Halo 3 Development Rumors and Other Details

Halo 3 Updates – As with any video game that spans a series, it is to be expected that every new game will get new features to expand the game’s scope, improve combat and add excitement.

This is not a unique process for the Halo series. Each title from Halo 2 through Halo 5 has a sponsor that adds new gameplay to the formula. Sponsors include load-outs, armor techniques, ground pounds and load-outs. Dual-wielding was eliminated after only two games. Halo 2 and Halo 3 heavily relied on the Battle Rifle to win the largest ranged combat battles. Its accuracy, and its huge loss, unexpectedly changed the direction of Major League Gaming.

The introduction of dual-wielding weapons in Halo 2 gave Halo 2 new ways to join firepower at close range or middle distance, or simply double the ammo. Although Halo Reach was released in 2010, many players were disappointed that the feature had been removed. Bungie had been working towards this conclusion since Halo 3.

Halo 3 Dual-Wielding Distracted

Halo 3 Development Rumors and Other Details

This combined measure was quite frustrating in an FPS game, where every second counts. Despite this twist, Halo 3 remains the most successful Halo multiplayer game. Dual-wielding wasn’t abandoned, but there were more serious disputes.

Lars Bakken, Multiplayer Designer, stated that the assault rifle is compatible with the golden 3 things in Halo, which are weapons, melee, and grenades.

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Dual-wielding has stopped two-thirds this core method, so it is understandable that pro gaming circuits rejected it completely, de-spawning dual wieldable weapons such as the plasma rifle and plasma pistol overall MLG maps.

Bungie has eliminated dual-wielding in Halo Reach. 343 Industries will match their choice. Halo Infinite will not have dual-wielding Elites. It will be missed the dual-wielding conflicting weapon types and its supplementing shiny, glittering colors.

Bungie and 343 Industries discarded it to make the Halo event as balanced as possible.

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