Find out Why Foster Season 6 Will Not Happen.

Foster Season 6 Updates. While Foster fans aren’t in the best place as it wraps its fifth season, they don’t need to get too emotional or say goodbye. According to local websites, The Fosters will not return for Season 6. However, they will be back for a three-episode event series this summer. This will offer some closure and introduce a new series.

Entertainment Weekly reported last month, that 13 episodes of the Fosters spinoff will be aired. It will star Fosters stars Maia Michell (pictured above) and Cierra Ramirez (pictured below).

As far as the exact date of this three-episode event, it is not yet known. According to stars’ social media accounts the final script is being written. “Our last table was read and it’s beginning to sink in.

Mitchell wrote last month, “Mostly feeling grateful for such an amazing five and one years, I love these group of people more than any other,” as a caption to several photos that Mitchell and her co-stars shared.

David Lambert shared similar photos with Mitchell’s. He posted a photo of his spot at the set in February, as he said goodbyes.

Foster Season 6 Cancelled

Find out Why Foster Season 6 Will Not Happen.

The star wrote that he would always treasure this lot. It will always be a special place inside my head and in my heart. It was a privilege to be able say that I worked there. I could go on, but that’s not the point. It’s okay. I will miss this place.

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According to Deadline, the synopsis will read Mariana. Callie, who will be older, will be moving to Los Angeles. Burke stated that both of them would have to deal with cultural differences while still pursuing the dreams they had in The Fosters.

We can safely say that the spinoff will provide long-time fans with an extension of their favorite characters while also being unique enough to appeal to viewers who aren’t as familiar or good at the original.

It’s a time for renewal and positive change for The Fosters. A new story will start after the end of one series.

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