Is Brad Mondo Gay? Know All About Model’s Sexuality & Personal Life

Brad Mondo, an American hairstylist and model, is well-known for his work with many Hollywood and music industry stars over the years. Brad Mondo has been a well-known celebrity because of his Instagram account and YouTube channel. Many people are curious about Brad’s personal life and sexuality. The main question is: What if Brad Mondo was gay? Let’s talk about what we know.

Is Brad Mondo Gay?

Bran Mondo has built a reputation for himself by working with many of the same faces in the industry over the years. We don’t know much about the private life of the Hairstylist. Many rumors have circulated over the years about Brad’s sexuality.

Is Brad Mondo Gay? Know All About Model’s Sexuality & Personal Life

He put to rest all rumors when he came out as gay in 2018. In a video, he admitted to his sexuality. The Hairstylist shared his struggles with sexuality since childhood in the video. He never tried to conceal who he was. We could not find any concrete information about Brad’s relationship life despite extensive research. The Hairstylist is most probably single.

You can be a hairstylist!

Brad Mondo, a well-known hairstylist, has achieved great success in his industry. Brad has had the privilege of working with many celebrities and famous people over his career. Bard has worked with many celebrities, including Vanessa Hudgens and Heather Marks. Brad rose to fame when he created his Instagram account in 2013. Mondo started posting clips and photos of the hair magic he does on others on his Instagram handle. Many of his posts became viral online.

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Mondo started his YouTube channel in 2015 under his own name, a few years later. Mondo began sharing hairstyling tips, tricks, tutorials and techniques via the channel. Mondo’s first video was entitled Justin Bieber 2016 Hair! / bradmondo. He was seen styling for Canadian pop icon.

Is Brad Mondo Gay? Know All About Model’s Sexuality & Personal Life

The next hairstyle video was Zayn Malik’s Top Knot Man Bun With Undercut. A series of styling videos that followed made Brad Mondo well-known on YouTube. He began making a lot of money from YouTube videos soon after. His celebrity clients as well as his YouTube channel increased dramatically over time. His channel, Hairstylist, now has more than 7.3 million subscribers. It also boasts over one billion views.

Brad Mondo is also well-known on other social media platforms. His Instagram account has a following that exceeds 2.1 million. His Twitter account has 178.8K fans, while his TikTok account boasts 8.7 million. His social media accounts are also used to promote other products. According to his national popularity, Mondo is America’s most popular hairstylist.

Modeling and Bussiness Ventures

Is Brad Mondo Gay? Know All About Model’s Sexuality & Personal Life

Brad Mondo has a successful career in hairstyling and has been featured in numerous photoshoots and advertisements for various brands. He also sells his own products, including custom-made sweatshirts and T-shirts. Brad Mondo launched his haircare line, XMondo Hair, in 2019. H also launched XMondo Color, his haircare line, in 2019. Mondo was named Hair Influencer of The Year by the American Influencer Awards 2020.

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