Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Release Date Delayed Click to know

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey updates: Frontier Developments has delayed the release of Elite Dangerous on consoles until the PC version has been improved. Many technical issues have plagued the PC version, many of which are quite significant.

Due to a multitude of performance-related issues, the game launched in May to an utterly dismal review from gamers. Many issues were also encountered with the paid DLC, including crashes, server errors, bugs, and even stuff that interferes with older content.

Frontier Developments CEO and Founder David Braben posted in a Forum post that work on console ports had not progressed as expected because the team is addressing PC issues.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Delayed

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Release Date Delayed Click to know

While work continues on the PC version, we will update the dates and details about other platforms. The Xbox and PlayStation players will need to wait a little longer for the game’s release on their platforms.

Braben wrote that Only when the foundation of the PC launch is solid, we will be able to relay our console roadmap. Although it might disappoint some, Frontier Developments’ decision to delay the release of the console versions may be the right one.

Developers will be able to spend more time on the PC version before they can work on the console versions. This allows the developers to create a bug-free console version. Braben noted in the update that Odyssey is a significant step for Elite Dangerous because it allows players to explore the globe on foot for the very first time.

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Now, the focus is on ensuring that players have a bug-free and stable experience. Let us know your thoughts on this update and whether or not you will be trying the game out on consoles.

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