iPhone 14 Pro RAM Size, Design and Specification Leaks, Expected Launch Date

AppleInsider has leaked the iPhone 14 Pro RAM Size. It was leaked online by user “yeux1122”. According to leakers online, the latest iPhone model will compete with Samsung Galaxy S22. The design and memory size of the new iPhone 14 Pro will be very comparable to S22. We may receive the device in September 2022.

iPhone 14 Pro Launch Date

Apple has already stated that the iPhone 14 Pro will be launched in September 2022. According to a thread on Never.Com, Japanese Endgadge reports, the Leaker “yeux1122”, he also expects the launch date to be in September. It won’t be delayed further.

The Big RAM Size of Apple’s New Phone

iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, and iPhone 14 Pro Max will all be available at the end this year. According to leaks, Pro will have 8GB RAM, which is more than the size of the current Samsung S22. Samsung also launched Galaxy Ultra S22 with 12GB RAM. As the demand for high-end phones is growing, Apple has increased the efficiency of their phone by adding 8GB RAM to the iPhone 14 Pro. Even Vivo and Oppo have launched 8GB and 12 GB phones. Let’s see if iPhone can capture high-end users in 2022. The 8GB option will be available.

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Samsung also informed users about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 phones with 128GB RAM. I believe it will take the phone experience to the next level in the years ahead.

The Design and Specifications for the iPhone 14 Flagship Phone

iPhone 14 Pro RAM Size, Design and Specification Leaks, Expected Launch Date

The iPhone 14 will feature a full-screen display on the front and a slimmer design for the first-ever time. The Camera-Upgrade will likely make a larger difference to the iPhones of the future series. The USA will have the option to purchase the Phone with eSIM.

The iPhone 14 Pro will include A16 chips by Apple. It also features 120Hz refresh rate with AMOLED display. This feature is already available in iPhone 13.

You would love these features

  • These are only the leaks. does not provide any official confirmation of the features of the new phone. However, we do have some key points that could help you decide to move from Android to iPhone.
  • This iPhone’s first full-screen front display will be available. The new flagship device will also include a selfie camera.
  • 128GB and 8GB
  • e-SIM is a new trend in iPhones starting with the flagship model.

Apple iPhone’s new marketing tactics

Apple is now sharing user testimonials about why they switched from Andoird phones to iPhones to promote the new Phones. This will impact android users and encourage them to upgrade to iOS 14. These videos can be viewed here if you haven’t yet.

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