iOS 15.4: Apple’s New Features Coming to Your iPhone

iOS 15.4 Updates – Here’s some good news !!!! Apple will launch its latest version of iOS on March 8, which is ios 15.4. There is a possibility that we will have amazing new features on this side.

According to leaks from apple house, we may be able to expect more extravagant features such as Face ID wearing Mask unlocking and other surprises! Let’s find out what new features we can expect from ios 15.4.

iOS 15.4: New features coming to your iPhone

Apple will be bringing a new emoji and Face ID mask to the iPhone this week.

Apple’s next iPhone update is expected to start this week. The company’s first annual event is scheduled for March 8, 2008. iOS 15.4 introduces five beta version, AirTag compliant notifications and Siri Voice bisexual selection.

The long-awaited Face ID update, and all controls are now available. You can also get iOS 15.4 beta, which has just been made available to the public. The latest version of iOS will soon be on your iPhone.

iOS 15.4 was released in September alongside the iPhone 13. These updates were released in December with iOS 15.1. They have been updated to include additional features that enhance the performance of Apple’s iPhones, and other electronic devices, by apple. iOS 15.4 is the next release of iOS 15.3.1. This makes it safe for iPads and iPhones.

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We recommend you download the beta app to a test device rather than your main iPhone. Beta releases are intended to test stability and bug fixes. You’ll likely experience poor app performance and battery life.

When will iOS 15.4 be released?

iOS 15.4: Apple's New Features Coming to Your iPhone

Apple has yet to announce a release date of iOS 15.4, however, we can look forward to the iPhone SE 3 (and the updated iPad) at Apple’s March 8 Event.

How can I download iOS 15.4 Beta

First, sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program. After logging in, you can download Apple’s configuration profile. The latest beta version can be downloaded from Settings>> General> Software Update. We recommend that you only use beta testing for devices other than your own.

What is Universal Control?

Universal Control lets you use another device as a second monitor, and only one device can transfer content between them. Although the Makos Monterey had announced the expected feature, it was delayed to the autumn due to a new timeline called “This Spring”.

Universal Control is however installed in iOS 15.4 Beta. It is expected that it will be released alongside the Monterey OS 12.3 update.

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Can I wear a mask while using a Face ID?

Apple is updating Face ID for masks. This feature scans a small portion of your face to confirm your identity. You need to be more specific about how you hold your phone to use Face ID.

When you are required to see the screen directly, your phone will notify you. This feature is only available to those who wear glasses. It does not work for people wearing sunglasses.

What are the new emojis?

iOS 15.4 is for you if you love to use fun and artistic emojis. New emojis have been added to iOS 15.4. Last time an emoji appeared, they had their faces melted, spotted, coral, eczema and low battery.

The update also includes the ability to copy text from objects to text using the camera, while you are in the Notes app and reminders. ZDNet also noted that iOS 15.4 Beta fixes an issue in Siri interaction recording.

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