Is Dan Levy Aka David From Schitt’s Creek Gay? Actor’s Journey To Appreciate Sexuality

It’s been three years since Schitts Creek’s finale aired. Fans are still reeling from one of the most charming same-sex marriages ever seen on television, between Patrick Brewer and David Rose. Many fans believed Dan Levy belonged to the LGBTQ community because he was so good in this role. But is Dan Levy actually gay? Let’s find the out.

Is Dan Levy gay?

Fans speculated that David Ross, Schitt’s Creek, was gay even before the revelations were made on the show. The case isn’t much different than that of Dan Levy, the real-life actor. For years, many people have been curious about Dan Levy’s sexuality. Yes, Dan Levy is gay.

Is Dan Levy Aka David From Schitt’s Creek Gay? Actor’s Journey To Appreciate Sexuality

Dan, who was previously not open about his sexuality in public, admitted during a 2015 interview that he is now a member the LGBTQ community. Dan claims that he came out when he was 18 years old. Dan Levy’s love life is a different story than his character. He hasn’t yet found the woman of his dreams. In an interview, he stated that he is currently single.


Daniel Levy began his career with MTV Live. He was one of seven hosts during 2006. Dan hosted other shows, including ‘The After Show with Jessi cruickshank’ and ‘The Hills: The Aftershow’. This made Dan a household name on Canada’s reality television circuit. After five years of working at MTV, he left the network.

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Is Dan Levy Aka David From Schitt’s Creek Gay? Actor’s Journey To Appreciate Sexuality

Dan was cast as Dan in Degrassi: The Next Generation, a Canadian television series after he left MTV. In 2013, Daniel, his father Eugene Levy and Andrew Barnsley started their own production company. The production company was called “Not A Real Company” Productions. This year marked a turning point for Dan, as the first show Dan produced was a huge success.

Schitt’s Creek, a comedy-drama series that aired in Canada, was a huge success and helped Dan to get on the right track. Dan was a star alongside his father Eugene Levy and his sister Sarah Levy in Schitt’s Creek. The series ran for six seasons before it was cancelled in January 2019. Daniel has been a part in many other shows, apart from Schitt’s Creek. He has appeared on shows like The Ellen Degeneres Show, The Great Canadian Baking Show, and Julia Taylor Ross’s Great Canadian Baking Show.

Dan Levy signed a deal with Netflix

Is Dan Levy Aka David From Schitt’s Creek Gay? Actor’s Journey To Appreciate Sexuality

The creator and star of Schitt’s Creek, Dan Levy has signed a new deal with Netflix. It will start with a romantic comedy that he will direct and star in. Levy was previously a voice actor in Q-Force, a Netflix animated series that debuted earlier in the month. Netflix announced a collaboration with Dan Levy in order to produce original television and film programming.

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Dan will start production on an untitled romantic comedy, which will feature Stacey Snider (and Kate Fenske). The recent agreement between Netflix and Dan Levy could result in a Schitt’s Creek movie. This is what fans cried about. Now that he is in a better place to do so, he will be able to discuss licensing agreements between Netflix (and the original production company). Even if it does happen, audiences will likely wait years to see it.

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