as the story’s second act begins. Sucker Punch suggests that Ghost of Tsushima’s subplot about Iki Island might be integrated into the main plotline of the sport, rather than being an entirely separate aspect quest.

A person claiming to be an expert on the PS5 port’s most recent area is now giving fans a preview of what they can expect when Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut launches next month.

Ghost of Tsushima: Latest Update

Reddit user QualityAssuranceTest posted a lengthy textual content passage on Monday to the r/ghostofikishima forum. It details their history as a QA player for builders such as EA Sports, Naughty dog, and Sucker Punch, and also shares some alleged insights into Ghost Of Tsushima’s upcoming Iki Island expansion. The textual content suggests that Iki Island may be located off the coast Tsushima, and could be of the same scale as the declining part of the mainland.

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Details about Ghost Of Tsushima Expansion Iki Island - The Latest Update

There are reputedly several monkeys, squirrels and leopards living on the island. The new content will cover approximately 15 to 20 hours of gameplay.

Both players and critics loved Ghost Of Tsushima when it was released on the growing older PlayStation four Ultimate July. Some even made plans to do special in-sport activities to celebrate its first anniversary.

The Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut was met with similar excitement. However, some are pondering the possibility that Sony may be charging gamers who have Ghost of Tsushima instead of providing a unfastened PS5 upgrade as it did with Spider-Man 2: Miles Morales or The Last Of Us Part II. The Director’s Cut promises enough new capabilities and enhancements to the existing Ghost Of Tsushima so that other users will feel the additional rate.

The Quality Assurance Tests claims regarding the Iki Island’s growth are currently uncertain. This should all be taken with a grain-of-salt until more reliable information is available. If those claims are true, Iki Island will be filled with exciting new content while Ghost of Tsushima Director’s cut arrives.

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