Evil Season 3: BTS Image Confirms Stars’ Return on Set! Trailer Teasers: What’s Next?

Evil, the Paramount+ hit series Evil, is returning with a new and more eerie episode. Recent behind-the scenes images suggested that Dr. Kristen Bouchard, a psychologist, will be returning to Evil Season 3 with her team. It was a rough season, especially when Kristen began to feel for catholic David Acosta. Many fans are left wondering what Kristen will do next. Will she divorce her husband in season 3 as well? The new season 2 of the series has expanded its universe and explored possession and demons more deeply.

It ended with many questions unanswered. Kristen, frantic and angry, confronted David about her sins in the final episode. After being threatened by Orson LeRoux, she finally admitted that she had killed him. She also stressed that she was planning to kill Leland townsend. He’s also putting her at risk just like Orson. Kristen and David were able to share a kiss, fueled by the excitement of the moment. This has been happening for the first season. Fans now wonder if David will leave his priesthood position.

Evil Season 3: Has It Been Renewed Yet?

Evil Season 3: BTS Image Confirms Stars' Return on Set! Trailer Teasers: What's Next?

Paramount+ has renewed the series for its third run, so evil fans can breathe a sigh. The series was renewed quickly after it moved from CBS to Paramount+. It was renewed long before the delayed second season. It was no surprise that the series is one of the most watched on streamers. Its viewership has increased week-by-week in comparison to its first run. Paramount+ aired season 2 as an original.

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Evil Season 3: Is Production Now Complete?

To see the effects of Kristen’s and David’s kiss, viewers will have to wait. The wait will not be long. Robert King, series creator, shared photos from the set recently. He tweeted that production has begun for the next series. It looks very familiar. It is possible that filming is taking place at Kristen’s home. Season 3 filming began on November 15. The third season may not be as long-winded as its second. Aasif Mandvi and Mike Colter, David’s star, are busy speculating on what the next season will bring.

As a follow-up to the announcement that the creators had signed a new TV deal, the renewal announcement was made. CBS studio recently confirmed that Robert King and Michelle King have signed an eight-figure, five-year deal to remain with the company for future seasons. The Kings will have more flexibility for season 3. It will be the first streaming-only show. The creators claim that they originally wrote the second season for CBS. After production started, however, the show moved to Paramount+.

Evil Season 3: Who could return for the next run?

Evil Season 3: BTS Image Confirms Stars' Return on Set! Trailer Teasers: What's Next?

The streamer has yet to confirm who will be joining the third run, however. We can be sure that the investigators will return. Katja Herbers will return as Dr. Kristen Bouchard, along with Mike Colter and Aasif Madvi as Ben Shakir. Kurt Fuller will return as Dr. Kurt Boggs, and Marti Matulis will as George.

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Skylar Gray will be joined by Brooklyn Shuck, who will play Lynn Bouchard. Maddy Crocco will play Lexis Bouchard, and Dalya Kinapp will play Laura Bouchard. Christine Lahti will play Sheryl Luria alongside Michael Emerson as Leland Townsend.

Evil Season 3: Two new teasers hint at an enigmatic clue

The series’ official Twitter account shared its first cryptic trailer two days before the second finale was due to be released. The trailer was originally released in March 2020, and it was reshared October 8, 2021. It provides some insight into the title of the first episode. It fades to black smoke, and the total number of 974 is now apparent. It is not clear what these numbers mean. Robert, the showrunner, stated that this puzzle will not be easy to solve.

The series shared another hour just after the end of the second season. The puzzle shows some missing puzzles being put together to make a map. It also included the title of the first season episode. The trailer didn’t even focus on the title of the second season episode. The trailer focused on the 60 houses that are evil. A fan suggested that it might be Manhattan map, as the series was filmed in Manhattan.

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