Jennifer Garner takes her 9-year-old son Samuel to lunch after Ben Affleck Reflects on His ‘Sad’ Meme.

Jennifer Garner spent time spending time with Samuel while Ben Affleck, her ex, explained why the viral “Sad Affleck” meme was so hard for their children. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are the last co-parenting champions. It is obvious that they adore their children.

The Alias alum handled Samuel, their youngest son, to a fun lunch date on Jan 8. The Intense Waters star, who is 49, said that he was worried about the impact of the viral “Sad Affleck” meme on the family. This included Violet, 15, as well as Seraphina (12).

Jennifer, the coolest mother on the mother/son trip was dressed in a grey tshirt and a funky wrap-long sleeve top. The look was completed with brown sneakers and faded denim.

Chic tortoise dark glasses framed her face, and her chestnut locks were long and loose. Samuel looked exactly the same as me in his tie-dyed shirt. Ben talked about the viral sensation with The Los Angeles Times. He said he thought it was just like the rest of the world, but was concerned about how his children would react.

Jennifer Garner with Samuel

Jennifer Garner takes her 9-year-old son Samuel to lunch after Ben Affleck Reflects on His 'Sad’ Meme.

“Sad Affleck” was born when Henry Cavill and Ben were questioned about the movie Batman vs. Superman’s critical feedback. Ben’s answer was ingenious: he looked sadly into space.

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This video quickly became a funny meme that Ben liked until his children reached a certain age.

Ben said, “I reached a point [public’s] view was so far from who I am that it just stopped me reading and caring.” Ben said that his journey became more difficult as his children got older and started using the internet for work. In fact, the ‘Sad Affleck” meme made him smile.

Partly because he began drinking and felt trapped. He explained this during a recent appearance at The Howard Stern Show. After ten years of marriage, they filed for divorce in April 2017 and it was finalized in October 2018.

We tried, tried, tried. As we had children, both of us felt that we didn’t want this to represent a wedding. Our children saw Ben and Garner spend time with Samuel.

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