Is Aron Piper From Netflix’s Elite Gay? Actor Secretive About His Life

Aron Piper, a German Spanish actor, has had many roles in his short career. The actor is most well-known for his roles in Netflix series such as Elite and The Mess You Left Behind. The fame brought many sexual rumors into Aron’s life. Is there truth to these rumors? Is Aron Piper gay or straight? Let’s find the out!

Is Aron Piper Gay?

Is Aron Piper From Netflix’s Elite Gay? Actor Secretive About His Life

Aron Piper was a star in Netflix’s 2020 thriller drama series The Mess You Left Behind. Aron played Iago Nogueira, a gay character. He also had a very intimate make-out scene together with one of his co stars. Many of his friends have speculated about whether the actor is gay. It is difficult to know the truth because the actor is so private about his personal life. A look at his social media accounts will not reveal much.

While very little information is available about Aron’s private life you should know that the Spanish actor was heterosexual in real-life. His role as a gay member of Elite sparked some speculation about his sexuality, particularly after the amazing performance he gave with Omar Ayuso.


Aron Piper started acting training at an early age. His professional career began in 2004 as an extra in The Gunman. Aron was Iaki when he made his Maktub debut. The next year, he appeared in Fracaso escolar as well as Only When I have Nothing to Eat. He appeared in 15 Years and One Day in 2013, and The Broken Crown’s historical drama de Habsburgo, in 2016. Later, he starred in two episodes on Centro medico. This is a docudrama series about medical issues. In 2018, he starred in Un Minuto as Chico.

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Is Aron Piper From Netflix’s Elite Gay? Actor Secretive About His Life

Aron Piper starred in 2019’s Netflix series Derecho a Sonar as Luis Rojas. He also starred as Jacobo in the comedy The Rodriguez and the Beyond that year. Aron Piper’s 2018 debut was as Ander Muoz in Carlos Montero’s Spanish Netflix Teen Drama-Drama Series Elite. In 2020, he also appeared on the Netflix Original entitled The Mess You Left Behind. He has also been seen in the television series Das de cine, Cinema 3 and Hollywood Insider’s short Tenemos de todo.

Aron is passionate about music and acting. In an Instagram video, he performed music in a studio toward the end of 2019. He posted the audio of Sigo (a collaboration track with other musicians) on YouTube on April 3, 2020. ARN x MOONKEY-x MYGAL Sigo has more than 3 million views and over 197 thousand likes. On July 3, 2020, he uploaded Mal to YouTube. The song has been viewed more than 2 million times and liked by over 227 thousand people.

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