Kin Season 2: Has AMC+ Renewed The Drama For Another Season? Know What’s Next

On October 31, 2021, the first season of Irish crime drama Kin was finished. Eamon and his corrupt ways were overturned at the end of the first series. The lives of the Kinsellas have become more complicated than ever. It will be fascinating to see what Kin Season 2 holds for us.

Kin is an Irish crime drama that debuted on RTE’s September 9, 2021. The series, co-created with Ciaran Doyle and Peter McKenna, centers on a Dublin family that is involved in gangland warfare and the horrifying world of the crime underworld.

Kin Season 2: Renewal Status

Kin Season 2: Has AMC+ Renewed The Drama For Another Season? Know What’s Next

The first season ended with the finale of the Kin’s season, which debuted September 21, 2021. We now know that the show was officially renewed for a second season in February 2022. It was confirmed that it will be included in the AMC+ lineup of upcoming shows. The release date and production schedule for the second season are unknown. We are speculating that Kin Season 2 could be released in the middle to late 2023.

What will happen in Kin Season 2?

The feud between the Kinahan Gang and the Hutch Gang was the focus of the first season. In the thrilling season one finale, Eamon’s long reign as terror was ended with a gunshot. The plot details for the second season are still unknown. In an interview, Peter McKenna, showrunner of the show, gave us some information about Season 2 of Kin.

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Kin Season 2: Has AMC+ Renewed The Drama For Another Season? Know What’s Next

He stated in a future season that he would like to completely overhaul family relationships. The first season was centered on the grief of one woman and the aftermath. In the next season, he would like to concentrate on historical trauma. It will still include all the Gangland trappings. Peter says that “Kin” could become darker and more sinister if a second season is confirmed.

Kinahan and Hutch’s real-life violence inspired Kinin. In reality, 12 people were killed in the 2017 battle. The next season of Kin will likely be about the growing tension between the two groups. Kin Season 2 will continue to feature drama, animosity and cruelty.

Who will be featured in the second season?

RTE’s Irish thriller drama series stars Daredevil legend Charlie Cox as Michael Kinsella, Clare Dunne playing Amanda Kinsella and Aidan Gillen as Frank Kinsella. Maria Doyle Kennedy plays Bridget Goggins, Emmett Scanlan plays Jimmy Kinsella and Sam Keeley plays Eric Kinsella. Ciaran Hinds is Eamon Cunningham.

Kin Season 2: Has AMC+ Renewed The Drama For Another Season? Know What’s Next

Moreover, viewers will be able to see Yasmin Seky play Nikita Murphy. Hannah Adeogun portrays Anna Areoye, while Mark Mckenna Jr. plays Anthony Kinsella. Keith McErlean plays Con Doyle. Among others, Ryan Lincoln plays Isaac Kemela, Ben Carolan portrays Glen Wright, and Neill Fleming is Dotser Reid.

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Most of the cast members who were on the first season’s Kins Season 2 will likely return to their roles when the show returns. There might be new faces in the second series, however.

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