How to with John Wilson Season 2: Episode Details and Release Date

Updates to Season 2 of How To With John Wilson: John Wilson created a comedy series called How To With John Wilson. Clark Reinking, Michael Koman, Nathan Fielder were the executive producers at HBO. The series premiered on December 9, 2020. The series ‘How to Win with John Wilson’ was so successful that viewers cannot wait to see the second season.

How to renew your relationship with John Wilson for season 2?

On December 9, 2020, HBO announced that the series would be renewed for a second season. All the fans are eager to see season 2 of “How to Win with John Wilson” as they are unable to wait.

Release date for How to with John Wilson Season 2,

Wilson is a man-with a-camera guy who explores the streets of New York City. He hosts and produces HBO’s new series “How to With John Wilson.” His mind wanders in unpredictably wild ways while rambling about and talking in his voice. All set for release on Friday, 26 November.

How will John Wilson’s second season on How to win with John Wilson play out?

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How to with John Wilson Season 2: Episode Details and Release Date

Wilson is a wanderer and speaks to the audience with friendly voiceovers. He finds odd juxtapositions and follows meandering streams. Each episode begins with a simple, but pragmatic question: How do you dispose of batteries safely? It transforms the question into something deeper and more meaningful.

Episodes in Season 2

The episode information for Season 2 of “How to Win with John Wilson” has been released by the production team. There will be 6 episodes. Below is all the information and release dates for all episodes.

Number of EpisodesName of EpisodeRelease Date1″How do you invest in Real Estate?”November 26, 20212″How do you appreciate Wine?”December 10, 20214″How can I get rid of my batteries?”December 17, 20215″How to keep your dreams alive”December 24, 20216 “How to be spontaneous”December 31, 2021

John Wilson offers advice while he deals with his own problems. These 25-minute episodes were filmed mostly on the streets in New York City and cover topics from small talk to scaffolding. Although each episode begins with the title topic in mind, Wilson discovers other topics and starts conversations that lead him to unexpected places.

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