Doctor Who Season 13 Episode 5: Doctor and Squad Search for a Way to Deal with the Flux in “Survivors of the Flux!”

Doctor Who Season 13 Episode 5: Yaz, Dan, and the Doctor will travel through multiple timelines in order to save humanity. The alien foes have plans to destroy the universe with their mysterious Flux. The Doctor and her team will continue to fight for their lives, while also trying to find a way to defeat their greatest enemy. Continue reading for more details about the next episode.

Doctor Who Episode 13 Precap: What’s Next?

Doctor Who Season 13 Episode 5 is titled “Survivors of the Flux”. Unfortunately, the evil forces of the Flux are closing in on the Doctor. The perilous journey that Dan, Yaz and the Doctor will take will be difficult. They will have to overcome many obstacles on their journey to rescue their lives from evil.

The future of humanity is in danger as the mysterious Flux forces draw closer. Doctor Who Season 13 Episode 5: The Doctor and his team will save humanity, while also uncovering the truth about an alien enemy they will be facing.

Here’s a quick recap!

In the previous episode, the Doctor rebooted the TARDIS in an attempt to flush out the Angel. Unfortunately, the ship was stranded at Medderton in 1967. Professor Jericho performed a psychic experiment with Claire in the village. In the meantime, Yaz and Dan were sent back by an angel to Medderton in 1901. Peggy was found by the duo. They discovered a barrier to 1967 and Peggy had to spend the rest her life back in time.

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Doctor Who Season 13 Episode 5: Doctor and Squad Search for a Way to Deal with the Flux in

In Doctor Who Season 13 Episode 4, Claire, Jericho and the Doctor locked themselves in the basement. Claire explained that she was becoming an Angel after receiving Angel’s vision. The Doctor also realized that Angels were following the Angel. The Doctor also found out that the running Angel has some knowledge about the Time Division.

The Angels had surrounded the house shortly after and the group was forced to flee through the tunnels. Jericho was captured and sent back to 1901. Doctors found out that the Angels had overtaken the village in order to capture the Angel. The Angel offered to save the Angel the Doctor. The Division quickly recalled the Doctor, and they made her an Angel, while the rest were stuck in 1901.

Bel arrived at Puzano in the meantime. Namaca took Bell to Azure, Swarm’s accomplice. Bel was able to escape from Azure’s trap eventually. She escaped and left a message to Vinder in Doctor Who Season 13 Episode 4.

Doctor Who Season 13 Episode 5: Doctor and Squad Search for a Way to Deal with the Flux in

Doctor Who Episode 13 Episode 5: Airing Date

The fifth episode of Doctor Who Season 13’s 13th season will air on November 28, 2021. Each new episode of Doctor Who Season 13 airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET. ET. The runtime is 60 minutes. The current season will include thirteen episodes.

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Where to stream the next episode online?

You can catch the latest episode of BBC America’s broadcast on the BBC’s official website or the BBC app. Season 13 can also be viewed on YouTube TV, Fubo TV and Hulu+Live. Don’t miss the fifth episode. Return to Sling TV for more episode previews.

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