Is Nolan Gould Gay? Find Out About Modern Family Star’s Sexuality & Personal Life

American actor Nolan Gould, who is best known for his role in Modern Family’s youngest child Luke, the Dunphy family’s comedy show, is Nolan Gould. Many fans want to know if Nolan Gould is gay, or straight. We don’t know much about Nolan Gould’s personal life except for his role on the sitcom. Let’s find out!

Is Nolan Gould Gay

Nolan Gould, Modern Family actor, has earned a special place for his portrayal as Luke Dunphy in the comedy series. There have been times over the course of the series when we thought Luke might be gay. Particularly the scene in Season 3, when Manny told Luke that all his poems were for Luke.

Is Nolan Gould Gay? Find Out About Modern Family Star’s Sexuality & Personal Life

Fans are curious and start to wonder if Nolan is gay. Based on the information available about Nolan’s life publically, we can answer this question. In a conversation with Ellen DeGeneres, he revealed that he was dating Lindsay Schweitzer, a pediatric nurse.


Nolan Gould’s acting debut was in 2007’s “The McPassion,” where he had a small role. After that, he appeared in the films “The McPassion” and “Sunny and Share love You”. In 2009, he was given his first major role in the movie ‘Space Buddies’. Robert Vince directed the picture, which starred Jason Earles and Diedrich Bader. It also featured Bill Fagerbakke and Kevin Weisman. He also played a supporting part in the film Hysteria that year.

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Is Nolan Gould Gay? Find Out About Modern Family Star’s Sexuality & Personal Life

He gained more fame after starring in the major role in the family comedy mockumentary ‘Modern Family’. Jay Pritchett lives in Los Angeles with his family. The story focuses on them. The series was directed by Christopher Lloyd, Steven Levitan, and featured the talents of Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet. It received positive reviews from critics.

This show has won 22 Primetime Emmy Awards as well as six Writers Guild of America Awards. Gould is a guest star on a variety of TV shows, including Modern Family’s Luke. These shows include ‘Good Luck Charlie’, RL Stine’s The Haunting Hour’, and ‘Sofia the First’. Nolan Gould was a supporting role alongside Justin Timberlake, Will Gluck and Will in the romantic comedy film Friends with Benefits. Nolan was also seen in films such as ‘Ghoul’ (2012), ‘The to Do List’ (2013) and ‘Field of Lost Shoes’ (2013).

Why do Luke Dunphy’s fans love him?

Is Nolan Gould Gay? Find Out About Modern Family Star’s Sexuality & Personal Life

Luke was a sweet, youngster who grew into a young man over the course of the series. The character was lacking substance. He was the youngest child of the Dunphy siblings. Claire and Phil believed he would never be able to achieve anything. He was more interested playing pranks, being mischievous and having fun than he was in his studies.

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Season 11 saw Luke gather his thoughts and prepare to leave the nest to attend the University of Oregon. Fans would like to have seen a mature Luke, but they didn’t see him. He was sometimes unlikable for his lack of substance. His banter with Manny, and the bizarre problems he finds himself in, are simply charming.

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