Eternals Introduces New Character in Credit Scene !

Eternals Updates – Recently, we saw “Eternals Assemble”, a movie from the MCU era. It was quite good. It also sets up MCU to support other Eternals movies as well as other MCU projects. It never felt like a standalone movie or an introduction to a group superpowers.

It’s a post credit scene that adds spice to the deliciously prepared meal. Director Chloe Zhao had already stated that there would be two scenes after credits, and we were able to see both of them in the movie.

The character of “Kithharrington” Dane Whitman was seen in the first scene. We saw him talk to Sersi. At the end, he revealed something about his family secret. Then suddenly, “Arishem the Judge” appears from the sky and takes her along with the other Eternals.

We saw him trying to convince himself to open the box in the middle of the credit. The box is opened and we see a sword named “Excalibur”. We also hear noises in the background.

When he attempts to touch it, a voice asks him “Are you ready for that Mr. Whitman?” In an interview, Chloe Zhao stated that it was Mahershala’s “Blade”.

Eternals New Character

Eternals Introduces New Character in Credit Scene !

Then we saw the post credit scene, in which we could see the remaining “Eternals”, their ship, and find their fellow mates. A portal suddenly opens, and we see a strange-looking dwarf named “Pyp The Trot”. Then he introduces Harry Style‘s “StarFox”.

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He also said that he was brother to Thanos. “Starfox” then stated that he would help the remaining Eternals find “Sersi”, “Kingo”, and “Phaistos”. The movie was over and the entire audience had a smile on their faces.

Mid-credit showed the Dane Whitman, who will be in MCU as the “Black Knight”, and Mahershala Ali’s Blade in MCU. They introduced StarFox, a new character, and may have also set up the next movie of “Eternals” in the post-credit scene.

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