Facebook Smartwatch Leaks – Camera, Specification, and Apple Watch Resemblance

If the recent rebranding announcement is to be followed, a new smartwatch will likely come from Facebook or “Meta”. Although this has been suspected for a while, another hole today confirms it.

The gossipy tidbits regarding a Facebook smartwatch has been swirling for quite some time. We are grateful to another hole that we have our first glimpse at the device. Bloomberg’s picture shows that the smartwatch is equipped with a forward-looking camera, which is something its competitors don’t have.

Mark Gurman, an Apple veteran, revealed in Bloomberg today details about the forthcoming Facebook, Meta smartwatch (codenamed “Milan” according to leaked codes), and a leaked render. The screen’s focal point is the bottom edge, and there is a camera score. It is similar to the forward-looking camera on a cell phone, except for its extraordinary position.

Facebook Smartwatch Camera

Facebook Smartwatch Leaks - Camera, Specification, and Apple Watch Resemblance

The smartwatch’s plan looks very similar to the Fitbit Sense. It has a square face with delicately adjusted edges. The smartwatch appears to have a button on its right-hand side, but the photo doesn’t show it clearly enough. According to Facebook/Meta, the smartwatch has separable wristlashes and one button on its right side. Gurman and industry gossip claim that Facebook/Meta wanted to ship the smartwatch by mid-2022. However, this has not been confirmed.

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All of this is in line with the declarations made by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook/Meta, at today’s “Interface”, where Zuckerberg stated that the rebranding was intended to adapt the organization to its vision to create a “metaverse,” a project to which it has given fundings totaling $10 billion. A Facebook/Meta VR headset called Oculus Pro, which was due to be released in the coming days, was also leaked. This shows that the company is moving into equipment production.

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