Google Pixel 7 Design, Expected price, New Tensor Chip, Samsung Modem

Google Pixel 7 Updates. While Google is working to fix every bug in the Pixel 6 smartphone, it also discusses future smartphones such as Pixel 6a, Outgoing Pixel Notepad and Pixel 7. Google’s 9to5 leaks give basic information. Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro also have the device code name.

Soon after Google released the Android 13 Dev preview, journalists and fans began to explore the new operating system on Google smartphones. Google has access the 2nd gen Tensor model number GS201 within the Cstark27 OS. This chip will be available on the Pixel 7 Pro and 7 Pro but not the 6a or notebook devices.

The model number “g5300b”, which is associated with the Tensor 2 CPU and modem code Android 13, also refers to the model number. It looks like an unannounced Samsung modem; this can also be called an Exynos5300 modem. Exynos modem 5123 uses the model number “g5123b”. (Pixel 6 modem; Exynos modem 6123 uses the model number” g5123b).

Google Pixel 6 Update: This Android is what you want

Two preview codes for Android 13 Dev have been revealed: “Cheetah” and “Panther”. These terms are applicable to Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 PRO. It is important to mention that all phones from the Pixel 6 series are included in the Future fold. These are code-based codecs, also known internally as Pipit. I believe Google will support its codenames on any phone product tensor chips.

It contains some confusing information. One part of the Android 13 code refers specifically to a device named “Ravenclaw”. Although we don’t know much about this device, the code name Ravenclaw contains the language of fish and birds. Maybe “Ravenclaw”, an internal test device, is similar to the Pixel 6. However, it uses a second-generation Tensor Chip.

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Google Pixel 7 Price and Launch Date

Google Pixel 7 Design, Expected price, New Tensor Chip, Samsung Modem

The Google Pixel 7 will be announced in October 2022. This is not a rumor. However, with the exception to the Google Pixel 5 which was announced in October of this year, all previous models were launched in October of the year they were released.

It may be on sale for a few days depending on how the Pixel 7 list was announced. However, it could go on sale by October 2022.

It is nearly identical in price to the Pixel 6 range. The standard model is priced at $ 599 / AU$ 999 / PS 599, while the Pixel 6 Pro costs $ 899 / AU $849. 1,299.

What we want to see

Google Pixel 7 Design, Expected price, New Tensor Chip, Samsung Modem

While the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are among Google’s most popular phones, they aren’t perfect. We want to see improvements in the Pixel 7 series.

1. Battery Life is better

Both the Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6 Pro have the worst battery life. It’s wrong, but it would have been nice to see it in the middle.

We want longer battery life with the large range of Pixel 7s. Google uses compatible chipsets that are specifically designed for these phones, and the software that runs them. This allows us to assume that it is in good shape to increase pixel density.

2. Extra power

The Pixel 6’s Google Tensor chipet is one of the best features. It is the first time that it uses a Google-compatible chipset.

It is however not compatible with the performance of the Snapdragon 888 and Samsung Galaxy S21 when it comes to large gaming with Google Tensor.

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We recognize that ratings aren’t everything, but we want Google Tensor 2 with extra green power to be able to compete directly against the best silicon.

3. Support for the long-term

There were rumors prior to the launch Pixel 6 that Google would offer five years worth of Android updates. However, it promised five years security episodes and three year of Android updates.

This is at least as good than the Android competitors. However, unlike iPhones, they often get more than five year of operating system updates.

While some companies might delay the release of chipsets for their phones in order to allow the chipset manufacturer to support the update longer than they can, this is not necessary since Google makes chipsets. We are very disappointed that Pixel 7 will not be supported for long periods of time.

4. Improved fingerprint scanner

Google’s original phones featured a fingerprint scanner, but our review of the Pixel 6 Pro revealed that this was inaccurate.

It can sometimes take some effort to turn it off because it is more selective than other fingerprint phones. We want the fingerprint scanner to work flawlessly on the Pixel 7 so it can function reliably and fast.

5. Long, flexible zoom

The Google Pixel 6 doesn’t have a telephoto lens, but the Pixel 6 Pro has it.

We want the Pixel 7 (or Pixel 7 Pro) to have 10x zoom, just like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. We don’t need 10x zoom, but we do want 2x and 3x zoom in, out, and it can zoom 10x at any level, so we have excellent zoom capabilities.

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