Is Young Thug Gay? What Did The Rapper Say About His Sexuality?

American rapper Jeffery Lamar Williams is also known as Young Thug. He has had several hits such as Best friends, Livin It up, Bubbly and many others. Rap music, once dominated by “Macho Men,” has seen a revolution. Many people are now wondering if Young Thug is gay, with artists like Lil Nax coming out. Here’s what we know so far about him.

Is Young Thug Gay?

Gay rumors are not new to music industry and entertainment figures. Many speculated that Young Thug was gay when he wore a “colorful dress” on the Jeffery cover in 2016. Young Thug, however, stated that he is straight and denied any rumors in a 2019 conversation with the media. Young Thug even stated that he may be the “straightest” person in the world.

Is Young Thug Gay? What Did The Rapper Say About His Sexuality?

He didn’t stop there, however. The rapper also made controversial comments like “I’m straightest man in all of the world.” I hate guys. What the f**k are you talking of? Young Thug isn’t gay. He feels that Lil Nax, his fellow rapper, shouldn’t have spoken out to people because he believes they only judge.

The Early Years of Life

Jeffery Lamar Williams (or Young Thug) was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on August 16, 1991. His mother, Sherina, was a struggling homemaker and raised him with hardships and problems. Jeffery spent his childhood and teenage years in the poor neighborhood where he was raised. He was prone to crime, gambling, and drug use from an early age.

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Is Young Thug Gay? What Did The Rapper Say About His Sexuality?

After he had broken his teacher’s arm in sixth grade, Jeff was arrested and sent to juvenile correctional facilities for four years. After the incident, he was a completely different person and began to play more with his brothers. He became a father at the age of 17 and discovered his love for rap music. He realized that he did not want to live in poverty anymore.


Young Thug’s debut mixtape, “I Came from Nothing”, was released. Gucci Mane was immediately impressed by Young Thug’s work. After noticing that his work was distinctive, Gucci Mane signed him immediately to his label. In 2013, Gucci released his second mixtape, “1017 Thug”. He was a success with his tracks and was featured in “Pitchfork: Albums of the year” and “Complex”, which earned him positive reviews.

Is Young Thug Gay? What Did The Rapper Say About His Sexuality?

His song “Pichacho” was named the best track on the mixtape and was included in the ‘Rolling Stone and ‘Spin lists of the top songs of 2013. The Guardian also named the mixtape one of five best tapes of 2013.

Later that year, his debut song, “Stoner,” was released. Then, “Danny Glover” followed. Both became hits. They were remixed by a number of well-known DJs and rappers. He did not approve of the remixes. He began to work with big names such as Alex Tumay and Danny Brown. He was also able to work with Travis Scott, establishing his place in the music business.

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